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Bob Casey Campaign Unveils New Website

Sen. Bob Casey's new website launched today, along with a Twitter account.

In an email to supporters today, Sen. Bob Casey’s Finance Director Mike Butler announced the unveiling of a new campaign website,, as well as a Twitter account.

“With only a little more than 3 months until Election Day, we’ve kicked this campaign into high gear, and I’m thrilled to announce that, today, we’re launching a new campaign website,,” Butler said.

“This new site makes it easy to learn more about Bob, what he’s done to fight in the Senate for working-class Pennsylvanians and how you can join the grassroots movement behind his campaign.

Butler also said this is just the next step for the campaign as they gear up for the election day – having surpassed their fundraising goals for the month of July.

The Smith campaign responded with a “Myth versus Fact” email blast that accused Casey of misrepresenting his record.

The email said Casey “claims he fought to maximize the benefit of” the natural gas industry, but his sponsorship of the “Frac Act” would over-regulate the industry to avoid unnecessary and expensive delays.

The email also said he refuses to reach across the aisle for compromise and his “failed policies” have resulted in a stagnant economy, high unemployment and higher taxes.

These attacks are in keeping with the “Senator Zero” label the Smith campaign gave Casey last month when they launched an accompanying website.

5 Responses

  1. Shouldn’t Conservatives understand the corruption they are supporting, because now the GOP have them responsible for the murder of millions. No need to respond. Please just pursue the research.


    Subject: HOW FAR IS THE RIGHT WING WILLING TO GO?1) Murdered TENS OF MILLIONS, 2) noone under 50 has a future, 3)planet over an irreversible cliff 2015, 4) trashed the economy 3 times, want to try 2x more, 5) Romney/Ryan=Bush/Cheney 2–foreign policy crew–Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condi Rice, Paul Wolfowitz, Scooter Libby, Douglas Feith, Richard Pearl, William Kristol, Robert Kagan, John Bolton, etc.


    1) They’ve already murdered TENS OF MILLIONS, soon to be HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS, w sea level rise, severe weather events, and especially food crop failures, as a result of 3 decades of lies about Global Warming,

    2) Noone under 50 has a future because the planet is on a trajectory to become uninhabitable, soon to be accelerated out of control by the processing of filthy tar sands,

    3)Planet over an irreversible cliff 2015; as they build, then use the Keystone XL Pipeline to transport FILTHY TAR SANDS, because such tar sands spew 70% more pollution than the processing of conventional oil,

    4) Trashed the economy 3 times with derivatives stuffed with junk (1987, 1998, 2008, 2018?) now they want to try 2 more times with the same “cut and gut” budget forced on Roosevelt in 1937, that drove unemployment way past 15%, and repealing Dodd-Frank, FINANCE REFORM, so derivatives stuffed with junk can succeed in destroying the economy for a 4th time by 2020,

    5) Romney/Ryan=Bush/Cheney 2–same economic advisors, same foreign policy crew–Cheney, Rumsfeld, Condi Rice, Paul Wolfowitz with his Doctrine (1992) to make the Mideast the next target to justify DoD Budget, Scooter Libby, Douglas Feith, Richard Pearl, John Bolton, Robert Kagan (The World America Made), William Kristol of the Weekly Standard who created the Project for A New American Century (PNAC) with its bully mentality and world domination policies. This group is known as The Neoconservatives; mostly pro-Israeli, Jewish Intellectuals, war-hawks who sent Erik Prince of Blackwater to the UAE in 2010, to proceed with their War with Iran, designed in the last months of the Bush-Cheney Administration. It will be based on another 935 lies about a nonexistent nulcear weapons program, just like there was no WMD in Iraq. Their good friend Sheldon Addelson has vowed to pour $100 MILLION into the 2012 campaign to get Romeny-Ryan elected. He went to Israel with Mitt Romney. He’s a casino BILLIONAIRE from Las Vegas, who started out funding Newt Gingrich’s Campaign. Anything to make sure Israel gets a war with Iran by putting the Neoconservatives back into power.

    If You’re Concerned About The Economic Meltdown of 2008, Are You Concerned About The Intentional Efforts To Thwart THE RECOVERY, because after all there’s an Election to win in 2012 and the lie to be pushed is “Obama’s Policies Are Failing”? Intentional Sabotage: a) The Stimulus to patch a $1.4 TRILLION dollar GDP contraction was effectively $550 BILLION, b) thwart Millions of Infrastructure and Green jobs, c) force up the price of a barrel of oil with “war drums against Iran”, thereby increasing gasoline costs, which hurts the RECOVERY. There’s an excess supply in the U.S. of: oil, gasoline, and natural gas, as NPR discussed on All Things Considered, 2-22 and 3-5-2012 and Morning Edition 3-7-2012. This should be exposed for what it is; intentional sabotage to thwart THE RECOVERY, d) thwart credit line help to small businesses in early 2010, which Mitch McConnell filibustered because they create 2/3 of the jobs, e) thwart a million new jobs that could have been created w 2011 Legislation, to add to the 8 million the Obama Admistration created since 2009, with the help of the 3 dozen economists who created The Stimulus Design based on the Great Depression, etc.

