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BREAKING: Fina Quietly Leaves Philly DA’s Office

frank finaNot with a bang but with a whimper.

That’s how Frank Fina’s career in government ended.

Max Mitchell of the Legal Intelligencer was the first to notice that the controversial prosecutor was no longer working in Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams’ office.

Turns out Fina handed in his letter of resignation on May 9th and left on June 1st.

“District Attorney R. Seth Williams wishes Mr. Fina the best after his many decades of service to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia,” Williams spokesman Cameron Kline told Philadelphia Magazine’s David Gambacorta.

Fina’s feud with Attorney General Kathleen Kane had already achieved infamy even before the lewd emails he shared around the office were revealed.

His next employer, DA Williams, refused to fire Fina and sent him to sensitivity training instead. The move earned him much criticism only for the prosecutor to resign nine months later.

34 Responses

  1. Frank Fina forced out by a fucking fraud DA. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

  2. Seth Williams is a disgrace. This guy Fina should have been gone long ago. Instead of firing the racist Fina he demoted the female Deputy who wanted Fina gone and hired Fina’s lawyer’s wife.

    Good news is — this shit don’t play at the Philly DA’s Office. Smart prosecutors will help make sure Seth Williams does not get another term. Desperate politicians do not make good prosecutors.

  3. Nah nah nah … Nah nah nah … Hey hey hey GOOD BYE !!!

    Back to Hartisburg with you, Frankie!! We won’t miss you.

  4. well if “No self-respecting D.A., A.G. or U.S.A. will hire him ” he can surely get a job with chris christie covering up bridge gate, or doing whatever other dirty work chris may have in mind.

    and there’s always the trump campaign.. getting rid of trump U files etc., paying off any hookers who have his name in their books .. Fina’s job possibilities are just endless.

  5. Oh bungy it’s so cute that you think Christie will become AG. That’s precious

  6. Fina should be indicted and lose his pension. Nothing more than an arrogant, racist ass that should NEVER receive another dime of taxpayer income.

  7. This will hardly be his last job in Government. I heard his meeting with future A.G. Christie’s people we a few weeks ago went WELL. Capisce Italiano . Now you do.

  8. OK – Enough already!! PLEASE stop saying negative things about my husband’s racist client. We are still trying to get $$$ from our lawsuit against the AG’s Office. If Fina looks bad, we might not get our hands on that taxpayer $$$ we are seeking.

    Yes – I know I already make six figures in a job I am not qualified for. But we want MORE!!

    Is there such a thing as ankle-reduction surgery? Lipo-suction for the ankles??

  9. Who the hell are they kidding. Fina was fired. His Boss was taking heat and now he’s gone. Just in time too. All his e-mails will soon be public. What a coincidence, huh?

    No one leaves a six-figure job without having another job lined up.

    Anyway – now it’s time for the House to make sure this guy does not get a pension from the people he liked to make fun of (virtually every minority group out there).

  10. SERIOUS problems coming for Fina’s ex-boss, Seth Williams:

    (Read in reverse order)

    HaHaHa says:
    June 7, 2016 at 1:40 pm

    Oh snap, Jax!! That is classic Seth, if true. Too broke to just have the car fixed himself. Or too stupid.

    EVERYONE knows who did it … who slashed the tires. I’ll bet Chris Brennan knows too. Why hasn’t she been arrested? Why didn’t she have to pay for the repairs? Why did Seth make the taxpayers foot the bill?
    Seth’s security detail better lawyer up and get down to the FBI … and fast. They can probably cut a deal if the orders came from Seth (or Fina/Costanzo).

    garet jax says:
    June 7, 2016 at 1:10 pm

    The blonde was just promoted to unit chief-by Seth. Word on the street is that seths car was parked out front of her house when it was vandalized. His security detail was trying to avoid the embarrassment by reporting the crime as occurring outside seths house in another part of town.
    gregbitt1990 says:
    June 7, 2016 at 11:33 am

    OK — what about this blonde?

  11. Looks like Seth Williams finally figured it out!! They are up over 1,500 signatures on the NOW petition to dismiss the “hateful” prosecutors.

