Beemer Boots Castor, Announces New Staff Members

Beemer OathThe new Attorney General is making more moves.

Bruce Beemer announced today that he is hiring his own First Deputy AG and Acting Chief of Staff.

Robert A. Mulle will be First Deputy while James A. Donohue III is the new Chief of Staff.

“Bob and Jim are both accomplished attorneys who have decades of experience working on behalf of the Commonwealth and its citizens,” Attorney General Beemer said. “They have proven themselves as men of exceptional character. I look forward to working alongside them in the coming months.”

In the very last line of the AG office’s statement was an intriguing revelation.

“Attorney General Beemer today also announced that Bruce L. Castor Jr. will remain as the OAG’s Solicitor General through Sept. 9,” it stated.

To be that another way, the Solicitor General that Kathleen Kane trusted to run the office in her absence is being let go.

Last week, Beemer fired Kane’s close aides Jonathan Duecker and Patrick Reese.

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15 thoughts on “Beemer Boots Castor, Announces New Staff Members”

  1. Wally says:

    Will Beemer release his cholesterol numbers?

  2. Jerry M. says:

    Wish HaHU aka COTT would pay back some of the $61,000 he owes in restitution when he got out of jail. What’s up with that Brett you gotta get to the rest stops earlier to make more money. Owned

  3. TurdsEye Mike says:

    When I am indicted, I want to beg for money to pay my lawyers too. Because even though I’m guilty, I just want to continue to suck off the public.

  4. HaHaHa says:

    Hey Maureen – is Johnny Doc a dirtbag too?

  5. Maureen Ferguson says:

    The only way Castor would leave was if he was booted. He is in love with that office and thankfully Wolf all but made sure he will never set foot in it again during this administration or the next. Bruce Castor is a dirtbag.

  6. Mary says:

    Kathy says her legal bills are staggering—LOL–and found guilty on all counts. Save you money honey….

  7. Mike says:

    Meanwhile, Kathleen Kane is taking a page out of gulag Pittsburgh’s playbook and begging for money:

    She should set up a fundrazr account, right Frank?

  8. Mike says:

    Observer, why the racist and sexist comments? Are you going for Democrat of the Year or something?

  9. Matt says:

    Not Really Beemer: Very good question and good points. It doesn’t seem like they dug too deep into this story and just assumed he was “getting the boot” to generate more interest in the story.

  10. Not Really Beemer says:

    How is staying until Friday “getting the boot?” Castor was brought on by Kane because she lost her law license. It was an accident he ended up as AG because Beemer was ahead of him in line until Beemer left. Now Beemer is back, has a law license, and doesn’t need Castor anymore than Castor needs to be in the OAG. Obviously, Castor wants out and is giving Beemer another week for transitioning. Reese and Decker “got the boot.” It looks to me like Castor is leaving because he wants to leave, but also wants to make sure Beemer knows what Castor has been doing since March. That seems fair and normal. If there was bad blood between the two, Beemer would have fired Castor when he got rid of the other two. But Castor carries around in his head all sorts of matters reserved for the boss which he needs to make sure Beemer is briefed on. I know people love to see others humbled, but not a single news account indicates other than that both Beemer and Castor are professionals trying to do the best they can. The need for Castor’s job no longer exists. So he’s departing at the end of the week as a professional would after briefing the new boss on what’s happening.

  11. Mary says:

    and when will Kane’s sister Ellen see the door. Ellen knew everything Kathy planned and did.

  12. rsklaroff says:

    I met with Jim two decades ago and received his written support for efforts to forestall the consolidation of PA Blue Shield and Blue Cross of Western PA; to the contrary, he averred that the latter entity was already monopolistic/monopsonistic.

    Alas, after almost a decade of litigation, the deal was effectuated; Corbett didn’t stop it and, when confronted about this @ a picnic hosted by then-Rep. Curt Schroder in Downingtown, claimed selective amnesia when queried about why he didn’t sustain this posture.

    Jim has roots in MontCo; although my knowledge-base is limited, it would appear that nothing emerging in the general news [that was notable when recognizing his involvement] has altered my mini-observation.

  13. O says:

    The Report will have to come out. They can’t hide it forever. People will demand it. The Press will demand it.

    The O knows.

  14. HaHaHa says:

    On the same day Castor gets the boot, a tax dead-beat (El Shabazz) starts at the Philadrlphia DA’s Office.

    Crazy state. Seth must want to go to jail.

    After all – El Shabazz represented Harry Levant (Seth’s lawyer’s brother). Harry Levant is also Seth’s Chief of Staff’s Brother-in Law.


  15. Observer says:

    More Old White Men running things. More tone-deaf Democrats, squandering their registration advantage.

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