    How About numerous DEATH SPIRALS In Motion In 2012 By The GOP, and the Multinationals Who Own Them, That Will Be MASSIVE, CATASTROPHIC, DESTRUCTION 2015-2020?
    1)The Paul Ryan-GOP Budget, will repeat the same economic collapse forced on Roosevelt in 1937, which caused a double-dip GREAT DEPRESSION, dragged it out another 5 years, and pushed unemployment to 25%. It stopped only because the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and the US entered WWII. The same scenarios have been enforced in Europe and now unemployment in those Countries is extensive–Iceland 15%, Spain 25%, Greece 25% with pockets at 50%. It’s completely unnecessary because we can be growing GDP by 158% with MILLIONS of jobs, leave THE DEBT in the dust, and get a Sustainable Future. This comes after the “Fiscal Cliff” caused by TEA PARTY zealots holding Congress hostage over raising the DEBT Ceiling and The Budget, demanding over ONE TRILLION in cuts. Warnings from Ben Bernanke, Christine Lagarde (IMF), Congressional Budget Office are mostly ignored as 2 million more will lose their jobs in 2013 with unemployment driven to 9%. President Obama created 8 million jobs since 2009, with the help of 3 dozen economists from the LEFT and RIGHT who designed the Stimulus based on THE GREAT DEPRESSION. More than 5 million positions have been filled, 3 million openings are looking for qualified candidates, and 12 million jobs are in the works, although millions have been sabotaged by the GOP.

    2) Repeal FINANCE REFORM (Dodd-Frank)_so that derivatives stuffed with junk can damage the economy for the 4th time 2018-2020, just like it did in 2008. The pattern has been 1987 (S&L), 1998 (LTCM—PBS, Frontline “THE WARNING” & “Wall Street, Money, and Power”), 2008 (Subprime—Bill Moyers & company since 1-13-2012, “Inside Job” best documentary 2010 by Charles Ferguson, ALL THE DEVILS ARE HERE by Joe Nocera, RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT by Nora Morgenson).
    3) The Keystone XL Pipeline is being pushed through by BIG OIL, particularly Trans-Canada, who “buy-off” 90% of the GOP to also push their policies. It puts the planet over a cliff by 2015, from which there is no recovery. The melting of the permafrost, will release 10 times the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere already and release extensive levels of methane, ie natural gas, which is 23 times more destruction than the carbon dioxide in trapping pollution, has the same effect. Planet over a cliff as soon as it happens, is likely to cause self-reinforcing, hyper-loops between the heat, oceans, and atmosphere producing rampant, out-of-control acceleration. We don’t need the inefficient oil produced, that spews 70% more pollution. Climate Scientist at NASA, James Hansen, vehmently came out against the Keystone XL Pipeline in the summer of 2011 saying “it puts the planet over a cliff in 2015. We’ll never be able to get Global Warming under control, if the processing of the tar sands increases”. Hansen is one of 3000 Climate Scientists, who has been studying the problem since the 1970s and are in total consensus as to how deadly Climate Change is going to be. He’s the author of Storms of My Grandchildren about how severe the weather is going to get. They find themselves increasingly alarmed as events that were suppose to be happening decades from now have already appeared. Every time they think their calculations are out ahead of the acceleration, they find they’re too conservative again. There’s a glut of oil in Oklahoma in 2012 and 3 Southern States are exporting gasoline to Latin America. (TAR SANDS by Andrew Nikiforuk, NPR All Things Considered 2-22 &3-5-2012, Morning Edition 3-7-2012, FOE Website)

    4) Global Warming produced $52 BILLION in damages from severe weather events in U.S., $200 BILLION worldwide, that will be TRILLIONS of dollars of damage by 2020 from severe weather events, sea level rise, and critical crop failures. There was a drought in Russia 2000-2010, then a 40% wheat crop failure in both 2010 and 2011. The malnutrition and starvation numbers then jumped from 600 million to over a BILLION. One country, one food crop, and a 40% failure two years in a row. Another 200 million will be affected from the corn and soybean, food crop staples, which failed in the Midwest, US in 2012 and wheat crop failed for a 3rd year. On May 31, 2012 the pollution numbers in the atmosphere reached 400 parts per million, when the atmosphere only tolerates 350 parts/million. A massive release of additional pollution from either the processing of filthy TAR SANDS, which expels 70% more pollution than conventional oil processing, or release of 10X from the melting permafrost puts the planet over a cliff. The additional pollution, increases the heat. The oceans grab 94% of the heat and 33% of the acidity. The warmer waters lap up against the ice sheets melting them at quicker rates, just like putting an ice cube in warm water. It accelerates the melting and sea level rise. Original estimates were a 3 foot sea level rise by 2100, but now they think it will be much closer to 50 feet rise by 2100, or 3 feet rise 2020-2025. We could be growing GDP by 158%, leave the DEBT in the dust, and get a Sustainable Future. (REINVENTING FIRE by Instead KOCH Industries, BIG OIL, and the GOP they own, continue lying about such a serious problem, violating the physics that governs this planet. The moisture driven off the oceans from the additional heat creates severer storms; the warmer water melting the Ice Sheets results in sea level rise at quicker rates; the oceans grabbing even more heat from the atmosphere, can all become a self-propelling cycle. If there is a massive dump of pollution into the atmosphere from either the Keystone XL Pipeline or the melting of the permafrost, which then releases extensive methane deposits and 10X what is already in the atmosphere, this can become a self-driving cycle we won’t be able to stop.