    And here is the updated list of leaders who have called for DA Seth Williams to remove Frank Fina and his pals from the City’s Payroll:

    Sen. Anthony Williams
    Congressman Bob Brady
    Former Gov. Ed Rendell
    Mayor-Elect Kenney
    Future Senator Katie McGinty
    Rep. Brian Sims
    Former First Deputy Ed McCann
    Deputy Laurie Malone
    President of The National Organization of Women
    Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association
    President of the Pennsylvania Bar Association
    Councilwoman Maria Quiñones Sánchez
    Councilwoman Cindy Bass,
    Councilwoman Blackwell,
    Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown
    Councilwoman Marian Tasco
    Councilman Curtis Jones
    Councilman Wilson Goode Jr.,
    Councilman William Greenlee,
    Councilman Kenyatta Johnson
    Black Clergy leaders (too many to list separately)
    NAACP leaders (too many to list separately)

    Now what about Marc Costanzo? Isn’t he the one that has already had a female employee of the DA’s Office file a complaint about him? When does he get forced out?

  12. gulagPittsburgh-

    How would Craig and Angela find out, if Fina didn’t call them direectly?

  13. No article about Fina would be complete without this, an e-mail that Fina used his government computer to send to his white male buddies:

    How friggin’ racist is Frank Fina?

    Back to Harrisburg with you!, Frank!! Good luck finding a job. Most employers do background checks nowadays, unfortunately for you. Hope you are soon in prison where you belong. You must know that the Feds will figure out what you and Levant have been up to, right Frank? They aren’t stupid.

  14. Ahhhhhahaha …..HAHAHAHAHAH …. hahahahah ….

    Meantime – I’m still standin’ … … Yeah, yeah, yeah … I’m still standin’ … …

    Wait til you guys hear about the videos this guy liked to watch. Pervert creep.

  15. Frank Fina better get fitted for his orange jump-suit.

    Has he been disbarred yet? The Superior Court recently found that his conduct in the Penn State case was HIGHLY IMPROPER.

  16. What? Nobody leaked this info to Craig and Angela for a month?
    Where did Fina go? Perhaps the Chris Christy defense team for Bridgegate?
    Or was he given unethical Cynthia Baldwin’s old job at PSU? He seems like the PSU type.

  17. Has Seth been indicted yet?

    Yeah … I’m gonna roll with that one for now. Though Kathy Martin is a tempting target.

  18. Would have loved to have been there when Seth tapped him on the shoulder– “We have to talk, Frank”

    Wonder when the Corbett Republicans in Harrisburg pull the plug on Seth!?! Won’t be long now.

    Hope It’s been worth it, Seth!! You had a nice career going there. It’s all up in smoke now, though. I’m sure Ed McCsnn and Laurie Malone are somewhere laughing. The Penn State 3 have been laughing at Fina for months. Maybe “Brett Cott” too — lmao.

  19. Cayman Islands? Mauritania? Where else can he go to avoid prosecution and lawsuits?

  20. Really, DD. How strange!! No party? No plaque?

    Wonder if Costanzo thinks he is safe now. LOL.

  21. garet jax-

    But in private practice, he can watch all the porn he wants.

  22. He already tried to get a job at USAO with his stolen sting file. They laughed at him. Peter Smith (who has Hate-gate prosecutors to protect) may hire him, though.

    The reason no firm will hire him is because he is toxic. No self-respecting D.A., A.G. or U.S.A. will hire him either.

  23. @Diano-no way in hell he goes into private practice where he will be required to earn a paycheck. My guess is he lands in another prosecutors office or maybe the U.S. attorneys office somewhere. This guy will never give up the protection of a badge and subpoena power. He has way too many enemies lying in the weds waiting for him.

  24. So, Fina is in private practice?

    Maybe his specialty will be wills that specify erasing the porn from the computers of the deceased before family can see it.

  25. Gee, it had to be uncovered by a reporter?

    There wasn’t a news conference? Or a big office “going away party” at Olive Garden?

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