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BREAKING: Eakin Resigns from Supreme Court

Eakin-SadJustice Michael Eakin is a Supreme Court Justice no more.

Eakin’s lawyer announced today that the judge will be resigning from the highest court in the commonwealth.

“We have lost one of the finest jurists on the court,” Eakin’s lawyer, William Costopoulos, told reporters at a news conference Tuesday. “His opinions and writings will withstand the test of history.”

In 2014, ex-Justice Seamus McCaffery was forced to step down because of his own emails. At one point, he threatened to take Eakin down with him.

In October, Attorney General Kathleen Kane reignited the issue. After it was revealed that Eakin’s fellow Justices were trying to pack the Court of Judicial Discipline in his favor, the tide turned against the judge.

Governor Wolf called for him to resign and he was suspended in December.

Besides the scandal, this move has considerable political repercussions. After the shift last November, Eakin was one of only two Republicans left on the PA Supreme Court. Now Chief Justice Thomas Saylor is the lone GOP judge, accompanied by five Democrats.

UPDATE: Gov. Wolf issued the following statement in response:

“The continued abuse of the public trust is simply unacceptable. Today is another reminder of why we must all work with urgency to restore the public’s trust in their government as well as the integrity of the judicial system.

“As the Pennsylvania Constitution explicitly states, this vacancy shall be filled by the appointment of the governor. I will nominate an individual in due time, and I look forward to the Senate providing advice and consent regarding my nomination.

102 Responses

  1. Wait,what — that makes total sense. And it explains why the DA’s Office was frantically looking for real evidence to use in their trumped-up “case” against Kane.

    They know that Morrow’s two different stories will expose him … and the CLOWN CAR (Carluccio, Fina, etc).

    I would not be surprised if the MontCo DA’s Office (under new – smart – leadership) refuses to go forward with their “case” against Kane. Their story about the “oath” is seriously fishy. It reminds me of Making a Murderer. The authorities search her office multiple times … then they get a “tip,” go back and find something that was not there before. It does not pass the smell test.

    Kane has steadfastly insisted that she did nothing wrong. The GJ report itself found zero evidence that she illegally leaked protected material. And – don’t forget that selective enforcement is a form of corruption. How does Kevin Steele explain why he is ignoring the MANY ILLEGAL LEAKS from the Kane Grand Jury?

  2. Wait/what — do you agree that, for that to be true, Morrow had to know he was being recorded when he was recorded on the wire-tap? Or – are the recordings from the wiretap innocuous?

  3. @pat infer. I never meant to imply that morrow and king set Kane up. If you are following what really happened here and I know you are, it’s simple. Kane said she And King agreed to get some docs to a reporter about the no desire investigation they morrow. Kane said she knew of three docs-none of which were grand jury material. Kane also said she left it up to King what to get to morrow. King says he knew nothing about these docs and assumed what was in the envelope was “campaign material”-2 years after Kane won. I call BS on King. Morrow said he got the envelope from King and talked to King about what was in the envelope corroborating Kane and refuting King. Morrow testified 2x before the grand jury. I believe the first time he told the truth and the whole story which buried King and exonerated Kane. Thereafter I believe morrow was threatened by Carluccio that if he didn’t change his story to hurt Kane and corroborate King, he Morrow would be indicted for perjury. So morrow walked back his original testimony. If I’m right, this thing blows up in everyone’s face.

  4. Pat – You must missed it. Seth Williams is a Corbett Republican now. Seth Williams can’t fire Fina — because Fina & The Corbett Pervs are funneling Seth $$$:

    He’s got no friends in Philly. The Democrats have disowned him. Seth Williams is a disgrace. He has gotten into bed with the wrong people and driven that Office into the ground. I feel bad for the good people that work there. But KARMA is a mother-fucker. And KARMA is coming for Seth Williams.

  5. Does Seth Williams think we forget that he still employs the other racist woman-hating perverts involved in this scandal??

    One of them was just called out by the Superior Court for his conduct in the Penn State case. They found that Frank Fina’s conduct was “highly improper.” Ha3 reports (below) that there is a disciplinary complaint too.

    Fina sent e-mails suggesting that females in the workplace need to perform 0ral sexx on their male bosses to advance their careers. He did that at work — on his Government-owned computer.

    And yet – Seth Williams continues to pay Frank Fina with taxpayer money. Gov. Wolf gets it right: “The continued abuse of the public trust is simply unacceptable. Today is another reminder of why we must all work with urgency to restore the public’s trust in their government as well as the integrity of the judicial system.”

    We are all waiting Seth. Perhaps public trust in government does not matter to you?

