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BREAKING: Eakin Resigns from Supreme Court

Eakin-SadJustice Michael Eakin is a Supreme Court Justice no more.

Eakin’s lawyer announced today that the judge will be resigning from the highest court in the commonwealth.

“We have lost one of the finest jurists on the court,” Eakin’s lawyer, William Costopoulos, told reporters at a news conference Tuesday. “His opinions and writings will withstand the test of history.”

In 2014, ex-Justice Seamus McCaffery was forced to step down because of his own emails. At one point, he threatened to take Eakin down with him.

In October, Attorney General Kathleen Kane reignited the issue. After it was revealed that Eakin’s fellow Justices were trying to pack the Court of Judicial Discipline in his favor, the tide turned against the judge.

Governor Wolf called for him to resign and he was suspended in December.

Besides the scandal, this move has considerable political repercussions. After the shift last November, Eakin was one of only two Republicans left on the PA Supreme Court. Now Chief Justice Thomas Saylor is the lone GOP judge, accompanied by five Democrats.

UPDATE: Gov. Wolf issued the following statement in response:

“The continued abuse of the public trust is simply unacceptable. Today is another reminder of why we must all work with urgency to restore the public’s trust in their government as well as the integrity of the judicial system.

“As the Pennsylvania Constitution explicitly states, this vacancy shall be filled by the appointment of the governor. I will nominate an individual in due time, and I look forward to the Senate providing advice and consent regarding my nomination.

102 Responses

  1. This bears repeating:

    The NOW petition has over 1,500 signatures.

    The NAACP … Sen. Hardy Williams … City Council … ADA, SEPA …. and many other civic and community leaders have called for the racist vermin (Frank Fina) to be removed from the City’s payrolls.

    But, Seth Williams is again being motivated by $$$. It was $$$ that prevented him from DOING HIS JOB and arresting John Dougherty. Remember that Doc gave Seth tons of cash.
    And now it is $$$ preventing him from firing the racist woman-hating perverts masquerading as prosecutors (Fina and Costanzo). Did Seth Williams think we would not make the connection? Fina & The Corbett Pervs are now behind his $$$ machine:

    Read the article. Google “Mike Barley.” That’s Seth Williams’ new main $$$ man. He is a Corbett guy – just like Frank Fina. From the article:

    “Mike Barley, who was executive director of the Pennsylvania GOP for two years before becoming Corbett’s campaign manager, said Williams hired him last summer …”

    Barley: “Taking over the old PAC, it was tough to know everything that was going on with it,” said Barley, a longtime Corbett staffer. “We figured the best thing we could do was start a new PAC” …

    Seth must think we are all stupid. When is the media going to start asking him the tough questions? When is Seth Williams going to give them the chance? Tick-tock-tick-tock …

  2. Pat – he must like getting OWNED. Glutton for punishment, I think. He is clearly stupid. And deranged too.

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