Both Costas Lose to Primary Challengers, Vulakovich Falls As Well

Allegheny County incumbents may want to keep a closer eye on primary challengers in the future with three of their colleagues falling on Tuesday night.  

The cousins Costa, moderate Democrats, lost to insurgent progressive challengers by double digits. Progressive activist and advocate Sara Innamorato defeated Dom 64-to-35. Summer Lee, a graduate of Howard Law School and community activist, defeated Paul 68-to-31.

They are the latest wins by candidates backed by the Pittsburgh chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, which toppled another Costa in a magisterial judge race last fall.

“These wins indicate that a renewed, vibrant left in America is not an aberration, but instead that working people are ready for real change, progressive policies, and a society that works for all of us, not a select few,” the DSA wrote in a press release.  

Progressive nationwide had identified the races as two to watch.

Meanwhile on the other side of the aisle and in an overlapping district with Innamorato, Republican state Sen. Randy Vulakovich also lost Tuesday. He fell to Ross Township Commissioner Jeremy Shaffer, a self-funded conservative. He hammered Vulakovich for his vote for Gov. Corbett’s transportation funding bill, which also included a gas tax increase. The final margin was 59-to-41.

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28 thoughts on “Both Costas Lose to Primary Challengers, Vulakovich Falls As Well”

  1. Charles Pont says:

    Are you kidding me? This is Pennsylvania. They all will probably get better paying new jobs next year on the state payroll with the Turnpike Commission, the Casino Commission, the Liquor Control Board, the Delaware River Port Authority, the Allegheny County Port Authority or some other obscure state board or commission that no one other than political insiders ever knew existed.

  2. Joe Quinlan says:

    Delighted to see candidates who belong to Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) winning elections. Democratic Socialism is what working people need – not Trump fascism.

  3. The Ghost of Vladimir Lenin says:

    Progressives? You mean socialists right?

  4. eagleswing says:

    vulakovich ran a very negative campaign x shaffer and it did not work . we’ll see how shaffer does against a progresive smart woman dem in the general election.

  5. Zakrey Bissell says:

    Except me, I support me as a challenger so write me in in Novembers elections

  6. Zakrey Bissell says:

    I only support incumbents, challengers you suck.

  7. Zakrey Bissell says:

    Congrats Challengers on winning your primary yesterday and I’m sorry for your loss Incumbents.

    1. Zakrey Bissell says:

      Incumbents rule, challengers drool!

  8. Johnny Drama says:

    Looks like big chief Charlie O’Neill couldn’t close the deal for Randy. To be fair, can’t close a deal with the ladies either. Have fun joining the Costa’s and Stack on the unemployment line!

    1. W.Pa GI Joe M says:

      Really? The guy put up a heck of a fight for a good man.

    2. State Street says:

      some man you are to sit behind your computer and play a tough guy and go after one of the best people in the capitol. We need more people like Charlie

    3. RyanRaiders says:

      What kind of pathetic loser posts something like this? Even if Charlie wasn’t a genuinely good person, which he is, who personally attacks someone like this?

      1. State Street says:


    4. Appalling says:

      Charlie is one of the nicest people you could meet. Why don’t you have some integrity and respect. Stop acting like a child.

    5. Juice says:

      You’re literally picking on the only decent person in Harrisburg. This is pathetic. Charlie is a GREAT person.

  9. Bye, Bye says:

    Ron Costa= check
    Paul Costa= check
    Dom Costa=check
    Jay Costa= Next
    People are fed up with the Costa’s and their sense of entitlement. Costa name not doing so good these days…..

    1. gulagpittsburgh says:

      but but but, they have NAME RECOGNITION. Have all the Flaherty candidates lost too?

    2. Wesley Mantooth says:

      Let’s take out leaders and put in socialists who think they are passing things like single payer. I love how democrats find a way to lose when they should win!

      Here is some math for you: 2 of 81 of 203. HA HA power houses of the people.

    3. Faust says:

      Jay’s annual gold classic will start to draw less attention, most likely it will have to be moved to Kneiss’s miniature golf in the North Hills. Jay, we’re vetting candidates now. Are you familiar with that Norman Rockwell painting “The Candidate” ?

      1. Wesley Mantooth says:

        Pgh DSA shifts power in the Democratic Party east and cements it as forever in the minority. Film at 11.

        I’m for the collectivization of the $100k plus a year these newly elected socialists will receive from public coffers while they sit in their cubicles lol

  10. Same Old Same Old says:

    The progressives seemed not to have across the board success but was limited to two moderate Dem cousins and, according to this article, toppled another Costa in a magisterial judgeship last fall. Beyond that there is silence success wise. Is there a possibility that the cousins losing opens these two seats to a Republican?

    1. gulagpittsburgh says:

      Has hereditary politics fallen out of favor in PA?

    2. Answer Desk says:

      Lol. No

    3. GL Johnson says:

      No – Dom Costa’s late-breaking Republican write-in bid came up at least 20 short of the 300 he needed.

      Otherwise, no one registered Republican or Democrat as of last week can run, although the possibility of an independent bid remains until the August 1st nominating papers deadline.

  11. The_New_Liberal_Lion says:

    So glad the mob took a hit last night.

  12. Louis Lack says:

    But the Bernie endorsed bros for congress lost in delco and Lehigh valley, I don’t think progressives are there yet.

  13. Sean says:

    Progressives are fired up and ready to win!!!

    1. The Ghost of Vladimir Lenin says:

      Progressives? You mean socialists right?

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