  6. The good news for Eakin — more time to fill his “titty-deficit”

    Once Fina gets canned (or has the decency to resign), he can accompany Eakin on one of those golf-trips. They can laugh all they want at the expense of women, minorities, and homosexuals. They can go on and on about Kentucky Fried Chicken and blow-jobs at work.

    This is a free country. Assholes are allowed to be assholes. At least they won’t be doing it on the taxpayers’ dime. At least these bigots won’t be deciding the fates of others or working on cases where their biases can hurt people.

  7. hahaha, you are absolutely correct in the rules which you cite , and in observing that Fina’s conduct appears to have violated them. but the Pa. Disciplinary board will only act on a complaint filed– they do not ordinarily investigate us spent even if it’s all over the news. and there is no way to know if any complaint has been filed against Fina– since the complaint filings are secret.

    we can only hope that someone affiliated with the c as has filed the appropriate complaint w/ pa. Disciplinary board. Fina is in a position to keep churning out unethical pretrial publicity unless someone stops him, (and it won’t be Seth Williams…)

  8. sklaroff … oh, sklaroff … where r u ???

    Eakin gone. Another D soon to be on the Supreme Court. Kane is still standing. Has your head exploded or something? Is that why you aren’t here commenting? Or are you busy wiping your hard-drive??

  9. Good night, sweet prince and may all of your wet dreams come true…on your own time. And take Zappala’s new stooge, Brother Doc with you.

  10. Let’s see how Seth Williams & The Fina Pervs manage to make sure this case never makes it to trial:

    In the last one, Seth Dilliams personally begged the allegedly corrupt politician to accept his “deal.” And what a deal it was — the allegedly corrupt politician got to keep her pension, serve 0 jail time and – get this – her record gets wiped clean!! It will be as if she was ever arrested or prosecuted!!! You know why … Because she wasn’t.

    I hope Brown says NO and forces Williams & The Fina Pervs to drop the charges …. because there is no way they go to trial. They are too scared that the truth will come out.

  11. And if you really want to talk about double standards, how about this one:

    Kane is being prosecuted for one alleged leak.

    Yet – Fina & The Corbett Pervs illegally leaked TONS of material from the Kane grand jury. Haven’t heard you complain about that … Shocker!!

  12. None, marshak. None.

    Try leaving Clinton’s name out of one of your arguments (for a change). Especially since you probably wanted Clinton tarred and feathered and now support Eakin.

    Clinton’s wife is about to be POTUS. Show some respect!!

  13. I just have to wonder how many of the same people who were screaming for Eakin’s resignation told us that what Bill Clinton did in the Oval Office with Monica was none of our business and didn’t affect his fitness for office.

  14. Good Choice because for a Democrat will win a another seat in the State Supreme court seat then.

  15. Wait/what — long before the Josh Morrow recordings came out, you suggested that Kane was “set up” by King, Morrow, and crew. From where does this theory come? What do you know?

  16. Pete C – One has already been filed; than you very much. Any idea why the DB is not acting on it?

  17. I’m simply amazed that the bloviating drunk Ron Castille hasn’t been quoted by a single news outlet on this story. Especially after he wrote a scathing opinion calling Mccaffery a sociopath when he voted to suspend him from the high court (ever heard of recusal Ron ?). Castille must be crying in his empty bottle of scotch down in Florida since he wasn’t around to protect his pal Eakin. Ole war hero Castille usually can’t wait to see his name in print when it comes to his enemies. What an absolute disgrace to the Supreme Court that man was. Karma bitch????

  18. HaHaHa There is nothing stoping you from filing a Complaint with the D Board against the attorneys you complain about and it does not cost you anything but a stamp. If you want action take action.

  19. Yes. That racist pervert. The one who works for Seth Williams now.

    Seth Williams can run; but he can’t hide!! His new best friend, Frank Fina, is dragging him down. And he has been for quite some time.

    Seth may think that Fina is gonna help him make some new friends in Harrisburg. He won’t. Seth may think the public will forget about Fina’s e-mails. We won’t.

    Frank Fina is a corrupt, racist ass-hole. Seth Williams is a creep. Williams (with the help of the sycophants around him) has single-handedly destroyed the DA’s Office in Philly. He is an embarrassment to the good people who work there.

    Williams has no friends in Philadelphia. He has no supporters in the Democratic party. And he has no business being DA of that great City. KARMA is a mother fucker, Seth. A stone-cold mother fucker. Enjoy your jail cell. Maybe Fina will visit you!!

  20. Hey Eakin — on your way out the door, slap your female staffer’s ass and “let me know how it was.”

    And remember not to rape any women with a Taser once you are off the Bench.

  21. Graci also covered up for Judge Dobson in Mercer County and dismissed ethics complaint for clearly biased and unethical behavior. Lord knows how many more.

