Bartos to Drop Out of Senate Race, Join Wagner Campaign as LG Candidate

Republican businessman and Senate candidate Jeff Bartos is reportedly going to drop his bid for U.S. Senate and enter the race for Lieutenant Governor as part of the Wagner campaign.

According to the Inquirer, Bartos will make the official announcement on Thursday.  The Inquirer cited three PA GOP sources for the announcement.  

Bartos will join the state Senator Scott Wagner’s campaign as its Lieutenant Governor candidate, but will still have to win the primary to be the nominee.  

Bartos’ exit clears one of the major challengers to Congressman Lou Barletta (R-Luzerne) from winning the Republican nomination to challenge Senator Bob Casey next year.  

Rumors had been circulating for months that Bartos would make this move, but his campaign denied reports of the switch earlier this year.

21 Responses

  1. I will support them both then because they will defeat the Incumbent Governor Tom Wolf and the likely Democratic Nominee for Lieutenant Governor Madeleine Dean into the general election in 2018.

  2. After Tuesday’s results in Virginia, I’d be worried if I were Wagner. He also tried to fund Persinger and Oligeri in Erie and both lost. Keep burning the cash, love it!

  3. Oh sure two batshit crazy right-wingers…that’s just what the doctor ordered after we got destroyed in Virginia. Where is the voice of reason in our party? America/Pennsylvania isn’t stuck in 1942. We need common sense gun control. Women need access to affordable reproductive care. We need reasonable leaders like Pat Toomey, John Kasich, and Laura Ellsworth.

  4. I haven’t been this fired up since Trump beat Crooked Hillary. I wasn’t really following the governor situation that closely but with the results this week we have to beat Wolf and let Washington know that Pa is still Trump country. Scott Wagner I am with you and Jeff Bartos 1000 percent

  5. I asked Scott about this type of situation two months ago, when he visited Bucks County; he said he would make no endorsement until he determined whether any particular individual would provide key-support for his campaign [e.g., geography, $] and, thus, as wonderful as Jeff may be [I met him twice and will probably see him again tonight…and a trusted friend thinks highly of him], this move:

    [1]–was predicted [inter alia] by moi [repeatedly on PoliticsPa] because of the hat-tip to Lou by The Donald [and my having been personally impressed with Barletta, for the past decade, after I watched him in-action during a Temple U Law School Debate on Illegals], but

    [2]–is not determinative because it’s unclear whether others may be vying to link with Wagner [who is also my personal favorite, noting Mango’s support for Medicaid expansion].

  6. Wow. Wagner-Bartos….love it. Reading Bartos’ bio this is a major development in the Governor race. Wolf your days are numbered.

  7. Oh great…..Pennsylvania will have it’s own version of Trump/Pence. This duo would ideologically place Pennsylvania near Alabama.

    1. Yes, “Oh GREAT” … as in “MAGA” [Make Pennsylvania Great Again”].

      They complement each other in a fashion that is comparable to that of The Donald and The Veep.

  8. That should seal Wagner/Bartos and Barletta as the GOP nominees. Wolf and Casey should be very nervous.

  9. I just saw Mary Isenhour in front of the Capitol screaming at the sky. Great move Mr. Wagner. You will be the next Governor.

  10. Wagner was already four furlongs ahead of the field but this definitely seals the deal. These two outsiders Bartos and Wagner adding together their fundraising prowess and charisma, who completely compliment each other. Make Pa great again

    1. [mirrors my sentiments precisely; it is noted that the Speaker remains inert…and that it’s November]

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