    Florida purges 180,000 legitimate, minority votes. Red States across the U.S. follow suit, trying to suppress a total of 5 millions legitimate minority and elderly votes, as GOP rigs 2012, just like they corrupted 2000 and 2004.(HBO’s “Recount” dvd, ARMED MADHOUSE BY GREG PALAST, WAS THE 2004 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION STOLEN BY STEVEN FREEMAN AND JOEL BLEIFUSS PLUS 12 MATH EXPERTS, ANSWER–“YES, “WHAT HAPPENED WAS STATISTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE”, AND 11 MILLION LEGITIMATE VOTES FOR JOHN KERRY WENT MISSING.) Just as Al Gore won with the full state recount in 2001 in Florida, which the Washington Post covered on 11-26-2001 in an article titled, “COUNTDOWN”, Kerry also won in 2004. Now they’re trying to corrupt 2012 with lies about voter fraud, which is actually nonexistent except for the GOP tricks. The league of Women Voters asks for HELP on their Website, as KOCH Industries, the $100 BILLION/year oil conglomerate funding and scripting the TEA party, teams up with ALEC, American Legislative Exchange Council to suppress 5 million legitimate minority and elderly votes. ALEC is the GOP meeting behind closed doors, with the multinationals who own them, telling them what laws they want passed. NPR, Fresh Air covered how it works on 10-06-2011 and there’s a website ALEC EXPOSED.




    Addressing Global Warming also addresses–Energy, THE DEBT, a way out of the RECESSION, and shuts down a horrific acceleration that’s going to make the planet uninhabitable and kill BILLIONS of people.

    There are 8-16 million GREEN JOBS and Infrastructure Jobs waiting for a GREEN BANK to provide them loans, so they can get off the ground in 2011-2012. The Obama Administration has been trying since 2009 to get these jobs off the ground, constantly being thwarted by the GOP, as they do everything in their power to sabotage THE RECOVERY so they can get back into power in 2012 to push their HIDDEN AGENDAS. That gives the U.S. full employment. It grows GDP, which makes the DEBT a smaller portion of GDP. It’s more people paying more taxes, which is more money to pay down the DEBT. If the U.S. and China will go head-to-head, to see who can get to 80% Renewable energy–wind, solar, geothermal by 2025, we can shut down this horrific acceleration and keep from going over the next cliff that the GOP has set up. The construction and operating costs on Nuclear are prohibitive as Amory Lovins at Rocky Mountain Institute ( has repeatedly calculated and explained. We can generate 6 times the current U.S. electrical use just from reliable wind in South Dakota, Kansas and Texas, plus wind offshore in the Atlantic and Pacific and solar in the west. THIS NEEDS TO BE HANDLED LIKE A “MANHATTAN PROJECT” They’ve been dumb enough to lie for 3 decades about the physics that governs a planet.

    PHYSICS RULES, PHYSICS WINS; WHEN YOU CROSS IT, IT DESTROYS. Decades of bald-faced lies, about Global Warming, is the butchering of verifiable Truth, the violation of the associated Physics, and the violation of God’s World. Violation of Physics is the cause of every accident and virtually every tragedy on this planet. Physics doesn’t tolerate being violated and the DECEIT coming out of the Right Wing, owned by the multinationals, is a violation of the Physics that governs this planet.

    THE RESULTS WILL BE A PLANET THAT’S UNINHABITABLE AND THE KILLING OF BILLIONS OF PEOPLE. We have a small but quickly closing window of opportunity, to get to 80% renewable energy by 2025, to shut down the horrific acceleration underway, because two precious decades have been lost due to the Campaign of DECEIT by the GOP, tied into the “Disinformation Campaign” by Dirty Fossil Fuels, since the 1980s.

    Norfolk, VA is already inundated with sea level rise, such that millions of dollars of damage have been done in just one city. By 2020 Manhattan, San Francisco airport, and New Orleans will all be under water followed by Tampa, Miami, Sacramento and many other coastal areas and large cities on rivers where sea level rise pushes the waters inward. The magic number is 350 parts per million. That’s the amount of pollution the atmosphere can tolerate. We’re already at 400 parts per million, which means the HEAT CAN’T GET OUT and everything is melting. The tundra permafrost in the northern regions is melting and it contains TEN TIMES the amount of carbon dioxide that is already in the atmosphere and it also contains extensive amounts of methane. The methane is TWENTY THREE TIMES AS DESTRUCTIVE as the carbon dioxide. They use to drive across this permafrost like it was asphalt. Now they get stuck and sink, because that’s how much has already melted. When those gases are released this planet will be over the cliff and over the tipping point. There will be no reversing the damage, which is going to be HORRENDOUS and cost tens of TRILLIONS of dollars.

    Just as the economic meltdown of 2008 was preventable, when derivatives stuffed with junk damaged the economy for the 3rd time (1987–S&L, 1998–LTCM, 2008–Subprime); this Global Warming heating is preventable, but only if the facts are acknowledged. Dirty fossil fuels can’t keep going on with their “Disinformation Campaign” of incessant lies pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into corrupt Right Wing Think Tanks, so they will produce phoney baloney studies discrediting Global Warming. They own 90% of the GOP, who have been willing to back the “Disinformation Campaign” for the last 3 decades, so hundreds of millions of dollars flow their way for the elections. The GOP has to stop pushing their incessant lies. Americans need to start listening to the 3000 Climate Scientists who have been working on this problem for 50 years. Norfolk,VA already has millions of dollars of damage and it will be tens of TRILLIONS of dollars trying to mitigate the rest of the horrific damage that is coming in other cities.

