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Breakdown of PA Delegation Vote on Keystone Pipeline

cap1On Friday, the House of Representative passed a bill concerning the Keystone Pipeline, with 252 voting in favor of the pipeline, and 161 voting against. 31 Democrats joined with the Republicans to vote for passage of the bill.

In a vote in the Senate on Tuesday, the measure was struck down by a 59-41 margin. 60 votes were required for the cloture motion to end debate. 14 Democrats crossed party lines in favor of the bill.

Here’s the breakdown of how the PA Congressional delegation voted:


In the Senate, both Republican Pat Toomey and Democrat Bob Casey Jr. supported the bill.

John Rizzo, spokesman for Casey said, “He believes we must continue to grow the domestic energy supply to fuel the economy and increase our energy independence.”

Eleven Republican members of the House from Pennsylvania (Reps. Kelly, Perry, Thompson, Meehan, Fitzpatrick, Shuster, Marino, Rothfus, Den, Pitts, and Murphy) voted for the bill.

Additionally, two Democrats crossed the aisle to vote for the bill: Reps. Brady and Doyle.


Voting against the bill were three Pennsylvania Democrats: Reps. Fattah, Schwartz, and Cartwright. None of the Pennsylvania Republicans voted against the bill.

Did Not Vote

Finally, two Republican representatives, Reps. Barletta and Gerlach, did not vote on the measure. (Congressman Barletta is recovering from surgery.)

5 Responses

  1. Very useful! Please do more PA delegation breakdowns of key votes. It’s not always available unless you do an time-consuming search.

  2. We,The USA, have finally a chance to rid ourselves
    of the UAE. Let them drown in their oil that WE helped
    develop 60 years ago. Vote for the Keystone pipeline. Step up to the plate. Don’t be afraid of the tree huggers and
    bark eaters.

  3. Congessman Cartwright is such a leftwing idealogue. He is completely out of step with his district.

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