  22. HaHaHa: Ex-DA Robert Colville, now senior judge, used to do the same dirty tactics in Allegheny County, by giving news interviews on cases the night before jury selection. Nothing was ever done about it.

  23. gulag – Agree with you that, in order to restore public confidence, Graci needs to go too. His attempts to cover for his buddy were beyond deplorable.

  24. Sam Freed: I agree with you about Eakin, but without the name I’d think your description of the culprit fit Castille.

  25. Marie – here’s a good article on your favorite racist, Frank Fina:

    Did Frank Fina Break the PA Rules of Conduct in CBS Interview?

    The Interview

    Frank Fina, former Chief Deputy Attorney General, who conducted the investigation against Jerry Sandusky in 2009 and prosecuted the case in 2012, spoke with CBS’s Armen Keteyian during an interview that was partially aired on September 3, 2013.

    Frank Fina and co-prosecutor Joe McGettigan spoke to Keteyian about former Penn State officials Tim Curley, Gary Schultz, and Graham Spanier. These three men have been indicted on several charges relating to the Sandusky investigation. These charges were directed under then Chief Deputy Attorney General Fina.

    During the discussion of these former Penn State officials, Fina said, “Of course we, we come to realize they’re actively involved obstructing our investigation.”
    Keteyian responds, “They’re obstructing justice?”
    “Yeah. And they had been for many years,” replied Fina.

    “Now they’re going to be tried on that… But I investigated that case,” Fina said of former University President Graham Spanier, retired senior vice president Gary Schultz and former Athletic Director Tim Curley. “They deserved to be charged”

    Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct

    Rule 3.8 deals with Special Responsibilities of a Prosecutor. The rule states as follows:
    The prosecutor in a criminal case shall:
    (e) except for statements that are necessary to inform the public of the nature and extent of the prosecutor’s action and that serve a legitimate law enforcement purpose, refrain from making extrajudicial comments that have a substantial likelihood of heightening public condemnation of the accused and exercise reasonable care to prevent investigators, law enforcement personnel, employees or other persons assisting or associated with the prosecutor in a criminal case from making an extrajudicial statement that the prosecutor would be prohibited from making under Rule 3.6 or this Rule.

    Although it is unclear whether Rule 3.8 applies to former prosecutors, Fina’s comments probably violate Rule 3.6.

    Rule 3.6 states: “[a] lawyer who is participating or has participated in the investigation or litigation of a matter shall not make an extrajudicial statement that the lawyer knows or reasonably should know will be disseminated by means of public communication and will have a substantial likelihood of materially prejudicing an adjudicative proceeding in the matter.”

    The Comment to Rule 3.6 sets forth examples of “subjects that are more likely than not to have a material prejudicial effect on a proceeding, particularly when they refer to a civil matter triable to a jury, a criminal matter, or any other proceeding that could result in incarceration.” These comments relate to, among other things: (1) the character, credibility, reputation or criminal record of a party, suspect in a criminal investigation; (2) any opinion as to the guilt or innocence of a defendant or suspect in a criminal case or proceeding that could result in incarceration; and (3) information that the lawyer knows or reasonably should know is likely to be inadmissible as evidence in a trial and that would, if disclosed, create a substantial risk of prejudicing an impartial trial. The Comment also states that “[c]riminal jury trials will be most sensitive to extrajudicial speech.”

    Comments Taint Jury Pool

    These comments by Fina and McGettigan obviously ‘have a substantial likelihood of heightening public condemnation of the accused’ and ‘have a substantial likelihood of materially prejudicing an adjudicative proceeding in the matter.’ No doubt this interview will further taint the jury pool and will prevent Curley, Schultz, and Spanier from receiving a fair trial.

    This interview is yet another ploy for these men to be tried and convicted in the media. Where is the American Justice System?

  26. “The longer this circus runs, it seems the more tripped up [Kane’s] detractors and enemies get.”

    Nothing truer has been written on this topic. Which is why I CANNOT WAIT ’til August gets here!! Kane’s trial is gonna have a whole lot of corrupt people getting TRIPPED UP!!

    It’s the reason Fina & The Corbett Pervs don’t like their cases going to trial. It’s why they leak stuff and smear people before they have had a chance to defend themselves. It worked on EVERYONE else in the past. It dod not work on AG Kane. I do give her credit for that – even if she was in over her head as AG.

  27. Seems Fina promised Seth Williams some $$$ if he didn’t fire him. That seems to work with Williams. It worked for Dougherty, who has so far escaped hand-cuffs by giving Williams $$$.

    Look at the people Williams has running his new PAC. Mike Barley is a Corbett guy – just like Frank Fina. Wonder if Barley is going to tell his people that the guy he is trying to raise money for is a Black guy from Philly. Most Republicans would rather go vegan than give money to a guy like Williams.