    The oceans grab 94% of the heat from the atmosphere and 33% of the acidity from the highly acidic carbon dioxide. The oceans are now already acidic enough that they are killing the fish larva off the coast of Oregon. 20% of the food supply for humans comes from the oceans, and it’s just a matter of time with our current trajectory that all life forms will be killed. The heat drives more moisture off the oceans, which makes the atmosphere unstable. The weather will come to be more and more severe at the extremes in all forms. More hurricanes like Katrina, more droughts and fires, floods and havoc will be wreaked upon the food supply growing cycles. Hundreds of millions of people will migrate to find food and water sparking wars and death. It will be a HUGE National Security issue. BIG OIL, especially Exxon Mobil and $100 BILLION/YR oil conglomerate Koch Industries, who funds and scripts the TEA Party who has been trying to DESTROY the US government since the 1970s, are currently those pushing the “Disinformation Campaign”. BIG OIL and the GOP need to be charged with: “CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY” AND “BREACH OF NATIONAL SECURITY”. Permafrost melting containing TEN TIMES what is already in the atmosphere, oceans turning into vats of acid, one city in the U.S. already with millions of dollars of damage followed by many many others, weather going to the extremes, HUGE National Security issues. Where’s the research proving all this?

    ***NPR, Science Friday, Jan 22, 2011, the 11th Annual “Changing Climate, Changing Oceans Conference” with 69 papers delivered, covered for the hour by NPR, with extensive discussion of ocean acidification and destruction of the life forms. Also 3-4-2011 and August 12, 2011 on how crop productions will be severely effected, and many other Science Friday programs on Global Warming. 10-21-11 REINVENTING FIRE—grow GDP by 158% w millions of Green Jobs, also 1-20-2012 defending the climate change research.

    ***The Hockey Stick and The Climate Wars: Dispatches From The Front Lines by Michael Mann on the “Disinformation Game” going on with Dirty Fossil Fuels and why the planet is on a trajectory to become uninhabitable. KOCH Industries and Exxon Mobil have poured HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars into corrupt Right Wing Think Tanks like Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, Compettive Enterprise Institute, Mercantus, Marshall Institute so they would produce phoney-baloney studies. There was no “Climate-Gate” only the usual Right Wing corruption and intentionally pulling things completely out-of-context.

    ***NPR, The World (PRI) March 8 and 9th, 2011, talking to Mark Hertsgard who has covered Climate Change for at least two decades; 12-07-2011 Stormy Forecast from 11-15-2011

    ***PBS, Need to Know, Feb 25, 2011 and June 24, 2011 Norfolk VA inundated with sea level rise, the millions in damage and which cities are next, discussion with Mark Hertsgard about his latest book, HOT: the Next 50 years on Planet Earth

    ***Storms of My Grandchildren by Dr. James Hansen one of 3000 Climate Scientists frustrated that they are fighting against ignorance and incessant lies about the physics that governs a planet, physics as basic as The Greenhouse Effect, which in contained settings is used to heat passive solar homes, and everyone who drives intimately knows when they park their vehicle in the sun with the windows rolled up.

    ***Science As a Contact Sport by Dr. Schneider, colleague of Dr. Hansen, also frustrated to be fighting against lies backed by hundreds of millions of dollars by corrupt corporations like Exxon and Koch Industries

    ***Field Notes From a Catastrophe by Elizabeth Kolbert–all the damage being done in Alaska

    ***The Heat is On and Boiling Point–3 decades of Dirty Fossil Fuels “Disinformation Campaign” and the Mainstream Media totally failing the American People on a matter this serious and deadly, when they fail to stick to the science and the physics by Ross Gelbspan

    ***The Climate War by Eric Pooley; 3 decades of GOP and BIG OIL’s “Disinformation Campaign” because BIG OIL wants to sell TRILLIONS in oil products.

    ***PBS, NOW, 2010, How the Muldees Islands are being inundated with water and all their residents have to move; 300,000 people in Bangladesh who have already been displaced as they lose about 1/3 of their country. They’re applying in droves to the US since U.S. and China will not take responsibility and stop dumping 90 metric tons of pollution into the atmosphere every single day or more than 300 metric tons/week.

    ***Our Choice–3000 Climate Scientists explain the problem after 50 years of study

    ***Eaarth by Bill McKibben–how our planet has already been changed, forever, because Americans won’t be responsible to the physics governing a planet

    ***The Earth Without Us by Alan Weisman; what happens to the planet after we’re gone

    ***, Skeptical, de-Smog Blog

    ***Tar Sands by Andrew Nikiforuk, investigative jounalist that lives in Alberta, Canada where they are trashing a forest the size of Florida. The clean water shed and natual gas resources are also being expended and will be gone by 2030. The waste ponds are leaking into the clean water supply and people downstream are getting cancer. 26 oil campanies love the fact that Canada has no environmental regulation, most of these companies own the GOP, so they can rape and pillage at will. Dr. James Hansen of NASA, one of 3000 Climate Scientists in consensus on how deadly climate change really is, came out vehemnetly against the Keystone XL Pipeline and processing any more tar sands saying, “If this happens there will be no reversing Global Warming. The planet will be over an irreversible cliff 2015”. Otherwise if we can get to 80% renewable energy by 2025, we could shut down all the horrific damage that is coming, save the ice sheets, save coastlines, keep a self-propelling loop from happening.

    ***Nova, “Secrets Beneath The Ice” documentary on the disastrous melting of Antarctica. If just 10% of Antarctica melts, then all the coastal regions in the world are seriously effected. With extensive study of the core ice, giving them data on the past history of Antarctica, they can extrapolate from exotic math models that not only will the 10% melt, but the entire west side and a huge chunk of the east side.

