BREAKING: Board Seeks to Suspend Kane’s Law License

Kane-ConferenceKathleen Kane is effectively being suspended. Not just as a lawyer but as Attorney General as well.

The disciplinary board in charge of Pennsylvania’s lawyers has notified Kane that they are seeking an emergency suspension of her law license, Angela Couloumbis of the Inquirer is reporting.

Couloumbis and McCoy note that under Rule 208, the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania can recommend the suspension of an attorney who they feel “is causing immediate and substantial public or private harm,” or has engaged in “egregious conduct.”

The action goes to the PA Supreme Court and the AG has ten days to respond.

If Kane has her law license put on hold, she can’t act as the commonwealth’s chief prosecutor.

Article IV, Section 5 of the Pennsylvania Constitution states that: “No person shall be eligible to the office of Attorney General except a member of the bar of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.”

Therefore, the suspension of her law license would basically be a suspension from the job as Attorney General.

According to Brad Bumsted of the Tribune-Review, First Deputy Bruce Beemer would become Acting Attorney General.

Kane and Beemer’s relationship is severely strained. Beemer testified against her in the grand jury investigation and last May Kane transferred control over personnel matters from Beemer to her controversial Chief of Staff Jonathan Duecker.

Kane was charged with eight counts earlier this month. She has consistently stated in the past that she will not resign.

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164 thoughts on “BREAKING: Board Seeks to Suspend Kane’s Law License”

  1. All Hail Caesar says:

    Kathy Kane did nothing wrong the Mondasore case was a dead case basically A Moot Case and a Case to Learn from and since Mondasires Troubles were fully Vetted in the Newspapers and other Media so he faced no Jeaopordy therefore no harm no foul How did the case end up in Montgomery County where Fina and Cos know all the Players This is a Totally Rigged game and everyone that works in the AG office should be fired except for Kathy Kant also Fina and Cos should be fired

  2. rsklaroff says:

    @ HaHaHa:

    Thanx for sharing!

  3. HaHaHa says:

    For everyone else: Below is my comment from the other article:

    If Kane illegally leaked secret grand jury material – I hope she goes to jail. I’ve typed that here before.

    But I also want to know who illegally leaked secret grand jury material in the Kane investigation. And I want them to go to jail.

    It seems to me that high paid State Officials should be held accountable for using their work computers to send around vile material. Consider this from Philly Mag:
    Fina’s group of faux motivational posters included an image of a white man, carrying a bucket of fried chicken, being accosted by two deranged-looking black men. The caption? “Bravery at its finest.”

    There is no place for people like this in law enforcement. Most reasonable observers have now figured this out. Kane had the goods on a group of dangerous perverts/racists who targeted her for a smear campaign. They hoped to get her to resign so that their misdeeds never saw the light of day.

    You don’t have to “worship” Kane to detest the behavior of pigs like Fina and Costanzo. You don’t even have to like her. I know I don’t ….

  4. HaHaHa says:

    Mr. Sklaroff – I have already told you that I am not interested in having a back-and-forth with you. Good day sir.

  5. rsklaroff says:

    @ HaHaHa:

    Do you concur with DD that FF’s alleged misconduct negates that of AG-Kane?

  6. HaHaHa says:

    And what say you, Josh, on the cancers that have now invaded the Philadelphia D.A.’s Office? The ones who think this is funny:

    Fina’s faux motivational poster showed the image of a white man, carrying a bucket of fried chicken, being accosted by two deranged-looking black men. The caption was: Bravery at its finest.”

  7. Josh says:

    Cut out this cancer from our body politic. Kane begone!

  8. Rsklaroff says:

    “baking” should be “basing”

  9. Rsklaroff says:

    @ DD:

    Your broadside was anticipated, but you cannot begin to equate policy differences with alleged criminality.

    Oh, wait, you’re a Democrat!

    Cruz is baking his policies on rule-of-law, which explains his populist appeal.

  10. David Diano says:


    I agree that Cruz is a “hole”. If you find yourself attracted to him, that’s really your private business. You may be confusing his being an anchor dragging down the GOP with the gravity of a black hole.

    The latest from Stephen Hawking is that information that enters a black hole doesn’t escape, except possibly to an alternate universe. Ted Cruz hasn’t added any information to the discourse in this universe. Maybe he gets his policy positions from an alternate universe, with rules that don’t work here.

