BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Launches First PA TV Ad (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is releasing its first TV ad in Pennsylvania ahead of the April 26th primary.

The thirty-second spot, titled “New World”, focuses on the myriad of international issues the President of the United State must deal with.

“The world a President has to grapple with, sometimes you can’t even imagine,” the narrator states. “That’s the job and she’s the one whose proven she can get it done.”

The commercial then lists a series of the former Secretary of State’s accomplishments from reducing nuclear weapons to domestic issues like Social Security and healthcare.

“The Presidency is the toughest job in the world and she’s the one who will make a real difference for you,” the narrator concludes.

The video is heavy on foreign imagery, featuring foreign terrorists, stock markets and natural disasters. To reinforce this message Clinton is shown meeting with Vladimir Putin, shaking the hands of soldiers and departing Air Force One.

The White House is featured several times and she is even shown reading documents in a setting similar to the West Colonnade.

Altogether, the spot makes the case that Hillary Clinton is the most prepared candidate to be President and serves as an implicit rebuke both to Democratic primary opponent Bernie Sanders and Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

This ad is set to beginning running tomorrow in the Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg-Lancaster-York, Wilkes Barre-Scranton, Johnstown-Altoona, and Erie media markets

24 Responses

  1. Delusional-

    Turnout will be high. Trump and Cruz are both huge threats to our nation.

    The only thing that might keep turnout low, is if the GOP convention destroys the party to the point of dysfunction and they can’t turn out voters.

  2. Diano, you are delusional if you think that Bernie wouldn’t blow Trump or Cruz out of the ballpark. It would not be close. He would beat Trump by 15 at least and he would beat Cruz by 25-30. Bernie would bring out one of the highest voter turnouts ever. Hillary has no chance of ever doing that. Sorry to break your bubble. If she is our nominee, turnout would be lowest in history.

  3. Polls-

    You fail to realize that Bernie polls numbers (regarding November election) do NOT reflect ANY negative advertising against him. Hillary has been attacked for decades (with an entire cable network dedicated to spreading every wild rumor, including murdering Vince Foster).

    There’s been ZERO ads calling Bernie a “commie”. Nothing.

    Bernie’s poll numbers are a hollow bubble.

    Hillary’s are solid, after hundreds of spear attacks.

  4. Good TV spot. Looking forward to voting for her, hoping for a landslide that’ll break the GOP House and Senate as well.

  5. Diano ignores polls. Diano is the one that brought up electability, so Diano, look at the polls. Every single poll shows that Bernie has a better chance of beating the GOP. Every single poll shows that Hillary Clinton is more likely to be defeated by the GOP.

  6. ADV-April 10, 2016 at 9:16 pm – is spot- on. Perfect way of describing the difference between establishment dems and real progressive dems. I’m a progressive and there’s nothing in life I settle for. Establishment dems love to settle. Progressive dems don’t have that attitude. We want better and we won’t keeping calling for change until a truly progressive America is achieved.

  7. There is really no reason a progressive/liberal/democrat should be voting for Hillary, it’s quite mind boggling.

  8. Bernie is way more electable than Clinton, it’s not even close. She was ahead only 3pts in PA vs trump, neveind how much better Bernie does against Cruz and kasich. WI, CO, NH, IA are all winnable for republicans with Clinton as nominee. Bernie just won independents 73-28 in Wisconsin.

  9. ADV-

    It’s not a “status quo” thing. My first choice was Elizabeth Warren, but she didn’t run.

    Bernie may be “right on the issues” but he potentially electable in a general election. It doesn’t do us any good if the GOP wins.

    I’ve been for a constitutional amendment to protect gay marriage (and Sestak was completely against gay marriage).

    I’m for decriminalizing marijuana in small amounts (ie: personal use not dealers) with no more than a small fine.

    I’ve written a shitload of stuff here and elsewhere condemning these un-American VoterID laws designed to suppress the vote.

    What you are too stupid (or blind to see) is that Sestak is a conservative represents exactly all the things you hate, and is only pretending to be on the Left to trick Dems (like you) into voting for him. There is NO ONE more “in it for himself” than Joe Sestak. Period.

    You are clearly new to politics, particularly in PA. To even say something so idiotic about me having Republican leanings/interest is beyond comprehension. You seem to be like Susan Sarandon who supports Bernie, but would vote for Trump to “bring about change” and “stop the status quo”.

    You really don’t know what you are talking about.

