BREAKING: HD-170: Democrats Nominate Sarah Del Ricci

Sarah-DelRicciThe party has decided and Sarah Del Ricci will be the Democratic nominee in the HD-170 special election.

Sarah is the wife of John Del Ricci, the man it was rumored Lieutenant Mike Stack was supporting in the nomination battle to fill the 170th district seat.

The 34-year old native of Northeast Philadelphia attended Gibbs College. A first-time candidate, she is the Executive Director of the Parkwood Therapeutic Riding Center.

The center provides children with special needs the opportunity to gain “a sense of independence, freedom, and skillset while being in a therapeutic equine environment.”

“She will be the strongest candidate in this election,” a source close to Lt. Gov Stack told PoliticsPA. “Sarah is well-known in the community. She is popular and I know she’ll be well-received by voters.”

Part of the decision to choose Sarah was to “embrace her diversity” as a female candidate (her opponent is Republican Martina White).

Stack’s team also criticized Speaker Turzai for scheduling this special election in March which would “cost the taxpayers more money.”

The contest is set for March 24th.

Update: Lieutenant Governor Stack has released an official statement on Del Ricci’s nomination:

“Sarah Del Ricci is a respected, popular and active member of our community and will be an excellent candidate for the upcoming special election. Her nomination makes a strong statement about our commitment to diversity and desire to field a strong candidate up to the challenge of running against a well-funded Republican in what is certainly going to be a hotly contested election.”

Update 2: Chris Brennan of the Inquirer is reporting that Seth Kaplan, the choice of Brendan and Kevin Boyle, will wage an independent campaign.

52 Responses

  1. I have to say I totally agree with m&D,spooky and Filly from Philly. I board at the farm and delricci does promise the moon and the stars but gives you dirt piles. The dirt piles would be from her ILLEGALLY DUMPING
    UNCLEAN FILL and ruining the property, and delricci said she wants to make a riding ring or turn out for the horses on top of that unclean fill. She’s crazy she knows nothing about footing so horses won’t get hurt. You couldn’t pay me to ride my horse on the unclean fill!!She does have volunteers who know NOTHING ABOUT HORSES FROM CLEANING STALLS TO FEEDING TO HANDLING THEM ECT… My personal experience with a volunteer when a horse stepped on her foot and broke it. The horse did nothing wrong the volunteer didn’t know how to lead a horse on a lead line!!they have NO EXPERIENCE AT ALL!!I witinessed the drunk 2 times riding her horse intoxicated!!!delricci allows this kind of behavior around her so called Nonprofit Therapeutic riding if delricciis a NONPROFIT WHY CAN’T SHE GET A 501C STATUS. I feel terrible for all those families she takes money from and promises them they will go to a national show. when there is no place to trian for any kind of compettion. oh i forgot the tiny tiny indoor that you maybe able to trot around in on a small pony.shame on her for all lies and BS. delricci shold be a shamed of herself. she only cares about herself not even the owner of the property who is supoose to be her UNCLE!! S. boarder

  2. Spooky and Filly, did you know she does NOT OWN all of the horses or is responsible for all of the horses there. By the way neither of you idiots have given your identity. Are you working for someone? You seem to “know” so much about Sarah but you still won’t talk about why Seth dropped out of the race. I guess its easy to lie and give half stories when you are an anonymous a**hole. Maybe someday you will act like real men or women and either get all the facts straight or attach your name to your crap. I am guessing you will just continue to hide behind an anonymous comment.

  3. I have been a neighbor of this farm for 30 years. I know for a fact there is a huge difference in the farm since Sarah took over. Totally misinformed information. The daughter ruined the farmed over the years. I witnessed this first hand. I was afraid to leave my house with bikers that they had up there. I lived the nightmare for years and witnessed me and my husband. We were scared for our lives. Sarah is a breath of fresh air here. We can walk the property without getting screamed at. There was a lot of shady things going on. I can say since Sarah has taken over the place looks amazing and I feel safe. I can tell you first hand. Sarah I and the neighbors support you 100%. God bless you and the families you help. This is just bullying.