    *** and many, many others

    Secrets Beneath The Ice, NOVA,
    Almost three miles of ice buries most of Antarctica, cloaking a continent half again as large as the United States. But when an Antarctic ice shelf the size of Manhattan collapsed in less than a month in 2002, it shocked scientists and raised the alarming possibility that Antarctica may be headed for a meltdown. Even a 10 percent loss of Antarctica’s ice would cause catastrophic flooding of coastal cities, unlike any seen before in human history. What are the chances of a widespread melt? “Secrets Beneath the Ice” explores whether Antarctica’s climate past can offer clues to what may happen. NOVA follows a state-of-the-art expedition that is drilling three-quarters of a mile into the Antarctic seafloor. The drill is recovering rock cores that reveal intimate details of climate and fauna from a time in the distant past when the Earth was just a few degrees warmer than it is today. As researchers grapple with the harshest conditions on the planet, they discover astonishing new clues about Antarctica’s past—clues that carry ominous implications for coastal cities around the globe. They’re pretty sure that ALL of the west portion of Antarctica and probably a portion of East Antarctica will melt and that the 19 feet in sea level rise will be wayyyyyyyyy too conservative. It’s likely to exceed 50 feet. We will reach Pliocene temps by 2015, therefore that level of melting. Everything is happening 6-7 DECADES EARLIER, THAN INITIAL MODELS INDICATED. That means by 2020-2025.


    Understanding The “Unholy Alliance” Karl Rove Began Forming in the 1980s

    The GOP have been engaged in a Campaign of DECEIT since the 1980s when an “Unholy Alliance” was formed between the GOP, the large multinationals that now own 90% of the GOP, and 100 million Catholic and Christian Fundamentalists trying to create a Christian Theocracy. Karl Rove went to the Multinationals to get them to fund the GOP Campaigns so they can “buy-off” the elections; once in power these corrupt corps get to write the Legislation and gut the Regulations. Then he went to the 100 million Fundamentalists with Paul Weyrich, saying, “the multinational corps are willing to supply the hundreds of billions in funds and some of the votes, we need you to supply the rest of the votes. Once in power we can siphon off million of dollars of taxpayer funds for your Christian Theocracy, which they did through The Faith-Based Initiative and Blackwater. Rick Perry’s Presidential Campaign is being run behind the scenes by Karl DECEIT Rove. Perry is being counseled by Donald Rumsfeld and the Neoconservatives on Foreign Policy, who dominated the Bush-Cheney Administration and fabricated the 935 lies to invade Iraq. They created the Wolfowitz Doctrine in 1991 to justify the Department of Defense Budget and to make the Mideast the next target. Erik Prince, former owner of Blackwater, Catholic Fundamentalist on a “messianic mission against Islam”, is now in the U.A.E. setting up another mercenary army of Columbians and preparing for War with Iran per plans created in 2008. They created the corrupt Right Wing Think Tank, Project For A New American Century (PNAC) which is dominated by Neoconservatives and has policies about U.S. World military domination. They want to add to the 850 military bases in 115 out of the 194 countries in the world. It will be Bush-Cheney all over again. Perry held a Rt. Wing Fundamentalist Convention in Houston the weekend of 8-6 and 8-7-2011 with all the fringe lunatics that have now become mainstream in the extremist Right Wing. These groups are tracked by the Southern Law Poverty Center (SLPC) and Americans United For Separation of Church and State. There are now 2000 Rt. Wing Extremist Groups, up from 1500 in 2008. 1000 of them are considered HATE Groups, including the Social Conservatives with their virulent anti-gay agenda. There are more than 450 “Patriot Groups” with militias up from 189 in 2009.

    There are now 3 major groups involved in this Campaign of DECEIT. 1) The War Hawks intent to keep the U.S. at war permanently per the warning of Conservative, retired Colonel Andrew Bacevich in his Washington Rules. 2) The 100 million Fundamentalists that intend to dismantle Separation of Church and State to create a Christian Theocracy with numerous warnings from Conservative John Dean and Barry Goldwater, or, or SPLC about their various strategies. 3) The T.E.A. Party, funded and scripted by $100BILLION/YEAR oil conglomerate Koch Industries, which as Severe Libertarians has been trying to destroy the U.S. government since the 1970s (NPR, Fresh Air talks to Jane Mayer 8-26-2010 about her article Sept. 2010, “Covert Action”).

    The Public Broadcasting Networks of PBS, NPR, PRI, BBC have done the best job exposing different facets of this GOP corruption. They need to continue to expose this GOP corruption, but Mainstream Media could help a lot if they would begin covering it day, after day, after day. Global Warming can be stopped, just as the economic meltdown of September 2008 could have been averted. It was the 3rd time Derivatives Stuffed With Junk damaged the economy—1987 (S&L), 1998 (LTCM–PBS Frontline’s THE WARNING), 2008 (Subprime)—because of 3 decades of deregulation or refusal to regulate as GOP Policies.


    ***NPR, Fresh Air, 9-15-2005, Terry Gross talks to Chris Mooney about the Infrastructure of DECEIT described in Republicans War on Science

    ***NPR, Fresh Air, 12-16-2009, Terry Talks to Jeremy Scahill about Blackwater bilking U.S. taxpayers out of BILLIONS and funneling millions of those BILLIONS into Rt. Wing Fundamentalist causes. Erik Prince sold Blackwater in 2010, but is a Fundamentalist Catholic who thinks he’s on a Messianic Mission against Islam, as do all these 100 million Fundamentalists in U.S. Scahill has since followed up with numerous other reports on Blackwater activities, shell companies, sale, and Erik Prince in the U.A.E. The PLAN that Erik Prince is acting on was devised in 2008 in the last months of Bush-Cheney Administration dominated by the War Hawk, Neoconservatives who are now advising Rick Perry’s Campaign in 2011. Rove has already corrupted two elections we know about, in 2000 and 2004, to get into power and then stay in power. Two requests were made of the FBI, in 2008 and 2010, to keep Rove and contacts under surveillance.

