Best Midterm Election Tweets

The midterms have come and gone, but as always the internet provides some excellent content along the way. For the Weekly Ups & Downs, a tweet of the week is also included, but in the spirit of this important week, here’s a series of tweets that caught our attention.


Some are funny, some are serious. Some are Pennsylvania centric, some are not.


The Tweet of the Week.



Ryan Costello sent out a slew of tweets this week that could have made the list, but this one garnered the most attention on Twitter.  



A personal tweet from the incoming Second Lady of Pennsylvania.  



He found another term and a bus.



He wasn’t on the ballot in Pennsylvania, but we endorse his re-election.



The only “pole” that matters.



Sorry in advance to all Dallas Cowboys fans…(but not really)


Did I miss any? Let me know at

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