Brady’s Guv Favorite: Mike Stack

Mike Stack

Mike Stack

Bob Brady, the Congressman and Chair of the Philadelphia City Democratic Committee, likes Mike Stack for Governor. Backing the Philly state Senator would keep him out of the brewing battle between suburban hopefuls.

“He’s smart, he knows the state government, and he’s well liked,” Brady told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “Good family, good man.”

Stack, 49, has represented his northeast Philadelphia district since his election in 2000.

He began floating a possible bid in December shortly after his most recent re-election. He wouldn’t have to give up his seat in the legislature to run in the primary or against Gov. Tom Corbett in the general.

Stack has been dutifully touring the state and meeting groups of Democrats (at the Penn Ag Dems, for example, and the Progressive Summit). But he has been overlooked in favor of higher dollar Democratic hopefuls like Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz (D-Montco) and PA Treasurer Rob McCord. Rendell administration alums John Hanger (DEP Sec.), Katie McGinty (DEP Sec.), and Tom Wolf (Revenue Sec.) have all declared bids.

Brady’s backing – if an official endorsement – would be the most significant boost to Stack’s campaign to date.

Choosing a native son also would give the Congressman a convenient reason to stay out of the fight between SEPA candidates and Rendellites.

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4 thoughts on “Brady’s Guv Favorite: Mike Stack”

  1. Frank says:

    Brady only gets one vote. He doesn’t get to choose our nominees. He already wields too much power as a Congressman and Chair of the Philly Democrats.

  2. Jessie Bloom says:

    Sorry Brady, Up here in (in the sticks) we want someone that know his finance – Rob McCorb!!!!

  3. Emilio says:

    Stack’s for Guv Great idea he is a good man and a family man and cares about philly.

  4. mauedavenger says:

    Well who would have thought!!??

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