Boockvar to Hold Medicare Discussion

Kathy Boockvar will hold a discussion on the issues with seniors today.Coupled with a senior advisor from the  National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, the Democratic nominee for PA-8 will address questions from seniors at Grundy Hall Retirement Homes, 1290 Almshouse Road, Doylestown.

Among the issues that will be discussed: medicare and social security.

With increased clout over medicare, mainly due to VP Nominee Paul Ryan & President Obama’s contrasting  fiscal plans for the program, this discussion is a key moment for Boockvar thus far in her campaign. Her answers will set the stage for her positions on Medicare for the duration of the campaign.

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  1. @sean. talk about using tragedies to avoid your own constituents. Since he can’t defend his record, why don’t you? Voted for indefinite detention of U.S. citizens. defund planned parenthood. cut veterans benefits. cut medicare and medicaid

  2. true but in todays world where a congress woman was stargeted in a shooting spree and a group toughts a desire to “take down” the congressman there is a real concern about safety. Apparently they are also cheaper and more cost effective than live townhalls and reach more people at once.

  3. Sean, I’m sure he did answer many. I’ve been on telephone town halls. I don’t like them because they are a very poor substitute for facing constituents.

  4. Lycogirl, i have been on the phoneand listened to the questions, they are the full gammit from local property tax issues to federal issues. He answers everyone as best he can and does direct people to their local reps when needed. It is truly amazing how he does answer al the questions. Like I said, he may not give you an answer you want, but it is definately and answer.

  5. @sean. it always sucks when people get harrassed, but it certainly wasnt me. Again Fitzpatrick is totally unwilling to address his voting record, which doesn’t represent moderate Bucks county. Republicans loved it in 2009 and 10 when Tea Partiers were disrupting town halls, but when they get challenged its a completely different story. Just typical Tea party shenanigans

  6. Sean, he couldn’t possibly answer every question. You are hurting your own credibility. And the problem with telephone town hall meetings is that there is no real interaction. No back-and-forth, no quick follow up questions, no chance to let others know where you agree, disagree, or have additional questions regarding any topic in general. Telephone town halls are ineffective, and should not take the place of real face-to-face encounters with constituents.

  7. No Alex, he answers the questions of every constituent who is asking a question.
    What he doesn’t answer is the sychophants who are trying to highjack meeting for political reasons and are not interested in the answers only playing a gotcha game. Just like when you attacked him at the County Grange Fair.

  8. @SeanRyan. You know he only answers questions from his Tea Party supporters and no one else. @Steven. The Ryan budgets includes that exact 716 Billion in medicare savings. Why don’t you ask Fitzpatrick why he supports it? And cutting veterans benefits?

  9. Why does Kookvar support Obama’s $716 billion cut from Medicare to fund his health care tax scheme? Aren’t we short enough on doctors and hospitals?

  10. Fitzpatrick Answers every question. You just don’t like the answers.

    So far this month, Patrick Murphy has made more public appearences than he did the 4 years he was in office.

  11. Fitzpatrick Holds townhall meetings via telephone quite often. He calls me and people like my father who are 4 of 4 democrats.

    May Alex you should vote then your name would be in the voter rolls.

  12. We should be asking why Fitzpatrick hasn’t held a SINGLE townhall or discussion. He’s too cowardly to defend his horrible voting record. He’s voted to defund planned parenthood. Destroy Medicare, Destroy Medicaid, cuts veteran benefits and tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. He’s a tea party stooge

  13. While she is explaining the cuts to Medicare and Social Security, she could explain why she had a fund raiser at a male strip club?

  14. There are no “cuts” to Medicare…there will be reductions in spending to the Managed Care plans who are over funded now. Why do you think its o.k. for the private insurance companies that hold the managed care contracts outside of the traditional medicare plan to make windfall profits and pay CEO’s millions of dollars in compensation? Thats your money buying the multiple homes and yachts.
    And why do you deny that the Ryan plan also keeps those spending reductions…to pay for the tax cuts to the CEO’s getting millions in comp?

  15. I wonder if she is going to explain why she supports cutting Medicare to pay for Obamacare?

  16. We need to fix private insurence from discrimate for pre secission condation but we can not just nuse the government just to take care of the american. I agree that private insurance need to be fix but not by let the government to take charge of our health

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