    Cruz is in the single digits between 7% and 8%.

    His unrealistic/unworkable/bad/backward positions include:
    flat tax (and abolishing the IRS)
    Overturn Supreme Court with anti-gay marriage Amendment
    reduce corporate taxes even further
    opposed to Obamacare, wants to repeal it, with no replacement
    against undocumented immigrants getting legal status (ie documented)
    end federal subsidies to renewable fuels
    Opposed raising minimum wage to $10.10
    he’s against additional background checks on sales at gun shows
    his energy policy is more fossil fuels

    You’ve embarrassed yourself with your attacks on Kane for “stealing hubcaps” while her Republican adversaries have been “stealing cars”. Now, you’ve embarrassed yourself with your “fealty” to Cruz. That’s some serious tea-party crazy.

  11. HaHaHa says:

    Harry – You must also be calling for attorneys Fina and Costanzo to step down also, right? After all, racists and perverts lack the “moral authority” to prosecute someone.

    Now we know what Frank Fina was doing when he should have been locking up that child rapist … who remained a free man way too long on Fina’s watch. Hope he enjoyed his bestiality porn.

  12. Harry says:

    Kane needs to step down for a number of reasons. First, as AG, she is the chief law enforcement officer of the state and every charge filed by the AG’s office carries her name and criminally charged defendants have been heard to say in recent weeks, who is she to charge me with a crime? All the moral authority of the office to prosecute anyone is diminished by her criminal charges. Second, the primary duty of any public official in their position of public service is to serve the public; the tumult, distraction and dilution of the office’s authority is the antithesis of public service. Third, unlike a law firm or any other private business, the position of AG does not belong to her personally, she assumes it for a set period of time and has sworn to faithfully obey, uphold and enforce the laws. The fact that a (female) District Judge has found sufficient evidence to order her charges to trial, provides sufficient evidence that she has at least not upheld her oath of office. See #2, serve the public and do what’s right for the public, do the right thing – leave.

  13. Betty Boop says:

    Nice Work Fliz Navidad. Agency’s pay big money to Lawyers who Rip Kids out of Famies and Break Up Famies and Most Common Pleas Judges are on the Take from these Agency’s just like the Two Judges who went to Jail for doing it

  14. MC Hammer says:

    Kathy Kane is as pure and innocent as the Driven Snow. She is getting A Trumped up Snow job and RICO charges should be brought against everyone trying to bring her Down MESSAGE to Kane Announce for reelection and seek contributions from every lawyer in Pennsylvania and put on TV Radio and Cable Tons of Commercial about all of the Covictions you have achieved since taking office Flood the Airwaves about all the Good you have Done Plus go to black Chirches every Sunday and Speak to the Congregations about how the Legal system in Montgomery County is Rigged against black people and how you are being lynched for Firing Racist Prosecutors out of your office it only takes one Black Person to Hang a Kury and you will walk with your head held High Rhe Head of Health South did this exact thing when they tried to hang him and he beat them badly

  15. Feliz Navidad says:

    The attorney disciplinary board of the Supreme Court is a worthless paper tiger. They are part of the American Bar Association’s smoke and mirrors to make it look as though lawyers are held to legal and ethical standards Rather, a lawyer has to commit an egregious and public act for an attorney to be disbarred by them. Attorneys who lie before the court, torment pro se defendents, and conduct ex parte meetins are routinely white-washed by this board.

    Ms. Kane. however, merits an “emergency” investigation. Why? because her investigation into the Sandusky matter exposed many attorneys and judges as the corrupt monsters they are. Rule No. 1 — don’t tell on the good ole “boys” .

    as are all of the judges in PA. Their reason de’tre is to protect themselves and raise their revenues.

    If the disciplinary Board does yank Kane’s law licence it is pure politics. Attorneys who lie blatantly to the court are brought to their attention constantly. Attorneys with heaps of sanctions and who are forbidden to practice in Pennsylvania, are given the green-light in PA, and the Board fails to step in no matter how egregious their actions in PA.

    Ms. Kane may be “guilty” of poor personnel decisions and other in competencies — but make no mistake about it — lawyers who lie to the courts are routinely pointed out by citizens to the disciplinary, and nary a license is yanked. La The few lawyers in PA who lose their license nearly always stole big bucks blatantly from a rich client, or were found guilty of a publicly committed felony. Otherwise, it’s a free pass for attorneys in Pennsylvania.

