Bloom Officially Enters the Race for PA-11

Bloom AnnouncementState Rep. Stephen Bloom (R-Cumberland) released a Facebook video today announcing his run to replace Congressman Lou Barletta (R-Luzerne) who is running for Senate.  

“As a husband, a parent, and now a grandparent I can’t imagine losing this once in a generation opportunity to do so much good.  That’s why I am announcing that I am running for the United States Congress,” Bloom says in the video. 

In the video, Bloom says that the 2016 election showed the people wanted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, secure the borders, increase funding for the military, end unfair trade agreements, and end taxpayer money going towards abortion.  

“But with few exceptions, that’s not what we’re getting from this cowardly Congress,” Bloom says.  

Bloom joins former Revenue Secretary Dan Meuser in the race.  Former Federal prosecutor Joe Peters and businessman Andrew Lewis are both considering runs for the seat as well.

You can view the video below.

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20 thoughts on “Bloom Officially Enters the Race for PA-11”

  1. andywarhol says:

    Why do we need a man of god. If he is then join a religious group. We want people who care about people.

    1. Jane Taylor Toal says:

      It shows the content of his character, sir!!!

      1. joe says:

        no it does not at all. deeds, not words. but at least he wants to defund planned parenthood amirite?

  2. Jason says:

    These comments prove why trump one. You call this guy a hayseed and you mock americas farms. Real Americans are taking back this country.

    1. joe says:

      Does real Americans mean “country folk”? Ok pal. Sometimes I think repealing Obamacare & scaling back Medicaid and subsidies to rural communities would give you deplorables a taste of your own medicine.

      1. Jason says:

        Joe, your words prove why Dems lost and will continue to loose.

        1. andywarhol says:

          You are happy that Trump has given chemical companies permission to dump their toxic waste into ou water ways.
          Great Republican

        2. gulag Pittsburgh says:

          You must be a “poorly educated” Trump voter, which is why he “one” (sic) but you will continue to “loose” (sic). Did you actually graduate from high school? I doubt it.

        3. joe says:

          I think you’re wrong there Jason. HRC got 3 million more votes than Trump, despite the Russians and the media idiocy regarding emails. The boomers are starting to die off, and the new generations aren’t xenophobes. Progressives are the future, but unfortunately some rust belt communities, including rural PA, will be left behind.

  3. BucksVoter says:

    Horrible introduction. The right-wing tripe is always comical, but the production of this piece is terrible. And that god ugly shirt!

    1. andywarhol says:

      The republicans only care about god, guns and be against a womens right to choose.

  4. EvilBobCaseyIV says:

    Yeah the crickets speak volumes here. They’re are literally louder than he is. Also, probably not the best idea to say that you were a Dem until your mid-twenties when running in an R+198398799385 district. Just saying.

  5. Cumberland Voter says:

    Great to see Steve is running! He has been a wonderful State Rep for us… truly a man of God and a man of the people!

  6. PhillyPolitico says:

    So why is he standing in a corn field?

  7. joe says:

    lol, what a hayseed. pathetic launch

  8. Chris Hackett says:

    This video is so awful it might make
    me want to vote for the serial philander, Dan Meuser.

    1. Slick Danny says:

      Chris, Don’t hold back.

  9. Bobby Boy says:

    The head shaking and crickets make this video extraordinary!!

  10. Luzerne GOPer says:

    This might actually be the worst launch video I’ve ever seen. It’s honestly impressive how bad it is.

    1. gulag Pittsburgh says:

      But Trump voters like that. It proves he must not be a “slick Willie”, but ignorant and crude, like them.

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