BREAKING: Dems Sweep Supreme Court Races

PA Supreme CourtThe Democratic Party has secured a gigantic victory.

Superior Court Judge Christine Donohue, Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge Kevin Dougherty and Superior Court Judge David Wecht have all won election to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

It’s a clean sweep for the Democrats and a major change to the composition of the Court. The current party balance is 2 Dems, 2 Reps and 2 vacancies. With these results, Democrats will hold a 5-2 majority on the Court.

The party may very well control the Court for years as a result of this contest.

With 99% of precincts in, Dougherty leads the field with 1,079,275 (18.5%). He’s followed by Wecht 1,069,925 (18.4%) and Donohue 1,058,606 (18.2%).

Meanwhile, Superior Court Judge Judith Olson leads among the Republicans with 886,907 (15.2%). She’s followed by Adams County Judge Michael George 795,709 (13.7%) and Commonwealth Court Judge Anne Covey 794,891 (13.6%).

Independent candidate Paul Panepinto finished with 144,324 votes (2.5%).

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44 thoughts on “BREAKING: Dems Sweep Supreme Court Races”

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  3. HaHaHa says:

    Has Eakin resigned yet? Have the Repervlicans passed a Budget yet?

    No??? Good … Let them keep at it. It’s good for their “brand.”

  4. aaron says:

    You are welcome – you cry-baby tea-slurper.

  5. Passing Through says:

    Thanks, Aaron, for proving my point so eloquently.

  6. Observer says:

    The new Supremes have to tend to their own judicial house, too. Here’s another judge with his hand caught in the unethical cookie jar, blaming everyone but himself for his lack of ethics, desperately trying to hold onto his pension:

    The new court needs to act on Day One to show that PA judges must be above reproach – as the Canons require – professionally AND personally. Half a dozen suspensions pending adjudication should set the right tone.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Here is why it matters; in 2012, more Pennsylvanians voted for the Democratic nominee for US Congress, but because of severely gerrymandered districts by the Republican Party, Democrats won only 5 congressional seats and Republicans “won” 13.

    It’s a gross abuse of power.

    2012 United States House of Representative elections in Pennsylvania:

    Total votes for Democratic nominees:
    2,793,538 or 50.28%
    Seats won: 5

    Total votes for Republican nominees:
    2,710,070 or 48.77%
    Seats won: 13

    Outrageous. Treasonous. un-American.

  8. HaHaHa says:

    DD – LOL

    Oh no … He is commenting today … on an OLD Kane article … spewing his usual nonsense … posting hyper-links …. and generally ignoring the D-Sweep …

    Pathetic. But typical behavior for a TEA-drinking mental patient.

  9. David Diano says:


    He’s probably huddled in a corner playing “inspiration” speeches by Ted Cruz.

  10. aaron says:

    tea-party sklaroff sure is quiet today. he is probably making jello.

  11. HaHaHa says:


  12. HaHaHa says:

    Tool-Box Toomey — We are coming for you!! Better drink lot’s of TEA.

  13. Observer says:

    After this off-year shellacking, Toomey should start burnishing his resume. He will be gone next November. The Dems could run Chakah Fattah and still mop the floor with his Club For Growth carcass. Can’t wait for the next idiot political consultant to label a PA race “Leans R.”

  14. Arnold Berger says:

    Hardy congratulations to our new judges of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court especially Judge David Wecht from Western Penna. I new way back of your unique ability

  15. aaron says:

    Keep passing through … You are clearly a bitter TEA-sipper. Has Eakin resigned yet?

  16. Passing Through says:

    And judging from the comments here, one wonders why “liberal” democrats are so hateful, graceless, intolerant, and arrogant?

  17. Pat Unger says:

    Agreed, Moola. The Supreme Court’s image needs to be restored. That can’t happen as long as Eakin is still there.

    Castille had a nice stretch there running people over. Now he is under the tires himself (where he should have been after the Family-Court-Building-Scandal in Philadelphia).

    The Special Prosecutor who gets appointed to look at the Castille, Eakin, and the Corbett Pervs needs to be someone above the fray. He/she will need to address the leaks, the corruption, and the mis-use of State resources/equipment.

  18. HaHaHa says:

    Isaac – The Repervlicans are dangerous when cornered. They will find new ways to cheat. It’s what they do.

