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Barley Tapped to Run Corbett Re-Elect

Mike Barley
Mike Barley

Pa. GOP Executive Director Mike Barley will take the reins of Gov. Tom Corbett’s re-election effort as Campaign Manager, PoliticsPA has learned.

Barley emailed party leaders to inform them of his transition.

“Effective April 15, 2013, I will be leaving my current position as Executive Director of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania and transitioning to the role of Campaign Manager for Governor Corbett’s and Lt. Governor Cawley’s reelection campaign,” he wrote.

“I want to thank all of you for your commitment to our Party, your hard work, guidance and most of all your friendship. We have all tasted victory and suffered defeats at the ballot box, but the friendships and relationships I have made here at the Party are what I will remember most of all.”

The move portends a significant degree of cooperation between Corbett and the state party, par for the course when an incumbent Governor is on the ballot.

It’s the first announced hire for the Governor’s re-election effort, and none too soon. Poor poll numbers have underscored Corbett’s need for a robust campaign – and an early start.

April 1 marked the start of a new quarter and numerous campaigns began gearing up this week.

Barley, 34, served as PAGOP communications director in the 2010 cycle and was promoted to ED in early 2011.

Corbett’s 2010 effort was managed by Brian Nutt.

13 Responses

  1. Barley? Just another in a long line of out of touch, extreme, pencil-necked weasels coming out of that GOP state headquarters.

    This Governor needs to step outside of his bubble. Look at his administration, its filled with weasels from the State GOP (who couldn’t navigate their way through the legislature to save their lives) and starched collar geeks out of the AG’s office (who are also clueless as to how government operates). One class exists in the never-ending campaign cycle that is dominated by one-liners and the other exists in the black and white world that is prosecuting bad guys. Unfortunately, on the legislative side, things are not swayed by believing your own press releases and things certainly are not black and white, never.

    Steve Aichele was supposed to make things better, but, apparently, once you get sucked inside the Governor’s bubble you lose sight of reality.

    The best thing for this party would be Tom Corbett riding into the sunset. He could also take along Gleason and all of his insurance contracts.

  2. Mr. Barley: When are you going to launch those fund-raising Emails promoting vaginal ultrasound legislation? You know those grenades that Gleason used to fire up the base and raise big backs for the PARTY.

  3. When does Gleason get the insurance contracts for Montco? Oh my Governor watch your Knights of the Roundtable!!! Are they for you or economic development (their own)?? We can’t expect Civil Wars to be ended for free? This is not the community service the Knights of the Round Table signed on for!!

  4. No, what’s bad for the party is allowing Asher-backed and unpopular(even among Republicans) Corbett get the nomination again.

  5. I don’t know that this is a bad choice. One of the papers, the Trib I think, quoted Barley on a primary challenge from Castor with a “soft” response. Far from the arrogant and, frankly whinny, comments from Brian Nutt and Corbett himself (that Corbett says anything at all about Castor speaks volumes). Then that insane attack website which EVERYONE blames on Corbett partisans. Barley adds a low-key approach within the party itself. Gleason and Castor remain friendly and have maintained that relationship for years. Gleason knows, so presumably Barley knows, the fastest way to end up in an all out bloody civil war is to pick a fight with the notoriously prickly Castor. This move could, and should, pre-sage a smoothing over with Castor who is truly the only Republican in the state (aside from Toomey) who could really damage Corbett because of his SE base, conservative credentials, and inexplicable appeal to moderates. That last almost certainly because of his ability to work across the aisle down in Montco and the press he gets for it. With Castor off Corbett’s back, the Governor is free to move to the center a little and fend of the D challenger. Especially since the Ds are in the process of messing up their chances with their own bloodbath. Castor posted on Facebook he is away with his wife deciding what he’s going to do right now. I think the choice of Barley may prove a benefit to the state GOP, strengthen Gleason’s hand against Asher, calm the unpredictable and, if irritated enough the intensely focused Castor (ask Jim Matthews about how those handcuffs felt), and provide some stability to the Corbett ship which has been rocked by missteps and insular thinking causing a, perhaps unwarranted image problem. And the issue between Castor and Asher MUST end. It has caused a distraction for the whole party. There is where Barley and Gleason should start. Who’s to say Castor doesn’t come home from his trip and announce? That would be very bad for the party. Very.

  6. Pennsylvania Republican State Committee’s record is less than optimal (to be civil)…unless your a Democrat.

    Who’s next? Charlie Gerow as media consultant?

  7. Governor Corbett: Watch your Knights of the Roundtable for your own good. This is PAGOP Chairman’s Rob Gleason’s man and Gleason is more interested in economic Development (his own) than your political survival. The minute your poll numbers falter,or you get hit by a Kathleen Kane report, or the Joe Paterno the film comes out, Mr. Barley will suggest you step aside for the Gleason family to save us from a Democrat in the Governor’s mansion. Mr. Barley, can you convince anyone you will fall on your sword for our failing Governor?

  8. Matt, Repubs are hoping this guy is a better wizard than Harry Potter if he plans to get Corbett re-elected.

  9. I really hope Castor runs in the primary. I can’t stand Corbett. He’s been a do-nothing governor at best and is blatantly corrupt at worst. And I say that as a conservative.

  10. Look at this guy… He looks like a under 40 Republican would look. Smug, out of touch, and thinks his candidate can win.

  11. Tough tour of duty for Mr. Barley, taking charge of Corbett’s campaign with the Sandusky Report coming out in two weeks.

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