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BREAKING: AG Releases Report on Lewd Emails

At long last the Gansler Report aka “The Report on the Pornographic and Lewd Emails” has been released.

Two days before Thanksgiving…and with the names redacted.

“It has not been altered in any way but for the removal of the names of individuals who were responsible for sending the emails,” Attorney General Bruce Beemer stated. “It is a full and complete report.”

The Attorney General apparently found that all some references were innocuous and that several participants no longer work in the AG’s office. While he did say names would be forwarded to certain employers, it’s clear Beemer wants the issue to go away.

“The vast majority of these emails were sent six, seven or eight years ago,” he said. “It’s important for everyone to understand that the culture in the Attorney General’s Office and elsewhere across the state has changed as a result of this.”

The full report is included below:

44 Responses

  1. This is absolute BS; lower level State employees would be shown the door quickly if they participated in the same behavior.

  2. Diano……For a man who lives in the basement of his moms house and is an unemployed list seller I am still amazed at your obsession with child sex. As usual any time someone frustrates you with facts and false statements you have made here is to make false accusations against them. Perhaps, the police who you profess to dislike so much should turn their attention to you.

  3. Does anyone know if Hillary Clinton will auction off her stool sample to raise money for Kathleen Kane’s legal defense fund?

  4. David, this doesn’t preclude you from apologizing to the people who you know were wrongfully accused.

  5. bungy-

    Let’s get the names of everyone who sent all this porn, so we know who doesn’t need an apology.

  6. Hey David, when are you, Hagan and the rest of your libelous pal’s gonna apologize to the wrongfully accused of sending porn. I told you months ago that some of the people you were accusing were completely innocent.

  7. There was a reason the political establishment brought the senate back from vacation just to confirm Beemer. This is it. Had to protect themselves at all costs. Quid pro quo. The state’s political class controlling the AG was the entire reason for the concerted attack on Kane. At the center of it all? Jake Corman.

  8. Mention young women and my interest perks up. But 34 is the absolute top age. After that, they are done and need replaced. You should see my new secretary in the White House. VavaBoom.

  9. SpongeBob-

    I’m not surprised by your lack of interest in adult pornography, Once those kids hit puberty, they are too “over the hill” for your tastes.

    However, my remark was really just a comment on factuality of the statement about the names being the “only” thing redacted.

    Outted for doing nothing wrong? So, you approve of the emails? If there is nothing wrong with their content, it wouldn’t need to be blacked out, nor the names redacted.

    You say you feel sorry for me. I feel sorry for the country with Trump (and his team of rivals and idiots) in charge.

    I also feel sorry for the children you stalk, without someone like Kane prioritizing the child predator unit.

  10. The names of the Judges need to be released now to avoid any hint of impropriety on the part of the legal system. If a judge does not have “what it takes” to avoid this mess then so be it. I can see appeal after appeal if these judges are allowed to stand on the bench. The people will get the names with or without the AG office blocking efforts.
    The report should be released with ALL NAMES clearly identified.
    If the report used tax payer dollars then NO redacting is permitted.

  11. David, Considering the things you seem to be into based on your past history I am surprised you are upset that they blacked out the more pornographic areas of the release. If you need your granny porn fix google can help you. As for redacting the names of course they would. Idiot Kane had them ready to have the masses angry at women for motivating each other to be aware of the dangers of breast cancer. As I said over and over the methods used to extract and sort the emails were all wrong. If they released the report all of us would be on the hook for millions in court costs because people would be outed for doing nothing wrong. Poor diluted David, you think you are so smart and are owed something. Yet you are wrong so often here. You were wrong on Toomey, Trump, Kane even your friend the felon. I went from not liking you to feeling sorry for you. Have fun wacking it to redacted porn you perv.

  12. So far there seems to be little gratitude from the PA Democratic establishment. Kane, despite her flaws, did them a great favor in wrecking the Supreme Court and paving the way for a Democratic majority on it that will make it weight felt in the Commonwealth for some time to come.

  13. “The email report Kathleen Kane commissioned into offensive and pornographic materials identified 13 senders who were either judges or senior government officials and another 38 “high-volume senders.”

    Those names should be released to the public.

    Also, they didn’t just redact the names of the senders, they completely blacked out the key portions of the pictures of the women in the “spread eagle” and other series of photos.


    1) You need to stop watching kids from your van.

    2) The report is not “full and complete” if you hide the names.

