Breaking: Clinton Backs Critz (Watch Video)

Endorsements don’t get much bigger than this one. Former President Bill Clinton is throwing his support behind Mark Critz in his battle against fellow Democratic Congressman Jason Altmire. The Critz camp already has a TV ad about it.

“I am proud to endorse Mark Critz for Congress,” said Clinton. “I know that Mark will continue his work to create jobs, strengthen the middle class, to protect Social Security and Medicare, and do what is right for western Pennsylvania and our nation.”

His campaign will begin airing the ad above, touting the endorsement, Thursday evening.

“It is an honor to be endorsed by President Bill Clinton because he knows what it takes to turn an economy around and put people back to work,” Critz said. “President Clinton’s leadership on job creation and protecting important programs like Social Security and Medicare is something I have tried to emulate in Congress.”

Critz is former chief of staff to the late Rep. John Murtha, a close Clinton ally. Atlmire didn’t endorse in the 2008 primary.

Critz has won the endorsement of every major union in the district – the United Steelworkers, SEIU, and the Pa. AFL-CIO – while Altmire has earned the backing of most of the Democratic party apparatus.

This morning, Critz added the backing of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. The editorial board wrote:

Mark Critz, the 12th District incumbent, has represented the legacy of the late Jack Murtha, his former boss, and Democrats’ interests far more faithfully and honestly.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette had previously endorsed Altmire.

Clinton is in Montgomery County tonight, speaking at a rally on behalf of Attorney General hopeful Kathleen Kane.

5 Responses

  1. Why would Critz want an endorsement from a convicted sex offender like bill clinton? I doubt this will help him in the general election, if he makes it that far.

  2. Anybody foolish enough to buy the idea that the Clinton gesture isn’t at least a little bit of a payback for 2008 has a lot to learn about politics. This otherwise “harmless” gesture is only “pettiness” to those callous enough to stiff their friends and call it “just politics.” I wish Jason well, but I appreciate Big Dawg burnishing a friendship in an otherwise tough call. No; we’re still not “over it.” The DNC will reap fallout over the rumping of their 2008 Convention and Bob Casey might as well brace for what he’s got coming. Can’t operate “scorched earth” for 3 years and then expect those you’ve dowsed to be loyal to a party that wasn’t loyal to them. Read Anita Findley’s “Dirty Words On Clean Skin” and glimpse wishful thinking’s pending paradigm shift. The Dems have been WIPED OUT in the last two elections. By August, it’s likely to hurt enough to sink in.

  3. It is time to recall Lobbyist Altmire. Altmire STOP YOUR WAR ON LABOR! Mr. Altmire maybe your donor TOM SMITH can get you that TEA PARTY endorsement!!

  4. No, This one was about “Honesty!” Why else has every single one of Jason’s biggest donors and supporters that helped get him elected abandoned him? Because you just can’t trust him. He lies regularly! Ask him a question and he tells you what he thinks you want to hear. He always gets that “S–t Eatin’ Grin” on his face when the bull is coming. Watch his commercials and watch the debate to see it in action. Anyone who knows him, knows he can’t be trusted. That is why Clinton Endorsed Critz. He is a man of his word. Always trustworthy. Never makes stuff up. Clinton appreciated Murtha and respects Critz. Nuff said! Quit fighting 2008. Everyone, including Clinton, is past it.

  5. These are becoming a dime a dozen. In every case, the “endorsement” is based entirely on Hillary ’08. Here, Mr. Clinton’s (needless) intervention is blatant retribution for Altmire’s decision not to endorse Ms. Clinton prior to the PA primary.
    The pettiness persists 4 years later.

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