Bloomberg Poll: Clinton 51% Trump 42%

hillary-clinton-happyHillary Clinton is being powered by the Philadelphia suburbs.

That’s the conclusion of the latest Bloomberg Poll, which finds Clinton at 51% and Donald Trump at 42% in the commonwealth.

In a four-way race Clinton’s lead stands at nine points, 48% to 39%. Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein secured 6% and 2% respectively.

This survey was weighted towards the Philly suburban counties of Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery. Women in these counties prefer Clinton by a 67% to 24% margin.


The Democratic nominee is approaching the break-even point in the favorable/unfavorable splits. She is currently at 48/51 throughout the state and 56/42 in the suburbs.

Trump, on the other hand, scores a 40/58 split in PA and a 28/70 split in SEPA.

Bloomberg tested a number of national figures both statewide and in the collar counties. Those results are included below:

Michelle Obama: PA – 64/32 SEPA – 70/24

Joe Biden: PA – 62/34 SEPA – 67/28

Barack Obama: PA – 56/43 SEPA – 60/38

Bill Clinton: PA – 52/45 SEPA – 59/37

Mike Pence: PA – 48/39 SEPA – 40/49

Tim Kaine: PA – 44/38 SEPA – 51/34

Gary Johnson: PA – 19/46 SEPA – 20/49

Jill Stein: PA – 14/35 SEPA – 17/37


Respondents were also asked to compare the presidential candidates on several attributes.

Of the eleven questions, Hillary won nine. Those full results are presented below:

Understands the issues that matter most to the middle class: Clinton 54% Trump 38%

Knows what it takes to create jobs: Trump 51% Clinton 43%

Would change the way Washington does business: Trump 62% Clinton 25%

Has the right temperament to be President: Clinton 58% Trump 31%

Could get things done in Washington: Clinton 49% Trump 42%

Would be a good role model for children: Clinton 56% Trump 23%

Would help working families better afford quality child care: Clinton 60% Trump 34%

Would do more to improve education: Clinton 62% Trump 32%

Is trustworthy: Clinton 40% Trump 36%

Would serve effectively as commander-in-chief: Clinton 51% Trump 40%

Would make retirement income secure for more: Clinton 47% Trump 39%  


Bloomberg included the crosstabs for the two-way race numbers.

The following demographics supported Hillary Clinton: Democrats (89/6), non-whites (71/22), those with a college degree (59/33), those under 35 years old or younger (57/35), females (56/37) and those fifty-five years old or older (52/42).

The following demographics supported Donald Trump: Republicans (85/10), those without a college degree (51/43), 35 to 54 year-olds (47/45), males (47/46) and independents (45/36).

Whites were evenly split between the two (47/47).

The Bloomberg Poll was conducted by Selzer & Co. They contacted 806 likely voters through landlines and cell phones from October 7th to 11th. The margin of error is +/- 3.5%.

5 Responses

  1. Why won’t the Democrats defend the hard working citizens who support them and the lazy cry babies who want something without earning it These sorry individuals believe it is owed to them. This is like those who feel sorry for alcoholics and drug abusers and still give them money for support which they go out and buy for their habit.

  2. If you asked everybody in Elk County if Trump should be allowed to date their daughter, the answer would be NO. Same as my son. But yet these idiots want to vote for them.

  3. American revolutionary and super patriot Donald J Trump will be busy strafing Crooked Hillary with nukes in the next few weeks! How can she possibly survive his onslaught? She’s finished! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!

  4. I like the one that states hc has the right temperament to be president….guess so…she doesn’t care how many blowjobs her husband gets from other woman as long as she’s not doing the humming…

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