    “Investigations” are a joke. They ask they attorney why they lied, and the attorney says they “forgot.” Then that is accepted. Attorneys are free to terrorize families in Family Courts all over this state. And they do. Judge gets a cut.

    The fact is, NO SYSTEM which allows for so-called “Self-Policing” works. The “disciplinary review board” is a self-serving lawyer protection board, as is the so-called “judicial review board” a protection racket for judges.

    Pennsylvanians should demand that oversight boards be FREE of attachments to the American Bar Association. Citizens in a totally independent panel (not stacked with lawyers who can easily sway and manipulate the token citizens”)

  16. Pious Pilot says:

    Judge Carpenter should be required to show the Public every one of his Public and Private E Mails so should Resa Ferman and Bruce Castor and Convicted Felon Bob Asher of Asher’s Candies Everyone Knows Felon Asher is Pulling all the Strings on this She rade of a Persecution of Kane Whatever happened to being innocent until proven Guilty I Guess that went out the window with the Unpatriot Act

  17. HaHaHa says:

    LMAO … “Misjet minded dope”

    Also LMAO at this: “If she’s suspended, she’s not removed,” said Jim Koval, a spokesman for the Administrative Office for the Pennsylvania Courts. “The Supreme Court doesn’t have the authority to remove her from office. She still holds the title.”

    Seems that the attempts to run the duly elected Attorney General out of Office are failing. Back to the porn and racist e-mails:

    Has kit been reported whether other Judges (other than Seamus) were being sent the vile, disgusting e-mails?

  18. rsklaroff says:


    Currently, Kane’s first assistant deputy attorney general is Bruce Beemer, one of the witnesses who testified in the investigation that resulted in charges against Kane. Beemer’s testimony did not help Kane and tended to support the prosecution’s case.

    At one point, Beemer testified that he requested permission from Kane to look into the leak.

    According to Beemer, Kane responded, “don’t worry about it. It’s not a big deal. We have more important things to do.”

  19. rsklaroff says:

    @ DD:

    Cruz is a political black-hole; once people gravitate to him, they rarely escape his attraction.

  20. WTF says:

    Midget minded Dope

  21. WTF says:

    HaHaHa. Once again you are wrong. Is that the only word you know is Loon you use that word under several different names on this site please try to expand your Vocabulary You Misget Minded Dope

  22. David Diano says:


    Ted Cruz is even worse than Trump (and one of the few GOP candidates who is completely kissing Trump’s @ss in hopes of eventually picking up his supporters). He and Trump aren’t that far apart on idiotic policy, but Cruz doesn’t even have a lick of common sense. Fortunately, Cruz will never be president.

  23. WTF says:

    Hey HaHaHaHa it seems that you know who the leakers are Pray Tell May It Please The Court

  24. WTF says:

    Hey HaHaHaHa because J. Carpenter owes everything he has to The Montgomery County Republican Party that has been feeding and Clothing and putting a roof over his head all his life

  25. HaHaHa says:

    I guess WTF = Charles Manson = TOTAL LOON

  26. Charles Manson says:

    I meant against Judge Carpenter And Resa Ferman should go to Jail as well for being A Tool of Bruce Castor Bruce wants to run again for AG and so he wants to make it an Open seat But every day there is a new woman coming out stating that Bill Cosby Raped her and Bruce Castor did not believe the fist 13 women that claimed Bill Cosby I wonder if Castor would have believed his Wife or Son if they Claimed Bill Cosby Raped them Montgomery County Law if Full of a Bunch of Crroked People Especially taking homes and other property away from people The FBI should investigate everyone of them …..

  27. Charles Manson says:

    I meant against Judge Carpenter And Resa Ferman should go to Jail as well for being A Tool of Bruce Castor Bruce wants to run again for AG and so he wants to make it an Open seat But every day there is a new woman coming out stating that Bill Cosby Raped her and Bruce Castor did not believe the fist 13 women that claimed Bill Cosby I wonder if Castor would have believed his Wife or Son if they Claimed Bill Cosby Raped them Montgomery County Law if Full of a Bunch of Crroked People Especially taking homes and other property away from people The FBI should investigate everyone of them

  28. HaHaHa says:

    WTF – What makes you think it was J. Carpenter?

