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Barnette Won’t Support Another GOP Candidate

Republican candidate for the Pennsylvania U.S. Senate nomination Kathy Barnette said this morning that she would not support either Mehmet Oz nor Dave McCormick should they be the nominee.

“I have no intention of supporting globalists,” said Barnette to SiriusXM Patriot Radio host Alex Marlow on Breitbart News Daily. “I don’t think we have room to just vote for any warm old body with a “R” next to their name. I think we can do better than that.”

She also responded to the host’s question about the infamous 2015 tweet where Barnette is attributed to have said that “Pedophilia is a cornerstone of Islam.”

Kathy Barnette says Republicans 'suck' at picking candidates as Pennsylvania Senate primary looms | Daily Mail Online

“If you look at tweet, it’s ‘Not even a full sentence,’ she said. “There’s more to follow. It was put in my face, ‘tell us what you meant eight years ago.’ It’s not a full thought. The media has taken an incomplete thought and taken out of context and provided their “own context.”

“Today, I believe that God has created us equal,” she continued. “And that everyone has value and dignity. As a Christian I believe the word of God to be true.”

When asked about her attendance and involvement in the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol, she recalled that she “went to support my president, hear what he had to say, if there was a plan. I went (to D.C.) I prayed with a lot of people, got on the bus and came back home.”

Barnette concluded the interview with Marlow by going after the press. “Something has to happen with the caliber of our media,” she stated. “There is a reason why freedom of the press is in the 1st Amendment. Splicing together video to make me say something that I’ve never said … so reckless of media to do.”

13 Responses

  1. Both Republican primaries have become flaming sheetstorms.

    As Flounder observed: “Oh, boy, is this great!”

  2. Pedophilia IS a cornerstone of Islam. Muhummad was the pedophile example for all muslim men to emulate. Someone here want to argue with that?

    1. Christianity was founded on the love your neighbor thing and caring for the less fortunate, but we see how well that worked out.

      1. Jack – do you think Judeo Christian civilizations – ie the west- is not generous and helpful to others?

        I think the astronomical amount of foreign aid – public and private-, charitable contributions from individuals and corporate dollars, and religious organizations, would easily prove the opposite.

  3. Based. I hope she keeps her word. A splintered GOP is good for Pennsylvania and good for the country.

  4. Campaign’s are intense. I understand her sentiment. But one of the greatest signs of a good politician is to be gracious in defeat. Trump acts like he is the only person in history to lose some states by a small margin. Look at Jerry Ford in 76. He lost Ohio b5 5,000 votes and lost Texas by a small margin and many states where had Reagan been active for him he would have won. He was gracious and accepted defeat. That’s a real winner in life.

  5. “I get what I want or nobody gets anything” she exclaimed before running to her room, slamming her door, and blasting emo music while crying loudly for everyone to hear.

    Barnettes campaign manager refused to answer anymore questions because “we are here to be right and we won’t give any information that people can contradict us on”. He then slumped his shoulders, crossed his arms and glared while muttering that everyone is a bunch of stupid jerks for not just giving them this win.

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