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Bill Clinton to Stump in PA This Week

*Mar 08 - 00:05*Former President Bill Clinton is coming back to the Keystone State.

Clinton will be doing campaign stops for his wife’s presidential campaign on Thursday and Friday.

He’ll be holding events in Philadelphia and Scranton on April 7th. The Erie appearance will be on April 8th.

“At public events in Philadelphia, Scranton and Erie, President Clinton will discuss why Hillary Clinton is the best candidate to raise incomes for Pennsylvania families and break down the economic, social and racial barriers that hold Americans back,” the campaign stated.

A new Harper Poll released today shows Hillary with a 22-point lead over Bernie.

The primary election is set for April 26th.

21 Responses

  1. Sorry, ADV. He is right. Hillary will be the next POTUS. You can stop pretending Bernie has a chance.

  2. President of what? Hillary is fading, Bernie is surging. Who is Pat Unger/John Galt???

  3. Voters don’t trust the Clintons, especially Hillary. Voters don’t vote for people they cannot trust. She has no coattails either. A bad omen for Dems.

  4. He is the worst kind of internet troll – pathetic, stupid and desperate for attention. Of course he is a Repervlican FOXtard!!

  5. SpongeBob-

    Just because you want to mis-characterize my positions doesn’t make your statements true. I’ve got plenty of female candidates and committee people that I help on a regular basis. While I like a lot of Bernie’s positions, I fully expect Hillary to take the nomination and the White House, and think we’re long overdue for a woman as president.

    Sounds like you are the one hating on women and Hillary. You are going to be very unhappy the next 8 years. Maybe you’ll move to Canada.

    I don’t cheer when cops are murdered. I call for convictions of the cops who are murdering unarmed kids and adults (too often because they are black).

    You’re the only “special needs” person I don’t like.

    Primary season is going great. None of my candidates has been kicked off the ballot in petitions challenges, and I signed up another two customers this past week. (Thanks for asking.) I’m expecting a few to kick some major ass against better funded candidates or more established candidates.

    I just updated my database with the April 4th statewide snapshot, so my customers have data that’s not in the rival VAN/VoteBuilder system (and there are a lot of new voters). Pretty good for a guy up against a multi-million dollar system (and great for my customers).


    Yeah. He’s pretty creepy. Do we know if he’s a Trump or Cruz fan? He might like Trump for similar hand size.

  6. ADV – I am just trying to figure out if they will call him “First Gentleman” or “First Husband” …. LOL.

    Bill is back!!! He will be VERY influential!!

    Should have known SpongeRETARD on an article about “Bill” and his “stump” ing … What a pathetic pervert troll. I agree with DD that he seems like a pedophile.

  7. David I like how you always deflect from the truth. You are a woman hating, cheer when cops are murdered, hateful towards special needs kids guy. You say I am creepy but you have done the same with others trying to find out their personal info to “expose” them. You are a hypocrite. A 50 plus year old, live at home loser who seeks acceptance from people cause the come here and “look for your posts”. And just like Bill Clinton and his liar wife you have been exposed as a hack, a fraud someone who cannot be trusted. The primary season is upon us. How’s business?

  8. Hey Bill, go smell the roses. Retire. Your stage act is old. Triangulation sucks, and so do you. NAFTA and TPP—-your and Hillary’s legacy— against the working class…… two are NOT to be trusted. Period. $125,000,000 in Wall Street, etc. money—yeah, you understand the plight of the 99%. Right!!!

  9. SpongeBob-

    You are the creepy one tracking down people’s addresses and trolling databases for other information. Your “forgiveness/tolerance/hero-worship” of Fina is strong evidence for your perversions and racism.

  10. I don’t know David, you seem to fit the profile more than me. I mean look at where you live and who with. That along with your age, plus the amount you talk about me and kids makes me think you are projecting. Maybe if Kane’s sister isn’t busy sending hate filled porn emails she might take the time to investigate you.

  11. SpongeBob-

    Nope. Just thought I’d issue a warning, to save the cops the trouble of having to issue an Amber alert.

  12. David,
    Don’t you have some rhetoric to spew about cheering when cops are killed instead of focusing on me? Oh that’s right, you need to say things to promote your fan club who come here to view your postings.

  13. Senator Rutherford B. Cattywampus-

    Clinton is way ahead in the polls and has Bernie with 70+ % chance of winning Wisconsin, and Hillary with 90+ % chance of winning New York, PA and New Jersey.

    Bernie simply can’t get enough pledged delegates to pass Hillary. If he needs to pull over the super-delegates, because he couldn’t win the pledged, then he’s a big of a hypocrite complaining about the super-delegates.

    It’s a no-win scenario. And, to top it off, Bernie’s been pretty weak on pledging to work for the down-ticket candidates. He appears to have snubbed Fetterman.


    If SpongeBob is on the loose, you might want to lock away your children.

  14. Philadelphia, Scranton and Erie? If Clinton has to shore those areas up, she’s in trouble.

  15. Awww, I see you are going through withdrawals from me not paying attention to you. Well here is your fix. I appreciate your concerns for my wife but if I were you I would worry more about your mom. She might think if she hooks up with Bill, he could help clear your felony record.

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