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Brady Indicates Party May Not Back Williams in 2017 Primary

brady-williamsFederal investigations and controversy over campaign finances have caused the Philadelphia Democratic Party to distance itself from Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams, who is seeking reelection to his third term in office next year.

Congressman Bob Brady, who chairs the Democratic Party in Philadelphia, spoke with Bobby Allyn of WHYY Newsworks about how Williams’ reputation could be seriously hurt by the ongoing FBI investigation into his personal and campaign finances.

Much of the scrutiny Williams faces comes after he failed to disclose over $160,000 in gifts on annual financial interests statements between 2010 and 2015.

“The problem with what they know is they’re not that happy with what they know, with all these issues that have come up,” Brady told Allyn. “The idea that there are people lined up to run against an incumbent, that tells it all.”

Brady went on to say that Williams’ precarious position could help his opponents gain more credibility in the election. Potential candidates like former federal prosecutor Joe Khan are already making moves to formally seek the District Attorney position.

“This shows that there are people who feel that he is vulnerable,” Brady continued. “He’s got an investigation looming over his head, and people want to see just how far it goes.”

16 Responses

  1. Garet – You don’t know what you are talking about. Rich Negrin will run. There is nothing Seth Williams can do to Negrin’s high-performing wife who is an Assistant D.A.

    Negrin will win too. Khan is a lightweight. Seth Williams is toxic. His negatives are through the roof. The $45,000 roof he got for free.

    The Press hasn’t even reported on the REASON Seth’s g/f slashed the tires. And he has still refused to fire the perverts and racists.

  2. Only this time he’s running against the Feds.

    If you’re talking about splitting demographics, it cuts both ways. If Tucker jumps in then it’s every man for himself. The plurality won’t go to Seth unless he’s the only one in his demographic. Nor are Black politicians lining up behind the guy that decimated their ranks over a bracelet and a few Benjamins.

  3. @Sgt Pepper-I don’t disagree with anything you said. But Negrin won’t run. Book it. He’s a student of the Ken Trujillo school-announce for every office and run for none. TIch hasn’t even set up a committee or raised a nickel and it’s already October. Plus Negrins wife is a high paid assistant DA in Seth’s office. They won’t risk her job by announcing. Finally, demographics make it almost impossible for Khan to win. MCCaffery had every white ward and union behind him and still lost to Williams in 09. And he was well liked and well funded. Williams will get another white to run to split the Lhan vote just like he did in 09 with Gradu and Mcelhatton.

  4. Yes Brady wont throw his BIG FAT Body behind Williams . Brady is a Big Fat Jerk . Brady should keep his mouth shut and maybe he will lose weight that way . Get out of the Pig Troff You Big Fat Pig Brady

  5. One wonders why a judge would trade in 9 years of a 10 year term for the DA’s job. Maybe it’s the gifts. I didn’t believe Tucker would be interested until I heard it from Bob Brady who apparently noticed last week what the rest of the world knew years ago – that the race was wide open.

    Negrin and Khan both seem capable. Khan seems more motivated at the moment. Negrin will get the machine backing.

    Pepper were both of those cars security detail or was one just a pool car?

  6. Jax – What makes you think Seth Williams will resign if indicted? I do not think he will. He has no money. And no one will hire him (because he is toxic). Which means a Judge interested in job would have to step down to run.

    IMO – the Judges are not the best options. The best candidate would be Rich Negrin. He was a prosecutor. He has city-wide experience. Good reputation. Rapport with police. And he served on the Ethics Board.

    When is it going to come out that Seth is/was sleeping with the young blonde he recently promoted? Everyone seems to know it. That was apparently the “troubling information” his other girlfriend received before committing a crime that Seth tried – unsuccessfully – to cover up.

  7. It’s not the corruption. It’s not the mismanagement. It’s not the constant drip of controversy surrounding SEth that detracts from the mission of the once proud DA’s office. The lack of support flows from the fact that people really just can’t stand Seth. He’s arrogant, dismissive and a publicity hound who doesn’t care about justice. He only cares about Seth. If he’s indicted the board of judges will go for tucker. If not, A black woman will crush Seth in the primary. The key is to pick the right one.

  8. Seth Williams prosecuted an old retired Black lady for taking a bracelet. As he did so, he took a whopping $160,000.00. He turned his back on the victim of a violent crime because one of the attackers gave him $19,000.00.

    He is worse than a hypocrite. He is corrupt.

  9. Seth keeps innocent people in prison – even AFTER they are cleared by DNA evidence.

    Meanwhile – he turns his back on crime victims because he gets $$$ and sideline passes from the perpetrators (or their employers).

    Seth Williams should be ashamed of himself. But- judging from his Twitter account – he is not.

  10. Yeah, don’t mean nothin. Brady SAID he was backing my cousin Stevie Zappala, Junior, junior for Attorney General but we got screwed in Philly and everybody cried. Brady is on our list now.

  11. Forget about whether Brady has a conscience or even a brain. It doesn’t matter. The reality is that the FOP is not backing Roof-us. If the cops don’t like the DA, he’s kind of out of luck. Brady is merely restating the obvious here – this goose is cooked.

    If Rufus gets indicted, count on either Tucker or Hughes getting the appointment.

    That’s the real question – whether an insider (Tucker, Hughes) or an outsider (Khan) gets the vote.

  12. I would support for someone else over than the incumbent in the DA’S Office in Phildelphia in 2017.

  13. Someone please ask Seth why I am still in prison !!!

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