  4. Hahaha. Sarah may seem nice at first glance, but she’s an evil little troll who likes to ruin families. Do we really want to trust her with money when she can’t even manage her own money? And yes, the allegations of the SPCA fining her are VERY true. Coming from an eye witness. She has no control over her “volunteers” who don’t know how to clean a stall, feed & water a horse, and like to ride drunk. Sarah DelRicci does NOT have any support from me.

    -someone who knows the REAL Sarah

  5. Ummmm it’s not a “lovely rumor” when you STOOD RIGHT THERE WHEN IT HAPPENED. The conditions were appalling, That she had a dozen volunteers and nobody showing up to care for the horses and give them food and water on horribly hot summer days.

  6. Words cannot express what misinformed people you are. First-hand, she was never fined by the SPCA. That lovely rumor was started by a meth making pagan affiliate who was being investigated for severe neglect and hoarding of their animals. I know, because as one of the neighbors who was tired of the motorcycle traffic, the nuisance barking, and seeing horses standing in two feet of filth locked in their stalls 24 hours a day , I, along with several neighbors, contacted the spca. The conditions the animals lived in were appalling at best. The final straw was watching from my backyard, someone hauling and burying a dead horse via backhoe no more than 100 feet from a stream that runs behind not only my house, but all of the neighbors around me as well.

    I also witnessed men with chainsaws and sledgehammers , destroy the entire property, the barns, as well as terrify many of the clients. This was not an isolated event. For months this horror went on. Yet Sarah persevered.

    the best thing that happened was Mrs. Delricci overhauling that place and getting rid of the trash. The children she helps, words cannot describe.

    As far as the claims of her being a stripper, please. Even if it were even a remote possibility, who cares? Who of you in this area has never had anything questionable in their background? Sarah Delricci started a program from the ground up, she has known hard work her entire life, she is a doting mother as well as a wife, and will fight for those who don’t have a voice. Not to mention, in a place where the working class rules, wouldn’t you want to vote for someone who knows what it’s like to work hard? All I hear is politicians are out of touch with us normal folk. Yet here we are and the haters are coming out of the woodwork with false accusations at best. Martina has no life experience, her daddy has paid her way for everything, and at 27 years old, unmarried , with zero kids, explain to me how that little darling has any life experience considering she’s been out in the working world out of college for a total of maybe five years. No way would I trust someone with zero experience to make decisions for the great people here. I refuse to let her do on the job training when our lives are at stake. Priorities people. Priorities.

  7. Hey Filly,last time I checked the economy across the whole country is in the toilet. I guess it’s easy to judge others when it’s anonymous. Also, I found out she rents space at the farm. She is not the only person that leases space there. I have just met her and I like her. I looked into everyone’s allegations against her and found they are false. here is the real question, why did Seth drop out of the race if sarah is not a good candidate

  8. I know her. I recognize the comments of a few other people here and can attest that they know her as well. I can give you her address and phone number if you would like to contact her personally and tell her what a wonderful person she is. But she’s not. She WAS fined by the SPCA, I was there when it happened. She was allowing Illegal dumping on city property. As for whether or not she was a stripper, you’re right, that’s not really relevant. But dancers make good money, assuming she doesn’t have a drug problem, why on earth is she in bankruptcy?

  9. Did your mother ever teach some of you manners. Only ignorant jealous people say mean things about people they don’t know. Or we could just call you bullies. I don’t know her but she deserves a chance just as much as anyone else interested in the job. I live in the northeast and I will be voting for her. Good Luck Sarah! Shut the haters down

  10. Let’s not forget that in summer 2013 She was heavily fined by the SPCA for having her horses in closed stalls on a 90 degree day with no bedding, food, or water.

