Bartos Defends Wagner on Soros Comments

Bartos Wagner CommentU.S. Senate candidate Jeff Bartos is defending the Gubernatorial candidate state Senator Scott Wagner’s (R-York) comments about George Soros.  

Wagner has been criticized for his comments on George Soros at the Pittston Tomato Festival over the weekend.  Wagner called Soros a “Hungarian Jew” who has a “hatred for America.”  

Bartos took to Facebook today to defend Wagner.  

“As a Jewish American, whose family immigrated from Hungary, I want Pennsylvanians to know Scott Wagner is a trusted friend, and there’s nothing wrong with what he said about out of touch billionaire George Soros. The media’s obsession with political correctness must stop, as we have real issues and challenges to overcome in Pennsylvania and Washington, DC,” Bartos wrote in the post.

Bartos’ decision to jump into the debate over the comments could help him with party insiders, but could hurt him with general election voters.

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32 thoughts on “Bartos Defends Wagner on Soros Comments”

  1. Same Old Same Old says:

    Bartos better have a full time staffer to defend all of Scott Wagner’s gaffe’s.



  3. Julius Evola says:

    Well, Soros is a Hungarian Jew who hates America. Apparently stating uncomfortable facts is bad.

  4. Bucky Delco says:

    Just a dumb thing for Wagner to say. He is still learning on the job and apparently Bartos is not. Lou B. is going to eat his lunch.

    1. Mark says:

      Lou couldn’t beat a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest.

  5. gulag Pittsburgh says:

    Wagner is trying to copy the Trump hate strategy.

    1. rsklaroff says:

      neither is PC

  6. Brad KIrsch says:

    To even mention a persons religion in a political context is a breach of that persons right to practice their religion separate from being singled out for their public participation. Ones heritage being singled out in this way is a signal. That Mr. Bartos doesn’t understand this yet uses the fact he is a Jew to support the comments of Mr. Wagner is twisted.
    Mr Bartos may support Mr. Wagner as he pleases but the fact that he condones the inanity of Mr
    Wagner’s error and claims that his being a jew certifies that it is OK just isn’t OK!

    1. rsklaroff says:

      Scott didn’t err; Jeff was correct, although I still feel he was currying-favor publicly to distract from Lou’s announcement

  7. Sweet and Salty says:

    You’re better than this Bartos.

    1. Quick and Dirty says:


      1. Dick Tracey says:

        That was indeed quick…and dirty.

  8. Burt says:

    There’s a special place in hell for those who sell out while their kind is under attack.

  9. Deplorable Voter says:

    Wagner is (IF THE DEMOCRATS COULD DO IT?) going tpo be sent to a “re-education camp” for his politically-incorrect comments.

    He’s getting “taken-to-task” for telling the TRUTH. The POLITICAL CORRECTNESS of too many people is out-of-control; and this is a REAL “nothing-burger”, per the other post.

    Let’s look for a statute to take-down?…if the Democrats were to have a say in this matter?

    Please get a Life!


    Deplorable Voter

  10. Isaac L. says:

    What was the purpose of describing him as a Hungarian Jew if not to “other” him and play on people’s prejudices against immigrants and Jews? If not a dog whistle, it was otherwise completely irrelevant.

    1. Aaron says:

      It is real simple: Wagner was pondering aloud how a Jewish person that lived through Hitler could hate a country that cherishes E Pluribus Unum (America).

      1. Robert B Sklaroff MD says:


        1. Brad KIrsch says:

          Shame on you for endorsing this obnoxious use of religious bating. Mr. Wagner has a right to object to Mr. Soros as a contributor but Mr. Soros’s religion is not a matter of political comment.

          1. rsklaroff says:

            yes it is, sadly, because it highlights how too many people of Jewish background have either overtly [Soros] or covertly [J Street] acted in defiance thereof

        2. gulag Pittsburgh says:

          You forgot to Heil Hitler, doc. Where are your Nazi manners?

          1. rsklaroff says:

            {[(your comments are tiresome)]}

  11. Eric Szostak says:

    There is a line between being politically correct and rude and insensitive. Wagner crosses that line every time he opens his mouth.

    1. rsklaroff says:

      just like The Donald, he is a straight-talker

  12. rsklaroff says:

    jeff has suddenly been reduced to engaging in attention-seeking behavior

  13. Wagner for Governor says:

    Wagner is working hard and this is a nothingburger

  14. johnny says:

    Soros has been a favorite target of rightwing extremist opinion-media for years, but it’s just standard Hannitized silliness. Soros spends far less than his globalist rightwing counterpart, Rupert Murdoch. It’s WWE-style storyline, and the dimwits need something to watch between ads for erectile dysfunction and catheter services. Break kayfabe, and it means nothing.

    1. rsklaroff says:

      each of the above sentences is demonstrably false

      1. Julius Evola says:

        nah man reality has a liberal bias stop with the alternative facts and DRUMPH XXXDDDDDDDD

        But just remember; their side is always morally righteous, your side is always wrong. No matter what. You’re always racist, no matter what. You’re always a pawn of global corporate powers whilst apparently simultaneously supporting racist bigoted etc views on nationalism that every global corporation opposes.

        Soros did nothing wrong, because by definition no one on the left can ever do anything wrong.

  15. Observer says:

    Scott Wagner didn’t do anything wrong. The more the loony Left tries to spin scandal out of whole cloth, the better off Wagner will be.

    1. Julius Evola says:

      Not supporting the subjugation of your people to global corporate multicultural capitalism is by definition wrong. Not wanting your family to be devoured by tigers is by definition wrong.

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