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BREAKING: Corbett and Christie to Appear Together on Friday

Chris-ChristieChris Christie is coming to Western PA to campaign with for some of the commonwealth’s Republicans, including Governor Tom Corbett.

PoliticsPA has obtained an invitation stating that Christie, the GOP Governor of New Jersey and potential 2016 contender, will be attending a fundraiser for Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati. The event will take place tomorrow from noon to 1:00.

PoliticsPA has also learned from multiple sources that on his swing Christie and Corbett will take a tour of Pittsburgh together.

The two men last appeared together in January when Gov. Corbett made a point to defend the New Jersey Governor in the midst of the George Washington Bridge controversy.

“Gov. Corbett will absolutely welcome and appreciate Gov. Christie’s support on the campaign trail this year,” Corbett’s Campaign Manager Mike Barley said at the time.

Christie is currently chair of the Republican Governor’s Association so his appearance shouldn’t be a surprise. Nonetheless, in the week that has been less than ideal, Corbett will surely welcome the arrival of a political ally.

Update: The Corbett campaign has confirmed that the Governor will welcome Gov. Chris Christie to Pittsburgh tomorrow.

11 Responses

  1. Both Christie and Corbett have their own dirty laundry; Bridgegate and Sandusky investigation, for starters. The only thing that a joint appearance will net them is the sharing of each other’s odor.

  2. Will someone in the Big Boy press ask TOM CORBETT why his staff has been in the Western PA UPMC- Highmark Wars honey pot? We can’t trust Tom Corbett and his staff to put Patients First!!! How much in fees has acting Governor Brabender and Baby Brian Nutt earned because Gromis -baker is Chief of Staff??

  3. If this is BULLYPALOOZA shouldn’t UPMC’s World Class Jeff Romoff be invited to speak? Romoff is a world class BUlly even if his Cancer center is #25!!

  4. So Ed”I’m a waste of good air” Rendell gets out in front for WOLF. And this waste of space from Joisey is her for Corbett !!! ITS A PUSH. So were back to Wolf still 20 points ahead. Keep on truckin!

  5. Ha, ha ha! This is rich! I wonder which one of these Geniuses thinks his polls numbers are goi ng to go up by being seen with the other?? Maybe they can get that almost-indicted Georgia Peach Nathan Deal to come pose for pictures with them? They are as incompetent as policiticians as they are as governors.


    Beyond the posturing of Christie for ’16 and Corbett in his here and now re-elect, a lot of movement between the two states center around how in the world are these guys and all players involved gonna secure potential golden egg laying goose. For all the real activities around Marcellus Shale In the Southwest and the interior of Pa…

    Imagine if the gas had a highly functioning, complete with LNG gas facilities; in state port and competed around the world for business.

    Thats the real conversation folks are having.

  7. Governor’s Christie and Corbett do run the DRPA jointly. That Republican duo approved the spending of two million in tollpayer cash to assist the special construction budget of the Camden County Democratic boss who is getting paid two million a year for chairing the board of a cancer hospital which itself is funded generously by state and federal taxpayers through other programs. Both parties murder integrity but no one goes to jail. There’s a lot of ugly things in this world, son.

  8. Recently read two interesting articles about Chris Christie’s rise to power in NJ–on in the New Yorker and the other in the New Republic. Recommend them both. Some of the highlights:
    Christie used his position as US Attorney to remove major Democratic party leaders, gaining the reputation for fighting graft and corruption. He also used the positin to eliminate a potential Repubican competitor for the Governor’s Office. He struck a deal with major political figure from South Jersey to secure his support and donations, which he returned with lucrative state contracts. And of course there is Bridgegate. I wonder if any of that sounds familiar to people in Pennsylvania?

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