Boockvar Accuses Fitzpatrick of War on Women (Watch Video)

The race for PA’s 8th district continues to be one of the most competitive congressional races this cycle. The latest comes from Democrat Kathy Boockvar.

In early June, Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks) threw his first campaign punch, linking his opponent Kathy Boockvar to Nancy Pelosi.

Now, Boockvar is on the offensive. In a video released Friday, she claimed that Fitzpatrick is waging a war against women. She and several other women attack his record as Congressman straight to camera:

“You voted to defund Planned Parenthood and you to let insurance companies charge women more, just because we’re women. That affects my life. And Mike Fitzpatrick refuses to let women choose to make our own choices about our health,” Boockvar says.

The video closes with a threat.

“Congressman Fitzpatrick: If you want to turn back the clock on women’s rights, you’re going to have to go through me.”

The video parallels recent efforts by the CREDO Super PAC’s to blast Fitzpatrick over women’s rights.

Credo Mobile, a San Francisco-based company that formed a super PAC and devoted millions of dollars to congressional campaigns, is waging a “Take Down the Tea Party Ten” campaign to defeat Fitzpatrick and other Congress member who support “extremist Tea Party values.”

The PAC recently formed the “Women Against Fitzpatrick” Committee to further criticize the Congressman.

Fitzpatrick Campaign Manager Faith Bender said CREDO is telling lies in order to support a “radical, left-wing congressional candidate,” before going after Boockvar for trying to take away patients’ rights to make their own medical choices.

“With 85 percent of women making the health care decisions for families in America, it is unconscionable that Boockvar continues to support bureaucrats controlling health care, not patients and doctors.”

It’s clear Boockvar is trying to keep women’s rights central to her campaign; aside from the video, she has also been emailing supporters to solicit votes for an online contest by EMILY’s List, a group dedicated to electing pro-choice Democratic women.

38 Responses

  1. If she was just at home cooking we wouldn’t have had any of these horrible problems.

  2. Chrerylann must be PMSing. If anyone knows her make sure her weak woman’s heart didn’t stop as she furiously typed away that incoherent crazy rant above.

  3. @Mike I’m afraid Alexander is more of a man you’ll ever be because he has something you haven’t got, a connection with women. You come on here sooooo ANGRY. What are you afraid of, and who do you think you are? Your nothing!

    Women for Alexander!

  4. God I hate conservative men. Never had one and never will. Poo to their attitude on women. Spare me!

  5. Like I always say, weak men hate strong women. They want a wife to take care of them like their mother did! Momma boys hates feminist’s because they are independent thinking women, what am I going to do?

    Hmmm, which party has been pro-BURKA making demands against women? Any moron can anser that question. Your just another man who is for control of a woman making excuses for your party. The funny part is, you know nothing of your own gender about liberal men. Your a waste of my time! Better start begging because we don’t need a permanent male to take care of us, but your kind can’t live without a woman because of helplessness. Your pathetic!

    Kathy Boockvar for people’s rights, not just men’s. Oh say can we see?

  6. @Mark You really know what it’s like to be a woman don’t you? Tell me what it feels like? Maybe you can show me, and if you can’t, it’s none of your business.

    Isn’t the conservative agenda to get women out of jobs and back living like Mrs. Cleaver back in the 50’s. Conservative males want to be considered masters again, king of the house. Yeah right! Isn’t your party base agenda controlled by the Koch Bros? Isn’t your party base trying to keep women as second class citizens with a lot of male dictation? You are dumb and weak minded.

  7. And Cherylann, isn’t the liberal agenda pro-burka? The idea is be nice and appease the radical Islamists in their fight over Israel right? It worked for Chamberlin… I wonder where Ms. Boockvar stands on that. She probably believes our President is doing a wonderful job in relation to his Israel policies

  8. Man Alexander, you sure are one angry human being. And if I’m batman doesn’t that make you the evil Joker?? Good call with that one braniac. The reason I haven’t responded is because unlike you, who I am sure is paid by one liberal activist group or another, or perhaps even the Boockvar campaign (you Boockvar troll you) I have a real job with real hours and I can’t sit by politicspa for hours on end to comment. I wish I was 19 again and was working for fitz but I’m not. I’m a hard-working blue collar man and I’m voting for the only true representative of Bucks County in the race – Mike Fitzpatrick. Go back to beating up on his women campaign manager you pansy.