  29. WTF says:

    Kathy Kane should file Charges against Judge Capenter for Leaking or should I say Flooding information out Regarding the Grand Jury in the Kathy Kane Case

  30. David Diano says:

    For those supporting Kane’s presumption of innocence, here is online petition that is less than 5 signatures from 500 target.

    Petition directed at disciplinary board and those seeking to suspend her.

  31. Rsklaroff says:

    @ DD:

    As usual, each sentence is either a false assumption or simply incorrect; all are evasive

    BTW, I told Cruz’s father I supported Ted two years ago and, after having met privately with him on July 8, reaffirmed my fealty; see my Facebook homepage.

    Thus, you should append to your growing list of apologia your unfounded claims against little Israel; you may wish to release complete compilation immediately after the Supremes act against AG-Kane, for it seems my prediction from weeks ago (that you and others relentlessly attacked) may soon transpire.

  32. David Diano says:


    rsklaroff’s idea of freedom of speech is claiming that Obama is an evil Muslim dictator trying to destroy the US and Israel, but Netanyahu is a hero for the deaths of 2,000 Palestinians (75% of whom were non combatants).

    To him, anyone who doesn’t conform to this warped view is anti-Semitic (including all the Jewish people running J-Street, and former prime ministers). He’s a very sick man.

    He states that dems/liberals opposition to politically incorrect is suppressing freed of speech. Does he want to use the n-word (or worse) openly to describe Obama? Likely. Trump complained about PC speech in the last GOP debate, as rsklaroff echoes here.

    If Fina and friends had been caught by Kane distributing emails with derogatory Jewish stereotypes, rsklaroff would be the chairman and chief fundraiser for her legal defense fund. But, Fina was disparaging only blacks and women, so he gets a pass from rsklaroff.

  33. David Diano says:


    No. I only saw the term recently, when I read that schools in Israel were removing the ban and teaching what the Arab perspective is along side the Israeli viewpoint for balance.


    Rsklaroff is a tea party loon. I don’t recall if he’s declared for Trump yet.

    Frank Sinatra-

    Star chamber is exactly the right description.

    Justice Joe-

    Excellent analysis and connecting the dots. The people running this with a grudge, vested interest or ulterior motive would fill a prison. And, since the GOP wants to build prisons instead of fund schools, maybe they should live there.

  34. Rsklaroff says:

    @ gulag:

    It is typical of libs/Dems to attempt to suppress speech freedom, particularly that which is not P.C.; indeed, it’s unamerican.

  35. Justice Joe says:

    Without a doubt the GOP Lawyers have strategically, schemed, sabotaged, set-up, and stacked-the-deck to remove AG Kathleen Kane. lists only Philadelphia, Paul J. Burgoyne who served 3 years at Legal Aid of Chester County, West Chester, PA. Daily Local News, 8/25/2015, stated William H. Lambs partner Maureen McBride reappointed as a Hearing Committee Member of the Disciplinary Board. Lambs Firm recently represented Right To Know person who Governor Wolf wanted to remove. Lamb was and maybe still is Pres. Judge of Court of Judicial Discipline. Then there is recently retired member of the Supreme Court, Ronald D. Castile, who possibly started the ball rolling to oust Kane and said he would run for AG office. Then there is recently resigned due to e-mails member of the Superior Court of PA Seamus P. McCaffery. Grand Jury’s are not screened for bias, normal rules of evidence not applicable, prosecutor has no rules. It’s a he said she said, who is on first, where is second, and how do we get to third, KANGEROO COURT for sure! Then we have “The Leak” reported by the Inquirer whose staff recently met with Governor Wolf, published by Lenfest who was third largest contributor to the Corbett Campaign. Corbett AG to Gov. with Fina and Costanza ignored Sandusky Penn State matter. Fina and Costanza now with Phila. DA. And, now AGO First Deputy Beemer has testified against Kane so he could now take her place! The not so good old boys of the GOP are addicted to Power and Greed and are relentless, no rules applicable only their rule! Stay the course Kane.

  36. gulagPittsburgh says:

    PA Politics website needs to have a Disciplinary Board and take emergency action to suspend those who engage in childish personal arguments that clog the comments with drivel. They should be ashamed, particularly Rskarloff (sp?), who is needlessly insulting and disrespectful to anyone who disagrees with his blather or who dares agree with DD. If his aim is to drive away comments, he might be succeeding. That he is boastfully proud of that means he must be GOP, as who else would brag about suppression of the First Amendment?

