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Boyle Talks Debt Ceiling, I-95 and Trump Indictment

Brendan Boyle

Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-02) has some thoughts on the issues of the day and he shared them on Sirius XM Radio’s Julie Mason Show on Tuesday.

Just a day after President Joe Biden signed the legislation that solved the debt ceiling crisis (for now), Boyle reintroduced his Debt Ceiling Reform Act.

H.R. 3953 authorizes Treasury to continue paying the nation’s bills absent a disapproval resolution from Congress. The effect of this legislation would be similar to the mechanism that Sen. Mitch McConnell proposed to resolve the 2011 impasse. Congress would retain its oversight powers and has the option to halt payments if, within 30 days, both chambers pass a veto-proof resolution of disapproval.

“We put it out for co-sponsors on the first business day and, lo and behold, I already have double the number of co-sponsors the same bill had last year at a hair under 50,” said Boyle. “I’m also proud to say that Sen. (Dick) Durbin (D-Ill.), the number two ranking Senate Democrat, is my co-lead. He has introduced the same piece of legislation in the Senate. The good news is there are more people interested in fixing this problem now than there used to be and I’m quite confident. And I have the commitment of our leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.). The next time Democrats are in charge, if not sooner, we will pass a substantive reform to the debt ceiling process to just end this insanity once and for all.”

Other members of the Pennsylvania congressional delegation to sign on as co-sponsors at this time are Rep. Dwight Evans (D-03) and Rep. Chris Deluzio (D-17).

When asked about the I-95 collapse, Boyle commented that he is one of the thousands of people who take that section of the highway regularly.

“This is smack dab in the middle of my district,” he said, “not terribly far from where I personally live. This is going to impact us all, of course. Remarkably, though there wasn’t any further loss of life or even casualties.”

He had high praise for the quick response of the State Police whose actions prevented an even larger tragedy.

“When you’re there at the scene, the fact that state police, early on a Sunday morning just after 6 a.m., reacted so quickly, in order to put their state police cars right in front of where the drop off took place. That prevented other cars from driving off what now looks like an actual cliff. So it was fast thinking and fast acting on their part,” Boyle said.

“This is going to be a major problem for City of Philadelphia for everyone in the metro area, but frankly as far north as New York City to as far south as the beginning of the Baltimore-Washington area. That is a critical, critical route. So the bottom line is we need to get this fix as quickly as humanly possible.”

Boyle said he believes that this is the number one infrastructure project now in the country.

“If you take the point of this accident, and you draw a circle, a 50-mile radius, is actually the biggest population center in the United States of America,” he said. “So the number of people impacted this by this is substantial. I am highly confident that every dollar we need from the federal government will be there. And if it isn’t, I will quickly be on the phone very loud, making sure that we get what we need in order to fix this as soon as possible.

“In Atlanta, Ga. where they had a part of a major interstate come down, it took them, I believe, 43 days to repair it to the point where the motorists could use it again and I look at that as the goal.”

Boyle concluded the interview by talking about Tuesday’s arrest and arraignment of former President Donald Trump.

“I believe it’s something that we have seen before not too long ago, and it’s something we may be seeing again, by the way, depending on what happens in Georgia as well as what happens in Washington DC regarding January 6,” he said.

“I wrote an op-ed very early in 2016  saying that Donald Trump was a clear and present danger to the United States. He’s obviously not a capital “D” Democrat, and in his heart of hearts, I don’t believe Donald Trump is a small “d” Democrat, either. And you see that the way he revered so many autocrats around the world is a very dangerous person. And people should be under no illusions. This is someone who cannot, in any shape or form, return to the Oval Office.”

One Response

  1. The representative, like all Republicans, fails to see that the debt limit is for debt that has already been accumulated, including the trillion dollar tax cut of 2017.

    The solution is simple: eliminate the need for raising the debt limit since the money has already been spent. If you want to eliminate debt, that should be done through the appropriations process, not this farce.

    As for I-95, note that he wants the government to incur tens of millions of dollars of debt that were not appropriated. This is how the debt grows in the first place, and it is a positive move since there is no longer any alternative.

    That would obviate everything he said in this article.


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