  9. reply to Mike:
    You bet on who I am or to which organization I belong. More waaa waaaa from the side that usurps the right to know what women want or need.
    When you bleed every 28 days, when you suffer the pain of menses, the heat and fatigue of menopause and all the crap in between maybe you get to have a say about women and what they want for health care. You are not entitled to a say, and neither is Fitzpatrick. He voted to de fund Planned Parenthood cutting women off from gynecological medical care. That is irresponsible because womens lives depend on it. What I have in common with Broockvar, and Pelosi, and all the other women who are rising up in defiance is the fact the we brought men into the world…and we might just take them out.

  10. Fitzpatrick cares about 1 thing: Political Incumbency. Its when a politician cares so little about his constituents that he’ll do and say ANYTHING to remain in office soley because he enjoys the benefits that office provides. like a ridiculously high salary, free healthcare and as many lobbyists as you want

  11. Its so funny when you call out a Fitzpatrick TROLL, that he runs away with his tail in between his legs. Kinda like his boss when confronted by his constituents

  12. Easy Cherylann. Find yourself a nice liberal man who knows how to treat a lady. May I suggest Ted Kennedy, Anthony Weiner perhaps Bill Clinton?? Mrs. Fitzpatrick knows where her husband is every night. Fitz by at least 10 sweetheart. This is Bucks County not San Fran.

  13. Fitz is out of touch with women wanting them to be Mrs. Cleaver! LMAO on his ideology of women taking them back to the 50’s. What’s next, women lose their right to own property again? It makes me sick that he now protects abusers from the Violence Protection Act. Voting for Fitpatrick is like voting for a Burka.

  14. Vote straight Democratic ticket to wipe out the tea party ad their extremism.

  15. The Republicans are the most extreme radical tea party group against women. We will NOT be MOVED from their insanity and extreme position on women and people’s rights as they take Koch money to dismantle our Democracy with money and voter suppression.

  16. I’d like to address the facts against Fitzpatrick Against Women and why we’ve had enough.:
    · Low Marks from Pro-Choice Organizations
    · Opposed Abortion Even in Cases of Rape and Incest, Then Flip-Flopped
    · Voted to Defund Planned Parenthood
    · Co-Sponsored Bill to Redefine Rape
    · Co-Sponsored Bill That Forced Abortion Providers to Tell Women Fetus May Feel Pain
    · Voted to Restrict Women’s Reproductive Health Care
    · Voted to Limit Doctors’ Education on Providing Abortions
    · Voted to Weaken the Violence Against Women Act
    Voted Against Equal Pay

  17. CREDO, MoveOn, and Emily’s List?! Associating with one would be enough convince me to not vote for this woman. Touting her association with 3 of the most radical and rabid organizations should be enough to convince every patriotic, law-abiding, and sane human being to pool their monies and send her to live permanently in San Francisco.

  18. Wow!! She’s more out of touch than I thought. Boockvar and her liberal allies must think her district consists of New Hope and Doylestown Borough. Fitz must be sleeping easy these days.

  19. I am biased in favor of Mike, but I try to assess the impact of political arguments objectively. For example, it is probably a stretch to link Kathy with Mumia Abu Jamal, based solely on the work of a past-colleague.

    On the other hand, claiming Mike wants to limit women’s rights is absurd, for efforts to defund Planned Parenthood are predicated on the view that half of its income comes from the government…and half of its budget is devoted to providing abortions.

    Those who are pro-life feel the government should not fund what they view as murder. More important, from the economic perspective, is that “Women’s Rights” will be best manifest when they can rise from the depths of disproportionate unemployment…a status sadly achieved under the aegis of the incumbent-POTUS.

  20. Boockvar just ran for Commonwealth Court. When she loses this race, what will she run for next? It must be tough trying to figure out at her age what she wants to be when she grows up.

  21. So if a Fitzpatrick Campaign volunteer responds to a comment on a political website, that proves he is boring. But to have several CREDo volunteers who also volunteer at the Boockvar campaign comment is acceptable?