    **NPR, Fresh Air, Terry talks to Jeff Sharlett, 11-24-2009, 9-23-2010 about THE FAMILY: the Secret Fundamentalism At The Heart of Power and C-Street. Their motto is: “Totalitarianism For Jesus”. This group dominates the T.E.A. Party illustrated by Michelle Bachmann, who said Jesus told her to run for the Presidency in 2012. She heads up T.E.A. Party Caucus in Congress and brought in David Barton who told the 87 GOP Freshman, the U.S. Constitution is “divinely inspired”. Like the Bible The U.S. Constitution is the word of God. They dominate 90% of the Chaplains in U.S. military, telling them they’re “God’s Army, Doing God’s Work”. They rewrote textbooks in Texas in 2010 to make them historically inaccurate pushing the notion that the Founding Fathers were “Christians who wanted a Theocracy”, which they weren’t, and that Creationism is a “Science”, which it isn’t. They’ve engaged in three decades of domestic terrorism against women and their doctors to push the religious ignorance that “Life Starts at Conception”, which Science addressed in 1992—no, it doesn’t. They want to use the Book of Leviticus as Rule of Law. (Republican Gomorrah by Max Blumenthal)

    Other members include but are not limited to: Jim DeMint, Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Pastor John Hagee head of Christians United For Israel in Houston, TX– they see all the Signs for the End of Days, Doug Coe, Joe Pitts, Tom Coburn, James Inhofe, Sam Brownback Governor of Kansas, Mike McIntyre, Mike Enzi, Mark Sandford, John Ensign, Bart Stupak, Chuck Grassley, Zach Wamp, Frank Wolff, Congressman Tiahart, and Chuck Coleson of Watergate fame, among others.

    **NPR, Fresh Air interviews with Pastor John Hagee on 9-19-2006 about the “End of Days” and Prophecies of the Book of Revelations and why all of the Right Wing as “True Believers” will be taken into heavens in The Rapture. As well as John Dean when Conservatives Without Conscience came out, Michelle Goldberg’s Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism, The Theocons by Damon Linker, American Theocracy by Kevin Phillips, as well as her talks with Richard Armitage about the investment in the End of Days scenarios. PBS, Bill Moyers Journal also talked to Pastor John Hagee on 11-30-2007, on PBS’ Bill Moyers Journal.

    What led to the meltdown of September 2008 is also well-documented, The Right Wing corruption is further exposed in: 1) the documentary that won the Oscar in 2011, “Inside Job” available through SONY, 2) PBS’–Frontline “THE WARNING” released Oct 2009 about the 1998 Derivatives stuffed with JUNK with Long Term Capital Management (LTCM), 3) All the Devils are Here–the hidden history of the economic meltdown of 2008 by Joe Nocera and Bethany McLean, 4) Reckless Endangerment by Gretchen Morganson who also did an investigation with Louise Story for the N.Y.Times about why no one is being prosecuted for the Wall Street corruption 2003-2008, when Derivatives stuffed with JUNK damaged the economy for the 3rd time, The BIG Short by Michael Lewis author of Liar’s Poker, House of Cards by William D. Cohen, and 13 Bankers by Simon Johnson, who PBS’ Charlie Rose has interviewed with many others. Charlie also interviewed at least a dozen of the three dozen economists that designed The Stimulus September 2008 to January 2010, so we know based on the discrepancies, what the GOP did to undermine the Intent to patch a $1.4 TRILLION contraction of GDP. $787 Billion was half what was needed, had too many tax cuts that didn’t provide jobs, cut out help to the States. Half what was needed, $250 billion in tax cuts didn’t create jobs so it was the wrong form, and it cut help to States who are now adding to the unemployment as they try to balance their budgets, due to drastic cuts in revenue.

    Many in the top 1% are joining the 99%. 2/3 of the top 5% do not want the Bush-Cheney tax cuts like Warren Buffet, Responsible Wealth, Citizens For a Fair Economy because they want to pay their fair share.


    Global Forecast: Stormy Weather

    Peter Thomson November 15, 2011 , NPR, PRI, rebroadcast 12-7-2011
    When you do what I do, the news about climate change comes rather like snowflakes in a blizzard—from all directions at once, and accumulating in such overwhelming amounts and impact that it can be hard to know where to start digging out. But as global negotiators pack their bags for the latest UN climate summit in Durban, South Africa later this month, here are a few of the more sobering bits of recent news:

    • At the annual meeting of the

    Society of Environmental Journalists last month in Miami, the chair of the University of Miami’s Geography department, Harold Wanless, told a packed auditorium that “we should think about putting things we don’t want to lose—like national archives—safely away from the coast.” We’ve put so much CO2 in the atmosphere, Wanless said, that “we’re probably looking at sea level rise of 20-40-60 feet before the climate equilibrates. And it’s happening faster than we thought it would. It’s possible that we’re already seeing the beginnings of it now, with rapidly accelerating ice loss in Antarctica and Greenland.”
    Four years ago, the 194-nation Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

    forecast sea level rise of at least six inches to two feet by the year 2100, but Wanless believes we may instead see “rapid pulses of the 1-10 meter range”—that’s 3.3 to 33 feet—in this century.
    • Wanless’s warnings, and those of veteran climate researchers like NASA’s Jim Hansen, are based on the excess carbon dioxide that’s already been emitted into the atmosphere and projections for future emissions. But reports in the last two weeks from

