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BREAKING: Board Seeks to Suspend Kane’s Law License

Kane-ConferenceKathleen Kane is effectively being suspended. Not just as a lawyer but as Attorney General as well.

The disciplinary board in charge of Pennsylvania’s lawyers has notified Kane that they are seeking an emergency suspension of her law license, Angela Couloumbis of the Inquirer is reporting.

Couloumbis and McCoy note that under Rule 208, the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania can recommend the suspension of an attorney who they feel “is causing immediate and substantial public or private harm,” or has engaged in “egregious conduct.”

The action goes to the PA Supreme Court and the AG has ten days to respond.

If Kane has her law license put on hold, she can’t act as the commonwealth’s chief prosecutor.

Article IV, Section 5 of the Pennsylvania Constitution states that: “No person shall be eligible to the office of Attorney General except a member of the bar of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.”

Therefore, the suspension of her law license would basically be a suspension from the job as Attorney General.

According to Brad Bumsted of the Tribune-Review, First Deputy Bruce Beemer would become Acting Attorney General.

Kane and Beemer’s relationship is severely strained. Beemer testified against her in the grand jury investigation and last May Kane transferred control over personnel matters from Beemer to her controversial Chief of Staff Jonathan Duecker.

Kane was charged with eight counts earlier this month. She has consistently stated in the past that she will not resign.

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  1. The PA Supreme Court is oddly rushing to remove AG Kanes license because they are worried she will be able to bring charges against their members. Not all of the emails have been released- the ones with the judges names on them are still being blocked by the courts- as their order allowed her to release them “in part.” Isn’t it interesting that this lawyer- whose father was a judge – is accused of rape and has not had his license suspended:

  2. The PA Supreme Court has clearly been exposed as not being able to police itself. Its Disciplinary Board and Counsel are populated by members of the what is essentially a crime syndicate. AG Kane exposed the true nature of the men in office in Harrisburg – and throughout the state Judiciary. In 1978, Governor Shapp saw that the Supreme Court had overstepped its powers under the Amendment Article V Section 10(C) that lawyers subversively put in at the 1968 Constitution Convention. When the Governor and legislator tried to attend their rules committees, they were blocked. Governor Shapp signed an Act 42-1703 commanding the Judiciary to comply with the Open Meeting Law/Sunshine Act. The seven member of the PA Supreme Court unilaterally struck down that act in a letter – which is filed on the docket- you can read it here:

  3. This is from Lancaster On-Line and was published today; it provides plenty of quotes for DD and HaHaHA [plus Just a Guy and any one of her dwindling cadre of supporters] to attempt to refute.

    Knock yourselves out.


    Case grows stronger: Kane needs to resign

    The Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s Disciplinary Board is calling on the court to temporarily suspend the law license of state Attorney General Kathleen Kane. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported Friday that the action came in response to criminal charges filed against Kane last month. Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Ferman alleges that the attorney general leaked secret grand jury information to discredit a rival prosecutor, directed staff to cover it up, and then lied to the grand jury when asked about her conduct in the matter.

    We will say it again.

    Kathleen Kane should resign as attorney general.

    Her uncovering of pornographic and otherwise offensive emails shared by employees of the Attorney General’s Office and others on their taxpayer-funded email work accounts was no doubt a service. Such abuse of taxpayer dollars needed to be exposed — if only to warn others against beginning or continuing such behavior.

    Despite the bizarre news conference she held Aug. 12 in Harrisburg during which she proclaimed her innocence, Kane cannot legitimately tie the charges against her to the email scandal.

    Prosecutors rely on grand juries to investigate criminal activity. Those who testify rely on grand jury secrecy, trusting that information that’s embarrassing but not criminal will be kept under wraps. The very job Kane does depends on her doing her best to keep that trust.

    Kane maintains she has done nothing wrong. She says she will stay on the job while she fights charges that include perjury and obstruction of justice. And she implied during her news conference that she could still do it well.

    As a matter of logic, that is not true.

    Given the charges against her, it has become impossible for Kane to effectively do her job as Pennsylvania’s top prosecutor.

    On top of being charged with perjury, a felony at the heart of the criminal justice system for which she is the face, Kane is threatened with the loss of her law license.

    Without it, she is not qualified to serve as attorney general.

    Even before the emergency suspension process plays out — Kane has 10 days to respond and the Disciplinary Board would have 10 days to answer her response — the fact that the 13-member Disciplinary Board is calling for a suspension is an important vote of no confidence. The board is charged with upholding the Rules of Professional Conduct for attorneys in Pennsylvania. That is a true board of Kane’s peers — 11 attorneys and two individuals outside the profession. This is a group the state’s top prosecutor should, at a minimum, impress enough to be considered worthy of an attorney’s basic credential.

    This is not about convicting Kane before she has had the chance to defend herself.

    This is about the loss of confidence in her ability to do the job she was elected to do.

    Gov. Tom Wolf, a fellow Democrat, has lost confidence.

    The Supreme Court’s Disciplinary Board has lost confidence.

    The distractions she faces in defending herself against the charges are immense, impeding her ability to devote full attention to her role as public servant.

    Kane owes it to the voters, who put trust in her to serve as the state’s top prosecutor in November 2012, to step down.

    She can seek a full second term in November 2016 if she is not found guilty.

    Kane should put the people’s interest first and resign. Today.

  5. How would Seth Williams feel if the Feds came to him and said: “We’ll agree not to pursue you for these campaign finance crimes; you just have to take a perp walk and give up your job. Plead to some non-crime and you can go on with your life. No jail. No punishment. You keep your pension. That’s what Williams and his corrupt “Public Corruption” team did to the legislative sting defendants.

    Now that we know the truth about Frank Fina and his views on blacks (“Bravery at it’s Finest”) – I have to say that I do not blame Kathleen Kane for not pursuing the legislative sting case.


  6. jest herd on the newss that cathlen kane is gonna re zine on wensday itsa shame she dun good job as genral attorney,

  7. LOL … Read much?

    I just said that Kane should GO TO JAIL if it can be proven that she illegally leaked secret GJ material.


  8. If it doesn’t make sense, try Merriam-Webster. You’ve offered no defense for the evidence against Kane but insist she deserves due process before convicting her. That’s a hypocritical standard. All of a sudden you see behavior that some (only some?) need to lose their job over. Yet Kane shouldn’t resign? That’s intellectually bankrupt and the Johnnycomelatelys need to be exposed for the hacks they are.

  9. Like Rhonda Rousey said to her latest opponent ……. Don’t cry.

    Oh … BTW … it’s kinda hard to respond to nonsense like: “Nothing new mitigates her crimes” …. That doesn’t even make sense.

    For the record – I hope AG Kane goes to jail if it can be proven that she illegally leaked secret GJ material to settle some score with Fina. I hope she goes to jail if it can be proven that she used MY MONEY to go on vacation with her new b/f (married or not). How’s that you Repervlican moron?

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