  37. Rsklaroff says:

    @ DD:

    I take off a few hours to watch the Iggles and return to note reemergence of your anti-Zionism; readers should know that you consider the day Israel was reestablished as the Nakba, the catastrophe (May 15, 1948).

  38. Unsanctioned R says:

    Hands off AG Kane. Let the trial play out!

  39. David Diano says:


    I’m sure the @assholes on the board read PoliticsPA, since they are engaged in trying to destroy Kane politically before she’s had a fair trial. But, I’ll attempt to contact them.


    Look into suspending Fina and Costanzo.

    Thanks for listening !

  40. Pat Unger says:

    DD – you should be the person who reports Fina and Costanzo to the Disciplinary Board.

  41. Frank Sinatra says:

    Leave Mrs Kane alone she has a right to be heard in Court and she has the right to appeal any decision by the Star Chamber in Montgomery County Judge Carpenter should go to Jail for leaking all kinds of info regarding. Mrs Kane’s case

  42. Bingo The Dog says:

    Someone Could file a Quo Warrento action against Kane and that would go to the State Supreme Court to Hear But Kane Could Appeal to the US Supreme Court asking for an Injuction against the Commonwealth Supreme Court

  43. Jjtrib says:

    rsklaroff – let me be the first t tell you: S T F U already. You have no friends and your family probably hates you …

  44. David Diano says:


    No. You are pro-right-wing-radical Israel over America, as you support Israeli policies that are bad for America. Fortunately, real Americans put together the Iran deal and want a two state solution. You want genocide.

    You can reject all the assumptions you want, as your opinions and conclusions are irrelevant.

  45. Rsklaroff says:


    I reject both of your assumptions and remind you that the Supremes may view suspension as a work-reduction procedure, particularly if it’s preceded by a hearing.

    The goal is not anti-Muslim; it’s pro-American.

  46. Chris Martinez says:

    theirs a report dat cathlen kanes charg gonna be droped and she gonna be all clear to kep her job, it was on the news at 6,

  47. David Diano says:


    It’s not “guilt by association” assume that:

    1) most of his colleagues at OAG were republican appointees/hires

    2) the people that would be most receptive to those racist and sexist cartoons would be his fellow conservative republicans.

    Your “crusade” is against Muslims, like the original crusades. Also, you shouldn’t post your Gmail address on your articles. Your password is probably guessable, like ObamaIsTheDevil666

    As for Kane, the supreme court would be foolish to suspend her license before a trial. They may do it, but it would be a HUGE error on their part. What happens to the court’s reputation if Kane is not convicted?

  48. rsklaroff says:

    @ DD:

    Believe it or not, I greatly enjoyed [perhaps for the first time] reading your critique of my essay…for each of you concerns was anticipated [1]–when the initial piece was composed in May, and [2]–as each successive piece [now numbering 5, with 6 in the works] has been generated.

    You are totally correct regarding what Corker did, and you are totally incorrect regarding the ability to nullify the impact of what Corker did. I’m aware of naysayers [they abound], but I’ve neutralized all reasonable counter-arguments.

    You may sneer @ my writing-style, but it has been validated by editors/critics with [inter-]national reputations; know, however, that article #7 is anticipated to be a dummied-down version thereof [to be generated after #6 has emerged, following submission on Monday].

    I’m not an adherent of FF, but you cannot invoke guilt-by-association and apply it both to all Republicans in an office and then, by extension, to all Republicans in office; it’s postings like that one [along with your snide personal asides, none of which resonate] which serve to OBFUSCATE rather than to enlighten.

    I care not that the kitchen may become too warm for any one poster [anonymous or not], and I care not that you continue to wander off-topic from the culpability of AG-Kane; I have learned to expect nothing more from you than such pablum, and that’s why your [somewhat healthy] feedback regarding my crusade was such an enjoyable read [if only to have reaffirmed the fact that I’d already thought-through your attacks].

  49. David Diano says:


    I agree that Williams might not have known about the emails (or that “everyone does it”, so it wasn’t an issue). But, it’s still a question of whether he can be fired from new job for behaviour at previous.

    Williams put his reputation on the line backing Fina’s assertions that the sting wasn’t racial, when the racial element was a key factor in the case being dropped by A.G. and FBI.

    Of course, how can Fina try any cases without the defense ripping him a new one? LOL

    Williams is screwed either way, but the grand jury against him will likely be worse

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