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BREAKING: Beemer Fires Duecker and Reese

reeseThis isn’t exactly surprising.

According to Brad Bumsted of the Tribune-Review, Attorney General Bruce Beemer has fired two of Kathleen Kane’s closest confidantes, Jonathan Duecker and Patrick Reese.

“Termination letters were served on Mr. Duecker and Mr. Reese,” AG office spokesman Jeff Johnson confirmed.

Duecker served as Kane’s Chief of Staff. Despite sexual harassment allegations and the fact that he used a car that was seized in a drug bust, Duecker was given authority over personnel matters. A duty that had belonged to then-First Deputy Bruce Beemer.

Kane also fired an aide who recommended against hiring Duecker in the first place and allegedly offered the FOP a more favorable contract if they backed her controversial Chief of Staff.

Reese served as Kane’s driver and searched classified grand jury emails. He was found guilty of criminal contempt and sentenced to three to six months in prison. Nonetheless, Kane kept Reese employed.

Beemer was sworn into office on Tuesday.

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