BREAKING: Fattah Jr. Sentenced to Five Years in Jail

Fattah-JrChaka Fattah Jr. is in jail.

The son and namesake of the Congressman (who is in the midst of his own legal troubles) was sentenced by Judge Harvey Bartle III. He was found guilty last November on 22 counts revolving around several cases of fraud.

“Your Honor, I’m 33 years old,” Fattah told Judge Bartle. “Despite these convictions, I try my best to be a law-abiding citizen. I never had any criminal matter before this case. I don’t think I can survive an incarceration term, but I will try my best.”

“Mr. Fattah, you had many opportunities and advantages that most young people could only dream about,” the Judge told him. “You made a plethora of bad choices of your own free will.”

Fattah Jr. was sentenced to five years in prison as well as an additional five years of probation. He’ll also have to pay $1.1 million in restitution.

The judge denied a request from Fattah to turn himself in later and he was immediately taken into custody.

Fattah’s father was present in the courtroom during the hearing. He’ll face Judge Bartle in May.

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  1. The successful prosecution of Sandusky for committing these horrendous crimes against his victims speaks for itself. If there are multiple victims a prosecutor stands a much better chance of presenting a “common scheme plan and design” prosecution style in which one victims credability is supported by the other based on the methods Sandusky used in grooming his intended victims. The one victim may not of understood that. This does not mean as a prosecutor you wait to bring charges if you have any, any beliefs that that this type of activity is still ongoing. While not a Fina fan remember he was assisted in this case when the Attorney General brought in an additional very experienced prosecutor Joe McGhettigan just for that case. So please HaHaHa no more of your imbellcilic comments about trolls and clown cars it demeans your credability of which you apparently have none. Speak about facts, real facts not your illusions.

  2. the endless sandusky battle is boring. lets talk more about chips love of designer suits and fiesta pizza. the guy was living hte dream.

  3. LOL. Now “Scranton Suck Boy” is pretending to be an actual prosecutor? That’s funny!!!

    Sandusky was an old man. He would have NEVER “walked out” of a prison. And there was NOTHING to prevent the investigation of other victims from going on AFTER THEY GOT THAT ANIMAL OFF THE STREETS.

    Child predators don’t stop molesting and raping kids while the “prosecutors” settle scores with their political enemies and swap racist and sexist e-mails. Sandusky’s home, office, and computers should have been searched the second there was probable cause (which was immediately after Aaron Fisher’s initial report). They would have found all the evidence they needed right then and there.

    But they were too busy with e-mails like this:

    For a description of some of Frank Fina’s other e-mails, see below:

  4. Marie, yes, I and every prosecutor knows more about how the case was investigated and brought to trial than a victim does. Victims always feel like they are in the dark about their cases, especially if a case is being built against a predator. Yes, that is very frustrating for them. But it is nonsense to suggest that Aaron Fisher knows how the case “should have been handled.”

    If Sandusky were charged based only on Aaron Fisher, there would have been a MUCH higher chance that Sandusky would be acquitted (which you and HaHaHa probably hoped for). Even with a conviction on one victim’s allegations, Sandusky would walk out of prison at some point. With a properly prepared case, which has been studied across the country, Sandusky will never leave prison while he is alive.

    So, you can believe whomever you want, but you’d have to be a lunatic or molester (HaHaHa fits both descriptions) to think the Sandusky case was anything but a total success. Sorry you were so gullible as to believe Kathleen Kane of all people that Corbett did something improper during that case. Her own “investigation” through Moulton failed to back up her campaign rhetoric. HaHaHa likes to talk about new victims during the OAG investigation, but even Kathleen Kane had to admit that there were no such victims. Get a clue, joebot.

  5. Marie,

    He is a troll/shill for Fina & The Corbett Pervs. So – he may someone who works with “prosecutors” … if you can call those creeps “prosecutors.”

    I am still waiting for PoliticsPA to report on this HUGE Pennsylvania story. The Court threw out most of the charges against the Penn State 3 in Fina’s child molestation case. The Court found that Fina’s conduct was “highly improper.”

  6. Scranton – are you a prosecutor? Are you claiming to know more about this case than one of the actual victims – who they ignored, interviewed, re-interviewed, and then re-interviewed some more? There was nothing “text-book” about letting a child rapist remain free when there was enough evidence to search and enough evidence to arrest? They were/are cowards. They wanted a slam-dunk and were willing to let children get raped to get it. Moulton found inexplicable delays. I trust him and Aaron Fisherover you. Sorry.

  7. Marie, you know about as much as a monkey when it comes to prosecuting a predator. Yes, Aaron Fisher was frustrated as the first known victim that he had to wait while a case was built involving unknown victims. This is how it happens every time with multiple victims. And, being a gullible joebot, you gobble it right up and believe that there was incompetence involved. In the reality known to actual prosecutors, it was a by-the-book investigation and prosecution that resulted in overwhelming success at trial.

    And Joe knew about all of it but didn’t want to tarnish his reputation.

  8. Scranton — A monkey could have successfully prosecuted Sandusky once the first victim came forward and told of the rapes that monster committed. Fina let him remain a free man while he dragged his feet and viewed porn (and racist material). One of Sandusky’s victims (Aaron Fisher) wrote a book. In it, he was very critical of Frank Fina. So was the social worker who could not understand why Fina and Corbett were doing nothing as Sandusky remained free (free to hurt more children). Sandusky continued to molest children while Fina focused on “Motivational Posters” and harrassing Corbett’s political enemies. The children, their families, and Penn State needed someone with the nerve to go after Sandusky aggressively. Instead – they got Corbett and Fina. And now Fina’s case against the PSU 3 is falling apart too. Fina’s misconduct just got most of the charges dismissed by the Court. Fina is a fraud. And he will be in prison with Sandusky soon.

  9. Marie, JoePa enabled a child molester. Fina took him down. Sorry you love child molesters.

  10. i’d like to hear how they plan to collect the 1 million in fines, since Fattah seems to have spent it on wine, women and song.

  11. Fina is an absolute disgrace. And the Press is giving him a pass – probably because he leaks so much to them. He probably has the goods on them too – since they helped him commit felonies. They don’t want to see him in prison (where he will eventually be). The Special Prosecutor will be coming for Mssr. Fina.

  12. Tim, yeah sure, Governor Fred Rogers is going to get tough. When his own party votes against him in the legislature, I don’t think our limp-wristed governor is in any position to talk tough.

  13. He should have got more time. Didn’t e represent himself at trial? What a putz. There are plenty of Republicans ready to join him too,the indictments are being prepared as I write this. It is open season on Republicans due to their budgetary intransigence. The Governor says Payback is the best revenge. Watch out crybabies.

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