    the International Energy agency and the US Department of Energy both found that global emissions of CO2, the most important greenhouse pollutant, continue to defy projections, and reached record levels in 2010. The head of the DOE’s Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center told the Associated Press that the latest figures put global emissions higher than the worst case projections from the IPCC just four years ago.
    •The IEA report suggests that given the lack of progress in controlling greenhouse emissions so far, the world has just six years in which to take drastic action to reduce greenhouse emissions sufficiently to avoid a rise of at least 2° C, the upper limit of what’s considered “safe”. The report found that 80% of the total energy-related CO2 emissions that would lead to that temperature rise are already “locked in,” and that with the rapid economic growth of the developing world the other 20% will be locked in by 2017. That means any further emissions after 2017 put us over the edge into

    the danger zone. (Of course many researchers argue that the threshold for dangerous warming is actually much lower.)
    •A draft summary of the IPCC’s latest major report obtained by Agence France Press states that the impact of climate change on weather events and rising sea levels are already measurable and “very likely”—that is a probability of 90% or greater —to become worse or even intolerable. The same report forecasts a rise in average global temperatures of up to 5° C (9° F) by 2100.

    Taken together, what’s emerging from this and other news is a new and extremely scary understanding of what we’re doing to the global climate. Climate change isn’t something that’s going to happen mostly in some far distant future—it’s happening now. It’s not something that will happen gradually and smoothly—it’s going to unfold in dramatic fits and starts. And it’s not something we have the luxury of time to deal with later—the window of opportunity to avoid dangerous climate change could be closed well before the end of this decade.

    And yet the only global mechanism for doing anything about this real and present danger—the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, often referred to as the Kyoto process—has virtually ground to a halt, with little more than face-saving agreements coming out of the last two summits in Copenhagen and Cancun, and little hope for anything more at the upcoming Durban meeting, largely because the world’s top two greenhouse polluters—the US and China—have been unable to come to grips internally with the challenge.

    The political system in the US is gridlocked on the issue, and despite huge investments in solar and other renewable energy technologies, China shows no signs of being able to dampen its ever-growing appetite for coal. Until the governments in Washington and Beijing can muster the political will to make extremely tough domestic decisions, and agree to move ahead together in making a quick transition from fossil fuels, no part of the above outlook will change significantly.

    And for that to happen, it might just have to get a lot hotter and stormier.


    Peter Thomson is The World’s Environment Editor


    Reinventing Fire: Getting Beyond Fossil Fuels
    October 21, 2011

    javascript:NPR.Player.openPlayer(141591191, 141591180, null, NPR.Player.Action.PLAY_NOW, NPR.Player.Type.STORY, ‘0’)

    Talk of the Nation, [31 min 41 sec]

    In his book Reinventing Fire, Amory Lovins lays out his blueprint for freeing society of its addiction to fossil fuels, by saving energy with more efficient vehicles, buildings and manufacturing plants, and producing it with renewable options like windmills and rooftop solar.

    Copyright © 2011 National Public Radio®. For personal, noncommercial use only. See Terms of Use. For other uses, prior permission required.

    IRA FLATOW, host: This is SCIENCE FRIDAY. I’m Ira Flatow. Imagine you no longer have monthly utility bills. All that money you use to spend on gas and electricity, still in the bank. Instead you get a check every month for making electricity using your solar shingles on your roof and pumping that surplus electricity back into the grid.

    Or imagine pulling into a gas station, but it no longer sells gasoline. Instead, you can top off your car with electricity, hydrogen, biofuels, whatever. To those of you who already have solar panels on your roofs or an electric car in the garage, this may not sound so far-fetched. For the rest of us, this is the future.

    Let’s talk about the year 2050 as imagined by my next guest. He says we can quit using oil and coal to power our country by 2050 and not just for the health of the environment but for national security, creating jobs, and saving money, motivations that he says transcend politics.

    But is this really possible? Is it reasonable to expect politicians, automakers and big oil and coal to innovate and disrupt, quote, business as usual? How is all this stuff going to get done and save or create jobs? Those answers are all in my next guest’s book, “Reinventing Fire: Bold Business Solutions for the New Energy Era.” Amory Lovins is author of this book. He is co-founder, chairman and chief scientist at Rocky Mountain Institute in Snowmass, Colorado. Welcome back to SCIENCE FRIDAY.

    AMORY LOVINS: Thank you, good to be back.

    FLATOW: You have a bold plan here, and you always think boldly, Amory.

    LOVINS: I always try, and this is a pretty ambitious effort because three-quarters of our staff have been at it for about a year and a half.

    FLATOW: Well, sketch out the plan for us.

    LOVINS: Yeah, well, first what we found is you can run a very prosperous U.S. economy, 2.6 times today, in 2050, with no oil, no coal, also no nuclear energy and a third less natural gas. It’s $5 trillion cheaper in that present value than business as usual. The transition requires no new inventions, no acts of Congress, and it’s led by business for profit.


    Climate-changing methane ‘rapidly destabilizing’ off East Coast, study finds
    October 24, 2012, 6:04 pm

    NOAA In this visualization, the Gulf Stream is seen as the dark red current coming into the Atlantic from the Gulf of Mexico.
    A changing Gulf Stream off the East Coast has destabilized frozen methane deposits trapped under nearly 4,000 square miles of seafloor, scientists reported Wednesday. And since methane is even more potent than carbon dioxide as a global warming gas, the researchers said, any large-scale release could have significant climate impacts.

    Temperature changes in the Gulf Stream are “rapidly destabilizing methane hydrate along a broad swathe of the North American margin,” the experts said in a study published Wednesday in the peer-reviewed journal Nature.