  10. David:
    Your last comment proves you are a conservative, status quo Dem. The line between practical and good is the same line that prevented blacks from achieving civil rights and women from equal rights and LGBT from personal rights for decades, and need I go on…….the point I make is that what is “practical” and what is “possible” is the eternal question always posed by conservadems like you who wish to stop positive change and progress and slow real accomplishments now being realized by progressive America, from gay marriage to decriminalization of marijuana, to recognition that people other than white people have rights, to voting rights, to a whole plethora of “rights” now being changed overnight in a tipping point–in spite of status quo people like you. Progressives fight, often for decades, then we prevail, and America is better for it. You are a real dinosaur to characterize Bernie’s ideas as you did. You are simply out of touch, man! You represent the status quo, the America of old, the politics of compromise and triangulation, and now, even though I gave you some benefit of the doubt on your hateful opinions previously of Joe Sestak—now, I know I have nothing in common with your politically myopic views–Hillary and McGinty—both part and parcel of the conservadem corporate establishment may be you cup of tea, but these people will never change America—they are in it for themselves and the corporations they represent. That you don’t see this makes me view anything you have said very, very, suspect and tainted. Maybe you are seemingly a Republican/corporate operative. Probably not, but you are coming across very naive and vindictive and hateful. And, how, precisely, do you earn your paycheck representing “clients”—-inquiring minds want to know! You are wild, man.

  11. Establishment-

    Bernie has a lot of good ideas, though fewer practical ones.

    Hillary’s already won this thing, but Bernie’s just sticking around to get his message out.

    Hillary is 200 PLEDGED delegates ahead and millions more votes. She’s leading by double digits in NY and PA. Bernie has no chance of beating her in pledged delegates. He’s a hypocrite for now relying upon the only path as getting the very super-delegates he disdained switching to him. That ain’t happening either.

    Bernie has enough votes/support to deserve some say in crafting the Democratic party platform and goals/principles.

    But, he isn’t walking away with the most delegates.

  12. HA3 & Diano are part of the political establishment. Want the status quo to continue. Thus, willing to back a proven liar instead of striving to make the country more progressive.

  13. ThereIsNotaBiggerLiar –

    “There is not a bigger liar that we have ever seen than Hillary Clinton.”


    Have you heard of a gentleman named Donald Trump?

    He claims he’s worth $7 billion more than he actually is.
    He claims he’s going to build multi-billion-dollar wall and make Mexico pay for it. His projected cost of the wall has increased 4-fold since he announced it (and it hasn’t even started).
    He claims he was against invading Iraq (despite interviews at the time declaring his support).

    Check out John Oliver’s show for more examples.

  14. There is not a bigger liar that we have ever seen than Hillary Clinton. She’s good at one thing, and that is lying almost every time she speaks. Like ADV said, she has no beliefs, because she doesn’t believe in one thing. There isn’t an issue she hasn’t flipped flopped on. She will only do what is politically expedient and popular at the time. She only embraced gay rights when it was the popular thing to do. Before then, she was happy to throw the LGBT community under the bus. You name it, whether it is trade deals or abortion or foreign policy, there is not one issue that she has been consistent on. Bernfading you sound like a jerk. I am a Democrat, I have only ever voted Democratic, but I recognize Clinton for what she is- a politician who has supported more Republican ideas than Democratic ones in her lifetime. She is a liar and won’t stop at anything to inaccurately attack her opponent- oh this includes Obama who she made fun of for being Muslim in 2008.

  15. Correction*
    Voted in a judge that believes in everything Democrats and progressives DON’T believe in.

  16. @ADV Tell that to the people who in WI just voted for Bernie and JUST Bernie. Voted in a judge that believes in everything Democrats and progressives believe in.

    Talk about an ego trip. Do you really think Bernie will help a down ballot conservative or moderate democrat in a Red state who at this time has a chance? How come Bernie hasn’t helped state parties yet?

    Bernie is a cult of internet bullies and keyboard activists who don’t know a thing about campaigns and wouldn’t vote this election unless they read something neat on Redit

    In the general election Republicans will hang a Hammer and Sickle on every Democrat in the country. Maybe you can take the Presidency but kiss every toss up election good bye.

  17. re: “Bernie Sanders is a lightweight with no record of accomplishment in 25 years of congressional service…”? maybe you can remind me what Obam’s ‘accomplishments ‘ were as a 1st term senator. i’d have to say they pale in comparison to Bernie’s…. (PS- you’d probably have the same low opinion of Biden, JFK and Elizabeth Warren..)

  18. Hillary has no passion or beliefs. She is on an ego-trip. She lost her soul years ago. She is fading and Bernie surging. The biggest problem for all down-ballot candidates is that Hillary has no appeal to independents and 25% of Dems have said they will not vote for her in a general election. No enthusiasm in Nov spells electoral disaster for Dem Party. She is also a lightning rod for Republicans who will turn out in droves to defeat her (and, thus, the Dem ticket). Bernie beats all Republicans in the general, acc. to the polls. Bernie draws lots of independents and some Republicans. Down-ballot Dems need to wake up, and wake up very, very soon to this reality! Support Bernie.

  19. Bernie Sanders is a lightweight with no record of accomplishment in 25 years of congressional service. This should be a slam dunk for Hillary. She needs to be more passionate.

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