  11. I just want to know how dericci can be elected for office when she has a habit of ruining families with her lies,proclaims to run a nonprofit organization takes money from unsuspecting good people who believe her to have handicapped children in her best interest and uses the money to fund herself and her families lifestyle…And just look at how shes ruined property that belongs to the city of Philadelphia by illegally dumping unclean fill and having her and her husbands pockets filled with cash at the owner of the propertys expense by a company thats already been in violation for dumping previously…..The stripper claims i can believe also….SHES A FRAUD!!!

  12. I guess Kevin’s wife doesn’t know about his girlfriend in Harrisburg. What a shame for his wife. Seems like a nice girl.

  13. I have no idea if she was ever a stripper but she is definitely in bankruptcy right now and that does matter

  14. It is absolutely appalling to what lengths some people are going to damage the name and reputation of this lady. I think the comments speak negatively about the other candidates and their supporters rather than about Mrs. DelRicci herself. Making false claims about her being a stripper to advance your candidate is despicable.

    In addition, these comments are sexist in general, as a woman has a right to earn money however she pleases considering its the woman’s body. These insensitive disgusting comments from her opponent’s supporters make me go from an idle supporter, than one that will actively endorse that my neighbors all get her vote. Mrs. DelRicci don’t back down and this just shows you need to block these people from getting to Harrisburg.

  15. The only reason this Dancer is running to raise money to pay her house off this is how they take care of there friends win or lose she will pay off her house from all the money she raises. This way she dont have to go back to dancing. But the real question is this Hubby has had 2 very lucrative political jobs she has her money making ways. Where is all there money at i thunk thats what we should all be wondering

  16. Sure she’s qualified. I mean years ago she used to be an “exotic dancer” at a bar in Philly. Why do you think Stack and the Dems backed her? had a great act too. Girl could hang upside down longer on a stripper pole than anyone I know. Don’t worry about the budget. She grabbed those $1 tips real quick.

  17. So glad that all the Margolies campaign supporters (McAleer, stack and Sabatina) have reunited to try to beat another
    Very well qualified candidate for office. NE Philly doesn’t have enough machine politicos or their wives in office. Screw merit! Damn the Boyles and their hard working, well qualified supporters!

  18. He was so pumped up on steroids back then. Very wholesome member of the community lol

  19. I used to see her husband working at the strip club back in the day. Does he still work there?

  20. I’m just a blue collar guy living in Parkwood and not really into politics, but this nomination is nothing more than Philadelphia politics as usual, a woman with no qualifications, in bankruptcy, married to a guy with political contacts. I don’t trust her or her husband. This smells of political corruption

  21. Seth is a great guy who has helped so many Northeast Philadelphia citizens. The fact that he did not receive the ward leader nod isn’t surprising for any seasoned observer of local politics. Thats because before Brendan Boyle Stack and McAleer threw races to the GOP year after year. The local Dem establishment never warmed to Brendan or his brother because they actually tried winning and weren’t beholden to the old ways of doing business. I actually predicted for months that now that Brendan has moved up they would try going back to their old ways. Seth will win just as Brendan won despite their opposition (which they continued to 2014 in their support for Margolies….McAleer publicly and Stack secretly)…..

  22. No I definitely think we should back a wife beater who does not back his parties pick. What a loser. Stay classy Kaplan.

  23. She is in foreclosure on her house on Vinton Rd right now. The foreclosure started in 2011. She and her husband filed for bankruptcy in 2013. That bankruptcy was dismissed because they failed to make the bankruptcy payments. Then they re-filed for bankruptcy 3 months ago.

  24. Cousin,, we don’t need to know why our elected officials are qualified? Did you really just say that? She is in bankruptcy and wants to vote on spending my tax dollars, no thanks!!!

