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Boyle, Kenyatta and Lamb Among ‘Rising Stars’ To Deliver DNC Keynote Address

On Tuesday night, 17 Democrats dubbed as “rising stars” within the party will deliver the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention, which includes Reps. Brendan Boyle (D-Philadelphia), Conor Lamb (D-Allegheny), and state Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta (D-Philadelphia).

Boyle and Kenyatta took to Twitter on Sunday to express their excitement on being selected for the keynote address. 

“Honored to have been chosen as one of the speakers to give the Keynote Address at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday. Some of my favorite speeches of all-time were previous keynote addresses. So it is moving to me to now join that proud history. 1/2 #DemConvention,” Boyle wrote on Twitter. “I would like to thank @JoeBiden for selecting me. In the address, my fellow speakers and I will make clear why his leadership is needed in the White House, now more than ever. @DemConvention  2/2.” 

“Honored is an understatement. I’m so excited to give the 2020 @DemConvention keynote alongside 16 other inspiring leaders,” Kenyatta wrote in a tweet. “In the last four years, we’ve seen a drought of leadership in the WH. But, young people in particular — are stepping up, speaking out, and getting it done!”

PoliticsPA is seeking comment from Lamb on being selected for this address. 

All three Democrats formally endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden’s bid for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination prior to the first caucus in 2020.

Pennsylvania, which is widely viewed as one of the most pivotal states for the upcoming presidential election, is also the lone state to have three elected officials as a part of the “Rising Stars” Keynote Address at the convention. 

The Hill reports that the keynote speaker’s slot is “viewed as a springboard for a higher profile within the party,” and cited previous addresses from then-Illinois state Sen. Barack Obama in 2004, then-San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro in 2012, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in 2016.

26 Responses

  1. Like totally embarrassing , everyone who spoke was trying to be like , woke . I was so upset
    that I turned the TV off . My parents asked me if I was ok
    and like I total them , my feelings are hurt again. Feels like , um ( I’m crying people) , 2016 . Hillary should have won and now we have like Joe , duh. Iam not voting !

    1. Ms. Kim. By not voting, you are effectively voting for Trump. Biden will surround himself with experts. He won’t profess that he is smarter than the epidemiologists, scientists, generals and economists. We all know who does this.

      1. Right , Joe will just tell us like he did in 1987 that he graduated at the top of his class …. CBS news found out he was at the bottom . Biden is a clown .

  2. Looks like the lots of folk didn’t tune in for the DNC show . After watch that , I’m on the fence on who to vote for . Really dull man . #WalkAway !

  3. Man , so embarrassed to be a Democrat after watching just 15 minutes of the DNC . The hype turned into a funeral . Where was all this enthusiasm . Really bad show .

  4. I can’t wait to watch the RNC convention next week. It’s going to be the ultimate “Kook”show.
    Can’t wait for the opening ceremony when guys carrying Tiki Torches shout, Donald Trump for “God”. The end of the ceremony will feature Fat Donnie riding in on a chariot being pulled by, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Pence, Moscow Mitch and the My Pillow guy, Mike Lindell.

  5. PoliticsPA is so irrelevant that they have to make up silly names to post childish nonsense and pretend to be readers of this GOP rag.

  6. Biden had his first interview with ….
    Cardi-B …. Wow , some tough questions for Sleepy Joe from some low iq voter / rapper .

    1. Trump can’t even get through an interview unless its Faux News. Too stupid to deal with real questions. Very low iq voters put him in office

    1. Very articulate response. Thoughtful. Hopefully, the viewers raise the bar higher in terms of interest.

      1. Its ironic that someone would criticize a negative comment about Joe Biden for its thoughtfulness and articulation.

        Joey the Gaffe has lowered the bar in expectations and standards for decades. Although he is likely not a bad person, he is part of the problem permeating politics, media, and public discourse.

        1. It is even more ironic that someone feels that there should be no criticism. It’s called free speech.

          1. How is it ironic? Who feels there should be no free speech? Noting irony does not mean there should be a law against it.

  7. Giving the supporting cast recognition is a good idea. National conventions have a role and may be this year blending new technology like zoom and other techniques will update the nomination format. Government is the people in the final analysis and bringing voters into the process with a televised nomination process for President is very democratic.

  8. Stars… for sure. Everyone had Rick saggy bottoms Saccone as the next Congressman in a plus 20 Trump district and Lamb beat him when noone thought he could win. Both Boyle and Kenyatta have been incredible assets to the Biden camp. And Harris , are you kidding me, what a superstar. She’s been incredible as Attorney General and a US Senator. I have to admit, Biden and Trump are a fantastic team with a solid backing of supporters at 95% rating. I fear Trump will need a drink, nervous about getting swamped by Biden .

  9. These are some fantastic young speakers who will help flush away the orange turd in the White House.

  10. Stars…. Where’s Beto ? He was the one that Oprah said would win . Then it was Warren and then Bernie . Nobody , even me wanted Biden . The DNC wanted him just like they wanted Hillary . And Harris , are you kidding me , she just got 2% of the vote then dropped out like oatmeal from Biden’s spoon. I have to admit , Trump has a solid backing of supporters at 95% rating . I need a drink , nervous about Sleepy Joe .

    1. Your lying, name stealing dumb ass would not recognize truth if a bowl of oatmeal hit you in the ugly face.

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