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Bloom Endorsed by House Freedom Fund

unnamed (3)State Representative Steve Bloom (R-Cumberland) has been endorsed by the House Freedom Fund, the political action arm of the House Freedom Caucus.

“Steve Bloom is the only credible conservative candidate in this race that has a proven track record of fighting the political establishment while actually passing meaningful conservative policies,” House Freedom Fund Chairman and Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan said.  

Elected the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in 2010, Bloom has worked hard to ensure there are no more massive tax hikes and assisting low-income families.

“It’s humbling and encouraging to know that principled leaders and bold reformers across the country have noticed my solid conservative voting record and positions on national issues and are now stepping up to support my Congressional campaign,” says Bloom.

As Republican caucus meetings and petition season gets closer, candidates will continue to roll out endorsements like this to try to get activists on their side.

Pennsylvania’s 11th Congressional District seat is currently held by Congressman Lou Barletta. Barletta is vacating the seat to run for Senate.  

Businessman Andrew Lewis and former Revenue Secretary Dan Meuser are also running for the seat.  Former federal prosecutor Joe Peters is considering a run for the seat.

8 Responses

  1. Bloom did nothing as a state Rep, perhaps that’s why the Congressman Jordan wants him. to sit in the corner and do what he’s told

    1. Very good endorsement if you want to be endorsed by the group that was the obstructionists who stopped the repeal of Obamacare, and now we’re still stuck with the thing. Bloom got endorsed by the people who kept all our healthcare premiums thru the roof.

  2. Steve Bloom said in his announcement video that he’s with the America First-ers on trade deals then turns around and touts the endorsement of free traders that have been opposing President Trump? Did he lie in his announcement video or did he lie to this group to get their endorsement?

  3. So Bloom is with the freedom caucus. Lewis is with gorka. And meuser is with the NRCC.

    This is why Joe Peters needs to run, he’s not bought by anyone.

    1. Gorka didn’t find out (yet) that Lewis was with Rubio. The Dr isn’t as smart as I thought he was. He got duped. Can’t wait till Lou Barletta straightens that out!

    2. And that’s joe peters problem campaign after campaign. he can’t get anyone to want to buy him. can’t raise a dime. but maybe that’s his strategy? Since all Peters has done lately is endorse democrats like shapiro, maybe his real plan is to mess up the R race just enough that the D’s can win the whole thing? thats what it looks like he’s trying to do. guy is a closet democrat.

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