Boockvar Ad Takes Fitz ‘Speed Candidate Meeting’ (Watch Video)

The Boockvar campaign released a whimsical new ad today, knocking Congressman Fitzpatrick on a variety of issues as constituents go “speed candidate meeting.”

The ad, titled “Meeting,” shows a riff on speed dating, as constituents meet with a faux Mike Fitzpatrick and question the decisions he has made while in office. Among the issues discussed are Planned Parenthood, health care, medicare, and jobs.

“Sorry. I’m new at this speed-candidate meeting thing,” says one of the participants. “So, you’re Mike Fitzpatrick.  Says here you keep rewarding companies that ship jobs overseas.”

“I’m just gonna go to the Kathy Boockvar table,” says the final participant.

The ad also features a misleading accusation. A senior woman accuses Fitzpatrick of trying to make her pay $6,400 more for Medicare. In fact, the Ryan plan she refers and for which Fitzpatrick voted would alter Medicare for future seniors, not for her or other recipients 55 years-old or older.

Although Boockvar pulled in a strong fundraising quarter, it is Fitzpatrick’s seat looks fairly safe in this election. Despite the fact that she has held her own in the ad war, Boockvar is receiving no help from outside groups, making a steep hill to climb even steeper.

PoliticsPA is seeking comment from the Fitzpatrick Camp.

6 Responses

  1. I like Mike, but I must provide a reaction that is not unfavorable to the “cuteness” of the ad.

    The problem, however, is that it glosses-over the facts…and it ends before the viewer can absorb its contents.

    Perhaps were it viewed as [1]–part of a series, and [2]–aired in a “saturation”-level TV-buy…it could prove somewhat effective.

    In this instance, however, the ad merely mirrors what emerged during the three quasi-debates; the challenger appeared to be devoid of specificity when attacking the incumbent.

    It is also notable that her campaign approach is reflecting that of her POTUS-colleague, for the accusation that the R is not providing a plan is undermined by the absence of any cogent plan being articulated by the D.

  2. Cheryl if you think this was a good ad you are certifiably nuts. I’ll cya in 2 years with mike again.

  3. Great ad pointing out his bad policies against the people. It’s a shame she didn’t put in about forcing women ro hav a rapist baby. How cruel of human rights against women.

  4. I’m someone who is voting for Boockvar and I think this ad is absolutely horrendous. What do I remember after watching it? I have no idea who’s ad it was. All I remember is that a bunch of people were speed dating Mike Fitzpatrick

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