Bloomberg PAC Up in PA with new Ad (With Video)

NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s gun violence PAC will remain on TV, this week with an ad that highlights a victim whose killer purchased a gun without a background check.

It’s an extension of a 12 state, $12 million but that the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Action Fund announced last week. It’s unclear if the group will tailor a copy of the ad to Sen. Pat Toomey as the group did last week.

A spokesman confirmed to PoliticsPA that the as will air in Pa; PoliticsPA is seeking details on the size and the scope of the buy.

The group favors Senate legislation that would mandate background checks for all gun purchases.

MAIG ad ZinaThe spot features a man who says his ex-brother-in-law exploited a loophole to illegally purchase the gun used to murder his sister.

“Zina had a restraining order against her husband that prohibits him from buying a gun. So he bought it from a private seller instead,” he says. “Had there been a background check, my sister Zina would still be with us right now.”

3 Responses

  1. Way to ignore the massive Rape problem in NYC that Bloomberg seems to ignore.

    BTW, I hope you support Voter ID laws since just like voting, owning firearms is a Constitutional right. Any incumbrance placed on Firearms should also be legitimatly applied to voting as well.

  2. We’re talking about legislation in the U.S. Senate here, Sean. Why are you worried about diabetes drinks in New York City?

  3. Maybe bloomberg should be more worried about the 500+ rapes that have taken place in NYC in 2013 alone then what we in PA want to do in our own Commonwealth.

    And thnk God Bloomberg is taking care of those evil sugary drinks, now a family can’t buy a 2 liter with there pizza order.

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