  22. Mike Fitzpatrick is the most effective, constituent-oriented congressman the 8th district has ever had. He enthusiastically helps both women and men, regardless of their station in life. The thought that he conducts a “war on women” is so ridiculous it could only have been thought up by a divisive radical feminist such as Boockvar…. who by the way, continues her quest to free cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal, the convict doing life for murdering Philly policeman Danny Faulkner.

  23. Oh and Mike (Fitzpatrick campaign volunteer) where do you get off telling me that I don’t have a right to stand up for women’s rights because I’m not a woman, when your boss takes a sick pleasure in dictating what a woman can do with her body? riddle me that batman

  24. Ok Mike aka Fitzpatrick campaign volunteer who’s got nothing better to do with his time than pose as a Bucks county voter when your really sum 19 year old college kid looking for a resume booster. Sorry to burst your bubble but when Fitzpatrick looses, your resume is going to look way crappier

  25. boockvar = pelosi. There is a reason Nancy Pelosi, a far-left liberal nutjob is located in the center of San Fransisco. Her constituents are just as crazy. Boockvar on the other hand has to answer to bucks county voters. They’re normal working class people who have common sense and value hard work. Boockvar/Pelosi believe you should gratefully ggive up your taxes to pay someone elses bills. Boockvar/Pelosi is bad for Bucks

  26. CREDO is full of hypocrites. They claim to be part of the 99% and then their leader pulls up in his Audi. 99%? Really?

    And don’t talk about fundraisers. Your President say’s he’s for the middle class and then hosts 40k a plate fundraisers. He rails against Wall Street and then holds fundraisers with Wall Street big shots. He’s the Head Hypocrite in Charge.

  27. It’s funny. If the woman is the Republican candidate’s camaign manager it seems to be okay to wage a war against her. Especially if your name is Mark or Alexander, they really know what it’s like to be a woman. Can you say liberal hypocrisy? I bet Susan is a member of CREDO. CREDO is a San Fransisco-based, left-wing, liberal PAC. Nancy Pelosi is probably calling the shots herself. They are out of touch with Bucks County and out of touch with the middle class. Tell Kathy Boockvar to go fight for voting rights for the jerry sandusky’s and mumia abu jamal’s of the world and let Mike continue to represent Bucks County well, right down the middle.

  28. Faith Bender must specifically cite the “lies” so they can be refuted. She can’t, which is why she won’t. Demand it. She is throwing out cliches and talking points hoping some of it sticks.
    Fitzpatricks voting record stands on its own. And so what if Boockvar is asking for votes on Emily’s List? Whats wrong with that? It is a womans group. Where better to ask for a vote of confidence from women? Fitzpatrick is trotting all over town, 100 businesses in 100 days. And attending fund raisers collecting money from his constituency which is not women or sick people.

  29. Ms. Bender doesn’t even have the guts to address the fact that her understanding of the issues is infantile at best and ignorant at worst. She is an example of why Fitzpatrick is wrong for this district when he receives such terrible advice. Her only campaign advice is to avoid the issues and claim the opponent is a “liberal activist”. What a child

  30. Obviously, Ms. Faith Bender is not very good at her job considering she doesn’t even know her bosses voting record. It’s kinda sad really

  31. I don’t appreciate Faith Bender’s assertion that CREDO is telling lies. I’ve done my own research and those facts are backed up. Either she is deliberately being deceitful with her language or she doesn’t know the voting record of her own candidate. Neither possibility reflects well on her.

  32. CREDO, MoveOn and PA Working Families are against Fitzpatrick. See ya at the rallies!!!

  33. Fitzpatrick is in denial thinking a woman would vote for him against herself and rights. His policies against women are abusive and cruel. His morals are WRONG.

    His watered down violence protection act doesn’t protect women anymore. It now protects the abuser.

  34. I support Kathy Boockvar for people’s rights that also include women who VOTE.

    Women are Against Fitzpatrick and his republican politicians. Take Down Fitz and the tea party 10.

    We’ve had enough! Kathy Boockvar for Congress, our voice !!

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