  19. Isaac L. says:

    As long as the Republicans control the legislature, this just means that gerrymandering will be put in check. They’ll have to negotiate the 2020 maps in good faith or they’ll never survive a challenge. With any luck, that means the offensively absurd congressional maps will be more representative of the state’s voters, especially with the Commonwealth set to lose another seat. The fact that Democratic candidates can get hundreds of thousands more votes than all Republican congressional candidates combined and have so few seats is absurd. The 7th Congressional District is only contiguous because the east and west portions are connected by a single hospital and its parking lot – that’s an affront to the constitution and Pennsylvania voters.

    Of course, it would be nice to see an independent commission take hold, so it’ll be good to keep an eye on other states. Republicans will probably suddenly see the light on redistricting reform and find Good Government Jesus if the demographic changes start suggesting the winds going against them.

  20. jjcnpa says:

    I expect the Republicans to take up the cause of merit selection of judges.

  21. Big Moola says:

    Job one clean up the Castille / Eakin mess that is the the SC !

  22. HaHaHa says:

    Toomey is a TEA-guzzling jag-off. He is an embarrassment to Pennsylvania. I’d vote for Daffy Duck over him.

  23. Caliko says:

    I would have preferred to vote for Olson, however, until the gerrymandering and other tea party influences in the Republican Party are brought into line by leadership — and away from the lock of partisanship, I am left with no real choice than to vote straight Democrat as the only real way to make the case.
    Moreover, we need to bring the judiciary out of partisanship and party politics. Our system is becoming more and more of a sham of what true democracy is supposed to be!

  24. bobguzzardi says:

    The biggest loser last night was Pat Toomey.

    Ray Zaborney/Red Maverick Media ran the Mike George’s well-funded campaign and lost by major margins

    Statewide the Gleason-Asher network of incompetent crony consultants was shellacked. The Democrats showed they can turnout their base. The Republican base is demoralized and why would it not be with self-absorbed and self-serving leadership of Gleason and Asher.

    I predict the Democrats will turn out the base for Katie McGinty and the Republican base will remain demoralized.
    Will Pat Toomey have the nerve to tell Gleason – Asher, “it’s time to go”?

  25. Bill Ritter says:

    I voted as the Sierra Club suggested. Citizens have a right to clean air and water. After all this is the COMMONWEALTH of Pennsylvania.

  26. HaHaHa says:

    Do it, Disappointed. Do it now!!!

  27. Disappointed says:

    The Unions bought themselves a Supreme Court Seat. They can add that to owning the Governor. Gov sure has done a great job.. Time to move to the Carolinas.

  28. Ron says:

    Wonder if the pollsters are going to continue to say that Pennsylvania is in play for 2016? It’s been a long time since Democrats did this well in an off year election. Not one of the five races were even close.

  29. HaHaHa says:

    I hope the mental patient has not drowned in his bowl of Jello

  30. Dano says:

    Joe, finally somebody admits republicans win because of gerrymandering!!

  31. Johnny says:

    The Republicans got what they deserved. Gleason should be fired. These candidates were doomed from the beginning — George bought the endorsement because he gave 500k to the party, Covey’s not recommended was hidden until after the endorsement process, and the lack of money to fight the dems was too much to overcome. I truly feel bad for Olson. She was caught up in this mess and she was truly the only viable candidate. Although, once I saw the tv ad with her and Covey together, I knew that was the kiss of death for her. The Republican party in Pennsylvania is over.

  32. Peggy says:

    Honesty and integrity has been restored to the Supreme Court!

  33. 14 ward says:

    Party like an Orie sister.

  34. Doug Shields says:

    Let’s face it, we’ve got three accomplished jurists elected to a Supreme Court that has, as of late, seen better days.

  35. SchuylkillBoy says:

    Great Election Day! It’s about time we return to the Democratic stronghold we used to be. The Tea Party needs to be defeated. They have hijacked the former Republican party. It’s time for that to end.

  36. sheila says:

    Thank goodness !!

  37. gulagPittsburgh says:

    And judges are allegedly non-partisan. We shall see. Truth will come out.

  38. Kim says:

    Thank God!
    Maybe now we can start to move in a more positive direction.

  39. Dave says:

    Looks like the criminals won this round.

  40. EricaC says:

    Perhaps the Republican legislature will check itself now and pass a reasonable budget. That’s a rout.

  41. Mickey the Mick says:


  42. Mickey the Mick says:

    This is for “Joe” up above ^^^ “1) Hahahahaha! 2) Sucks to be you, huh? 3) Yep, just shows you what committed voters can do, huh? Your people have NO EXCUSE. Live with it!

  43. Joe says:

    Just means the gerrymandering will be done to favor commiecrats. Wonderful.

  44. LocalDem says:

    Huge win today for the Democratic Party. Hopefully the gerrymandering will end!!

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