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Brady Not Running For Re-Election

Congressman Bob Brady (D-Philadelphia) announced Wednesday he will not run for re-election to his seat.  

According to the Inquirer, Brady made the announcement to ward leaders at the Democratic City Committee’s headquarters.  Brady is currently the chair of the Philadelphia Democratic Party.  

Brady’s retirement will leave a major mark on the city’s Congressional Delegation.  Brady’s 20 years of seniority in the House are far greater than the city’s two junior Congressmen.  

“I’ve been married for 21 years. For twenty of those years, I’ve been going to Washington four days a week. I need to come back home,” Brady told the Inquirer.  

Brady told the paper that his announcement was not connected to the federal investigation into his campaign finances that resulted in the indictment of two of his aides.  

“I’ve got a complete bill of health from the federal government. They told my attorney I am not being charged. They told my attorney in November. No deal was made,” Brady said.  

Brady did say that part of the reason for the timing of his announcement was the ordered redraw of Pennsylvania’s Congressional maps.  

Brady was facing a primary challenge from Lindy Li, Willie Singletary, Michelle Lawrence, and Nina Ahmad, but his announcement will likely spur more to enter the race.  Philadelphia Deputy Mayor of Labor Rich Lazer is considering a run.  

12 Responses

  1. I think for Brendon Boyle could replace Bob Brady in Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District as it’s Representative in 2018 and have Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack replace Brendon Boyle in Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional District as it’s Representative in 2018 due to redistricting going all around in Pennsylvania.

  2. I Thank GOD The Monster Bob Brady is Leaving office he should resign from his City Democratic Committee Position as well as his County Committeeman Position and any other Political or Quasi Political Position he has or may acquire . Bye Bye Shark

  3. As a resident of the 1st Congressional District, I am going to miss Bob Brady. I may not agree with him politically but he ran a first class constituent service operation. The people running to replace him seem like total ideologues.

    1. or we can have the incumbent congressman from Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional District Brendon Boyle is to run in Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District in 2018 as it’s US Representative, and have the Incumbent Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack is to run in Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional District in 2018 as it’s US Representative because for Mike Stack will have a hard time is to keep his current job as Lieutenant Governor in 2018 and is to make things easier is to have Mike Stack run for congress in 2018 instead of running for reelection in 2018.

  4. Let’s break this down:

    1) No politician really want to spend more time with their families. LOL 🙂

    2) Given the crack-down on sexual harassment and “extra-curricular activities”, there is more chance of getting caught, so less reason to be a congressman these days, in general. The old boys club is bleeding members.

    3) Sure smells like a deal.

    4) With the looming possibility of a fair redistricting, Brady’s re-election was already in doubt.

    5) Philly 3.0 and other groups are looking to overturn some ward leaders.

    As for the potential candidates.

    Lindy Li may set a record for running in districts where she doesn’t live. She lives in the 2nd (around Rittenhouse SQ), but ran in the 6th, then the 7th, then back to the 6th last cycle. Now she’s looking to run in the 1st. No idea what districts will look like if redistricting goes through, or if she’ll set up a phony/shell apartment elsewhere. Maybe she’ll throw a dart at a map of PA and run in that district. I don’t know any intelligent person who honestly considers her to be suitable for that high a public office.

    Nina Ahmad was head of Philly NOW Chapter, so should do very well with support from members of that organization. She was also high ranking in Kenney’s office, and has a PhD. So, she has some accomplishments/record to run on.

    I don’t know Willie Singletar or Michelle Lawrence. I don’t know Rich Lazer either, but I would guess his candidacy will hinge on his performance in his Labor job. But, until he resigns to run, he’s not really running.

    There was speculation that Brady would try to install Saidel as his replacement/heir. I don’t know if Saidel is even interested in running for office. He looked pretty relieved to be done campaigning for his wife. 🙂

    1. Lindy should have run for state rep or senate, her resume is light at best. She went full millennial, demanding a seat at the big kids table.

  5. Is he stepping down as party chair, too? He’s made one corrupt deal after another, to the disgust of the rank and file Democrats.

  6. Good riddance! His questionable ethics are one thing, but the way he spiked Sestak was in considerable measure was responsible for giving us another 6 years of Toomey – who is an abomination. Buh Bye Brady.

  7. Not a fan of Tom Brady or Bob Brady, as their both crooked. Sure he best the Indictment as he promised to get out of office! He had few options, but to cash out!

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