    Using seismic records and ocean models, the team estimated that 2.5 gigatonnes of frozen methane hydrate are being destabilized and could separate into methane gas and water.

    It is not clear if that is happening yet, but that methane gas would have the potential to rise up through the ocean and into the atmosphere, where it would add to the greenhouse gases warming Earth.

    The 2.5 gigatonnes isn’t enough to trigger a sudden climate shift, but the team worries that other areas around the globe might be seeing a similar destabilization.

    USGS Methane hydrate samples
    “It is unlikely that the western North Atlantic margin is the only area experiencing changing ocean currents,” they noted. “Our estimate … may therefore represent only a fraction of the methane hydrate currently destabilizing globally.”

    The wider destabilization evidence, co-author Ben Phrampus told NBC News, includes data from the Arctic and Alaska’s northern slope in the Beaufort Sea.

    And it’s not just under the seafloor that methane has been locked up. Some Arctic land area are seeing permafrost thaw, which could release methane stored there as well.

    An expert who was not part of the study said it suggests that methane could become a bigger climate factor than carbon dioxide.

    “We may approach a turning point” from a warming driven by man-made carbon dioxide to a warming driven by methane, Jurgen Mienert, the geology department chair at Norway’s University of Tromso, told NBC News.

    “The interactions between the warming Arctic Ocean and the potentially huge methane-ice reservoirs beneath the Arctic Ocean floor point towards increasing instability,” he added.

    He also noted, however, that “one of the big unknowns is the magnitude of rapid methane escape from the ocean floor, and how natural filter systems react and affect the future ocean, its environment and the climate.”

    Relate: Thawing Arctic permafrost is releasing methane

    Another unknown is what caused the Gulf Stream changes, said Phrampus, an earth sciences PhD candidate at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

    “Multiple events can play a factor, such as changing sea level or an addition of cold/fresh water from the north,” Phrampus said, adding he was hopeful that the changes might be “reversible under their own influence.”

    But, he added, “we need more data to resolve this, and we are currently investigating this process.”


    Methane, a potent global warming gas, is bubbling out of the frozen Arctic faster than had been expected.

    Researchers report in Friday’s edition of the journal Science that methane had become trapped in the permafrost over time and a warming climate is now resulting in its release.

    Concerns about global warming have centered on rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but scientists note that methane can be 30 times more effective at trapping heat than carbon dioxide.

    Historically, methane concentrations in the world’s atmosphere have ranged between 0.3 and 0.4 parts per million in cool periods to 0.6 to 0.7 in warm periods.

    Current methane concentrations in the Arctic average about 1.85 parts per million, the scientists said, the highest in 400,000 years.

    The researchers focused on a long-frozen seabed north of Siberia.

    It was unclear, however, if the emissions were new or had been going on unnoticed for centuries — since before the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century led to wide use of fossil fuels that are blamed for climate change.

    8 million tons a year
    The study said about 8 million tons of methane a year, equivalent to the annual total previously estimated from all of the world’s oceans, were seeping from vast stores long trapped under permafrost below the seabed.

    “Subsea permafrost is losing its ability to be an impermeable cap,” Natalia Shakhova, a scientist at the University of Fairbanks, Alaska, said in a statement. She co-led the study.

    The experts measured levels of methane, a gas that can be released by rotting vegetation, in water and air at 5,000 sites on the East Siberian Arctic Shelf from 2003-08. In some places, methane was bubbling up from the seabed.

    Previously, the sea floor had been considered an impermeable barrier sealing methane, Shakhova said.

    “No one can answer this question,” she said of whether the venting was caused by global warming or by natural factors. But a projected rise in temperatures could quicken the thaw.

    “It’s good that these emissions are documented. But you cannot say they’re increasing,” Martin Heimann, an expert at the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry in Germany who wrote a separate article on methane in Science, told Reuters.

    “These leaks could have been occurring all the time” since the last Ice Age 10,000 years ago, he said. He wrote that the release of 8 million tons of methane a year was “negligible” compared to global emissions of about 440 million tons.

    Shakhova’s study said there was an “urgent need” to monitor the region for possible future changes since permafrost traps vast amounts of methane, the second most common greenhouse gas from human activities after carbon dioxide.

    Monitoring could resolve if the venting was “a steadily ongoing phenomenon or signals the start of a more massive release period,” according to the scientists, based at U.S., Russian and Swedish research institutions.

    ‘Abrupt climate warming’ possible
    The release of just a “small fraction of the methane held in (the) East Siberian Arctic Shelf sediments could trigger abrupt climate warming,” they wrote.

    The shelf has sometimes been above sea level during the earth’s history. When submerged, temperatures rise by 22-31 degrees F since water is warmer than air. Over thousands of years, that may thaw submerged permafrost.

    About 60 percent of methane now comes from human activities such as landfills, cattle rearing or rice paddies. Natural sources such as wetlands make up the rest, along with poorly understood sources such as the oceans, wildfires or termites.

    Most studies about methane focus on permafrost on land. But the shelf below the Laptev, East Siberian and Russian part of the Chuckchi sea is three times the size of Siberia’s wetlands.

    The researchers said the East Siberian Arctic Shelf is of particular concern because it is very shallow and that doesn’t give the methane enough time to oxidize into less powerful carbon dioxide before it reaches the surface.

    That and the volume of methane there could add a previously uncalculated variable to climate models, the experts said.

    “The release to the atmosphere of only one percent of the methane assumed to be stored in shallow hydrate deposits might alter the current atmospheric burden of methane up to 3 to 4 times,” Shakhova said. “The climatic consequences of this are hard to predict.”

    Copyright 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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