  25. She’s in bankruptcy and she needs to work on the state’s budget so that probably makes her unqualified.

  26. You guys don’t need to know why she’s qualified she just is and you don’t know anything about her life or her situations…she wants to do good in the world so let her stop criticizing her for actually doing something with her life and trying…she will do great I know it

  27. Congratulations Seth Kaplan on becoming politically isolated win or lose. If he wins everyone will be coming after the seat until he loses an election.

  28. 1. I don’t care who received the Democratic Party’s nomination, and I don’t care who wins the special election.
    2. This Seth Kaplan kid, who most in the business have never heard of, is finished as a Democratic “political consultant” except with the Boyle brothers. Enough people don’t like the Boyle brothers to begin with, and helping the Republican candidate by running as an independent angers the people who didn’t hold the Boyle loyalty against him. He was just a little district office staffer with no real allies (except the Boyles), the same as dozens of other random 20-something kids, and no serious Democratic candidate or group allied with the Democrats will hire him for a major position.
    3. Like it or not, the above is true.

  29. Does anyone else find it odd that the Democrats picked a candidate that is in bankruptcy right now? Sarah Del Ricci and her husband filed for bankruptcy a couple of months ago and foreclosed on their house in Parkwood. Seems odd that someone who can’t manage their household finances can work on the state budget in Congress.

  30. @13thDistrictDem – Doesn’t the state actually pay for the special election in this case?

  31. Catherine, if that’s what you think then I guess the fault is with Brendan Boyle. He could have run only for Congress and allowed an open election for his seat during the primary. Instead, he thought he could simply back door his guy into an easy election.

    I would much rather have a hard working mother, who devotes her time to therapeutic care of those who need it, and provides real service to our area than the former Rep’s gopher.

  32. jtover22: Be that as it may, Turzai scheduled the vote for a day when there wasn’t going to be an election anyway. That does two things. It forces the city of Philadelphia to spend money on an additional election, unlike the special for the Senate seat which will occur at the same time as the primary. Also, it will depress turnout, which tends to help Republicans.

  33. Qualifications:
    – Went to a failed, for-profit all women’s college
    – Rides horses for a living

  34. Kaplan running as an independent isn’t about being bitter or pathetic. What’s pathetic is that an antiquated ward system, with leaders who choose personal interests over the good of their party and could careless about the best interests of their neighborhoods are allowed to pick candidates who aren’t qualified. They choose friends, people who they owe political favors to or those with daddies who can speak up to get them to higher places (hey sabatina!!)

    The northeast philly dems are handing this win to republicans but hey, what’s another lost D seat in the house at this point?

  35. Wow, this is great for John and Sarah! They can continue their feasting at the public trough.

    Her husband opted out because he already had two cushy patronage jobs. Who can blame him?

    Between this and the article below, is there anymore proof that the ward system is antiquated? When in doubt, just get your friends or family elected.

  36. I guess they never heard the song cry me a river. What a joke. There’s no crying in politics boys

  37. Kaplan hang it up. Pretty pathetic. Who would back you as an independent? Can you still have your job back.

  38. Is Seth Kaplan and Brendan going against there party pick. What a joke. Sore loser. Get ready for a butt kicking. He shouldn’t be aloud back in the party. What an embarrassment. Pick up Ur dolly in the dirt and move on please

  39. The Boyle brothers and Kaplan are not the boy scouts everyone thinks they are. From a good source they are being looked at. Get ready for the headlines!!!!!!

  40. “Stack’s team also criticized Speaker Turzai for scheduling this special election in March which would “cost the taxpayers more money.”

    Boyle running simultaneously for Congress and State Legislature is the reason for the special election, not Turzai. As soon as Boyle won the Primary he should have withdrawn from the State House race.

  41. How much more transparent can the Dems be in this choice. Nothing against her, but she was picked bc she is a woman to match the GOP candidate. Period. The added benefit? Stack still wins but now gets to reward his male political hack with a SECOND paycheck for the family. Typical Philly philthy politics.

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