    3) You certainly have been consistent in supporting the cover-up and misogynists, perverts, racists, and those engaging in inappropriate emails.

    4) I’m pretty sure you (and many others here) have accessed this site from a government computer, so of course, you don’t consider misuse of state resources to be problem. I know there’s been traffic with source:

  14. Nice to have a little treat to read over the holidays. They should release the names of the public employees circulating the porn. Then we can find out who has be naughty or nice on the job just in time for Christmas!

  15. Wow, once again I was right. There were clear and distinct flaws with the process in which the emails were processed. oh were is the computer genius Diano telling me how I need to stop watching spy kids…

  16. @Observer That’s what I’m getting at. I don’t want an Attorney General hollaring about integrity opioid abuse when his job should be to prosecute CRIMINALS. So who are they protecting. It’s like the house is burning down and Shapiro saying DONT LOOK HERE! As a taxpayer I have a right to know who is responsible for sending the Racist emails on state time. Considering this state is wasting our time and money listening to impeachment hearings on Kane so she can be prevented from running for office SO SHOULD THE LOSERS sending ffffff emails

  17. Who you talking about there, bungy (Willis)? Better not be my foreign trophy bitch. We like to get down and filthy, but we always do it missionary, so it’s OK for America. You should see our sex tapes, though. Really filthy.

  18. So what if 25 judges are porn conosewers? I like me some porn too. Did you ever see some of those hot photos of my trophy bitch? WOW!!! First Lady of the USA.

  19. elroy, Beemer addressed that question. He said that (1) there has to be a financial interest gained by using the state computer (as in the case of those who campaigned for a job with state computers), and (2) using the computer to send an email for a few seconds here and there is negligible, even if they do it here and there for 8 years (which is how long it took to send 10 or 50 or 100 emails).

  20. Shapiro paid Beemer to fall on his sword and withhold the names, so Little Joshie wouldn’t have to get near it. I bet a million that Beemer’s name is among the ones redacted. I wonder what kind of job Joshie promised Fat Bobby?

  21. Has OAG ever charged citizens of Pennsylvania with Theft of service for using state time and assets for person use?

    Does the law fit all?

  22. What I find interesting is the reference in the report to 25 members of the judiciary including judges and their staff. How come Eakin and McCaffeey were forced off the court and the others remain unnamed and continue to serve. Sounds like a double standard.

  23. Montco Dem, so you have a right to examine all State Police investigative files, FBI files, CIA files, etc. because they are paid for with tax dollars? What a stunningly naive viewpoint.

  24. Who said explain why we have a right to know? I pay taxes in this state, you better believe I have a right to know who’s abusing the paycheck, the computer system, and the office that I’m paying for. And the people running the OAG have an obligation to tell me.

    And all you need to do to see that Beemer is lying is to read the page after page after page of “spread eagle” pix and ignorant racist Michelle Obama insults.

    Somewhere, somebody has an unredacted copy of this report, I hope they post it soon.

  25. 6-7-8…it ain’t that late. Offenders are still lurking around the state and looking for other places to hide their porn.The only harm in NOT releasing the names is the future misconduct that they will perpetuate because their past misdeeds were not exposed and the malefactors identities revealed. These mf-ers need a public outing and only that will stop the shouting.

  26. Whistleblower, explain how you have a “right to know.” There are personnel matters that happen every day that the public never sees. Are you entitled to that? How about criminal investigations? Are you entitled to see those taxpayer-funded records? CIA records? Exactly how broad are your supposed rights to know everything?

  27. I Know double talk when I hear it. This guys full of shit. So even if there are 100 people on the email chain I guarantee to you their is at least someone he’s protecting and if it’s only 1 I still want to know who that 1 is. I have a RIGHT TO KNOW

  28. Whistleblower, you obviously didn’t watch the Beemer presser. He explained that almost none of the emails examined by this report were actually offensive. Plus, the people who “serve in government” and sent emails were mostly secretaries, maintenance workers, and computer specialists, not elected officials. In short, nothing there at all.

  29. What’s the ffff point if we can’t see the names? So she’s found guilty and still under phony impeachment hearings so she can’t run for office; but these losers who are obviously unfit to serve in government get a free pass ? WTF?’
    Beemer your a coward.

  30. Beemer went out of his way to emphasize that Kane specifically directed Buckley Sandler to cast a wide net, labeling as offensive emails that were not actually offensive. Beemer agreed that this was a “poor use” of taxpayer dollars. Thanks, Kathleen Kane!

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