    Agree with Peggy below. KARMA is a mother-fucking bitch — right Seth?

  28. Inquirer Editorial Board got it right:

    It’s clear that the porn participants think their behavior is normal, because they’re not the ones being demeaned or insulted by the images. If there must be a mediator, a female or minority lawyer would have been a much better choice; there are far too few voices in this affair that are decrying pornography shared by top officials as wrong. Case in point: Eakin continues to insist the porn doesn’t warrant his removal from the court. That he could be restored to the court would be a slap in the face to women and minorities – and judges of any race or gender who believe their behavior should be held to a higher standard.

    All this adds another ring to the Kathleen Kane circus. Last week, the Senate failed to remove her from office, and the next likely step is impeachment proceedings. It’s unclear whether her announcement Tuesday that she will not run for re-election takes that option off the table; the circus could still be running for the rest of the year. The longer this circus runs, it seems the more tripped up her detractors and enemies get.

    Maybe there’s a lesson here: Before you try to burn a witch at the stake, first make sure she’s not full of propane.

    They tried to burn AG Kane at the stake. Now they have all been burned. But there is one crispy pervert still collecting a salary from the taxpayers — Frank Fina. He’s the one that used his State computer to send the following to his white male buddies, The same Frank Fina the Superior Court recently labeled “highly improper.”

  29. In response to Chris Brennan’s recent article pointing out how Seth Williams has no money, no support, and no friends in Philadelphia, Williams talks about how his “number one commitment is to making the City of Philadelphia a better place to raise our families.”

    But – Williams’ family is not being raised in the City. While he fools around with women in his Office that he pays with taxpayer money, his children are being raised in the suburbs – by Williams’ ex-wife (who caught Williams cheating on her). They also go to school in the Suburbs.

    Seems Seth Williams has some explaining to do. Can’t wait to hear how he decided on a Harrisburg bartender as the right person to front his Policital Action Committee. Can’t wait to her why he prosecuted Bishop and ignored Dougherty’s crimes. Can’t wait to hear about when it was that his new “Chief of Staff” interviewed with the Hiring Committee at the DA’s Office.

  30. And don’t forget that, when I was talking about Democrat McCaffery, I said that the Hate-gate e-mails were CRIMINAL.

    When it came to my buddy, Eakin, I just ignored them, helped cover them up, and let him get away with his involvement.

  31. Eakin was brought down first and foremost by his good buddy Ron Castille’s desire to take McCaffery out. Castille found out about the emails from Fina and Costanzo and used them against McCaffery and once Pandora’s box was opened, it could not be closed. Thank your colleague Castille for your downfall Mike. Well deserved.

  32. Speaking of the newest member of the Grand ol Party, Seth Williams:

    First Seth Williams hires pervert, racist woman-haters that were more involved in Hate-gate than Eakin was . Now, he prosecutes Blacks (Bishop, et al) while refusing to prosecute Whites (Johnny Doc):

    Williams has some explaining to do. He says he can’t prosecute Dougherty because he has a “longstanding relationship” with the union thug who gave him tons of $$$.

    But he has no problem prosecuting Representative Bishop, who he has known since he was a boy.

    Bishop’s mistake was that she did not give Seth Williams tons of $$$, I guess.
    Seth Williams is a creep, He’s corrupt. And now – he is a Republican too:

    Seems that Williams realizes that he HAS NO FRIENDS in Philadelphia. He is broke. His Office is in a mutiny. He can’t put the booze down. And his relationships with women he hired while he was screwing them is about to be exposed. All the while he turns the other way and lets Shady get away with sucker-punching and stomping police officers. Way to go, Seth!!

  33. Finally.

    Guys like Eakin think they are above the law. They think they can do as they please, make fun of who they please, insult anyone and everyone, and then manipulate the system to protect themselves.

    This brings me to the two prosecutors at the center of this whole sordid, embarrassing affair: Fina and Costanzo.

    Why is it that a Supreme Court Justice resigns and two prosecutors do not? Why is it that their law licenses have not been suspended? Why is it that they still have jobs in Government?

    Seth Williams knows the answer. And the recent article about how Seth is now in bed with Harrisburg Republicans is the answer. The guy who is now running Williams’ PoliticalAction Committee is a Corbett guy. – like Fina and Costanzo.

  34. Senator – perhaps the public has a right to know the truth. Have you thought of that?

    IMO – somebody needs to be criminally investigating Eakin and his pals for their cover-up attempt. Graci needs to be held accountable too. This resignation should be just the beginning.

  35. Sit and watch now, as Panella tries to have a trial anyway….because….well, because he wants to continue to be the center of attention, or something.

  36. The things corrupt judges will do to try to save their pension when the Constitution forbids it.

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