BREAKING: Judge Stevens to Run for Re-Election

justice-stevensThe battle for the State Supreme Court just got a bit more interesting.

Justice Correale Stevens intends to run for re-election.

Justice Stevens sent the following message to PoliticsPA:

Pa Supreme Court Justice Correale Stevens will formally announce his candidacy for one of the three open seats on the Court sometime in January. A former legislator, trial judge, appellate court judge and President Judge, Stevens will stress his background and qualifications.

“The people of Pennsylvania expect and deserve to have major questions of law that affect their everyday lives decided by someone who has the knowledge and experience necessary,” Stevens said. “The Supreme Court is not a place for on-the-job training.”

Stevens will run an aggressive campaign and will be the first sitting Supreme Court Justice to run for election, not retention.

This would actually be Stevens’ first elective term on the Court as he was appointed by Governor Corbett to fill the term of Joan Orie Melvin.

Melvin was forced to resign in March 2013 for using state resources for campaign work.

This will be one of three seats on the State Supreme Court that will be decided in next year’s elections. Chief Justice Ron Castille is scheduled to retire while Seamus McCaffery resigned in October after it was discovered he exchanged pornographic emails with employees in the Attorney General’s office.

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  1. Just a correction: if Gov. Wolf chooses to seat justices, they will not fill out the remaining terms. Under the Constitution, if there is a vacancy on the high court, it will be filled temporarily until a special election can be held in an odd year. That’s why we are having 3 vacancies this year (2015): Justice Melvin resigned in late 2013, so her seat is only now being filled with a permanent position.

  2. I agree with Carl and Maria, Stevens is wasting his time and should retire. I will never vote for someone who could only serve one year…..who in the Republican Party would? I’m curious to see who the Republican Party backs in this race – the candidates who can’t fulfill their terms, potentially allowing the Dems to take contril of the Court, or the new up and comers who can fulfill their term, if elected. Stay tuned folks!!!

  3. Carl R, you are right. Thank you.
    Governor-elect Tom Wolf will have the opportunity to temporarily reshape the PA Supreme Court during his first term, Jan 2015 to Jan 2019. The oversight for Wolf’s nominations to the PA high court will be provided by the Republican controlled state Senate.

    Justice McCaffery, retired in October 2014, appointee serves until Jan 2016
    Chief Justice Castille retires on 12/31/2014, appointee serves until Jan 2016
    Justice Saylor retires on 12/31/2016, appointee serves until Jan 2018
    Justice Stevens, assuming he runs and wins the General Election in 2015, sworn-in Jan 2016, retires on 12/31/2016, appointee serves until Jan 2018

  4. Let’s put this in the context of the real world:
    1)If you applied for a job in the private sector and could not fulfill the terms, you wouldn’t even get an interview; 2) If the government passed a law requiring everyone to work until the age of 75, the public would revolt. Let’s consider just some of the concerns: health issues as you age; senility/dementia; out of touch with current trends; set in your ways. Although I respect and admire those who have provided service to the public, let’s be honest here — there comes a time to retire. The only possible motivation is selfishness — considering your own needs above those of the public. We don’t need more people in government like that. We already have enough. If you refuse to retire but feel you can continue to serve, then become a senior judge which is an option already available.

  5. I can’t believe this guy is even considering running! He will be 69 years old! I hope the Republican party doesn’t support him because if he wins, Governor Wolf would appoint a Democrat and this could change the balance of the Court. This goes for all the others who can’t serve their term. I think this is a selfish move on his part and hopefully the educated voters will not vote for someone who can only serve one year. Thank you for your service Mr. Stevens but save your time and money, it’s time to retire.

  6. After 35 years in public office, Stevens probably should be expected to know that both Justices Pomeroy and Barbieri ran for full terms after being appointed, although not with constitutionally-mandated retirement staring them in the face.

  7. To Delco Observer: According to news reports, Stevens was never asked to not run for election, and this fact shows how well-respected his abilities are by both parties. He is not breaking his word. Plus, take a look at some of the other lesser qualified candidates. Most of them cannot fulfill an entire term, so Stevens is not alone on the age issue. Hopefully, the legislature will not continue to support this age discriminatory law. In the meantime, I would rather have a highly qualified candidate such as Stevens serve on the court, even if it’s for a partial term, as opposed to an unqualified candidate whose only attractive quality is the ability to sit on the bench for 10 years.

  8. In order to be reelected, one must have been elected the position. Stevens was not elected to the Pa. Supreme Court, he was appointed to fill a vacancy. He is seeking to be elected to the court, not reelected.

  9. Interesting…normally a Supreme Court appointee pledges not to run for a term…Is Stevens breaking his word? Have the rules been changed by the Republican majority? Stevens could have never been confirmed without significant Democratic support in the Senate…wonder what those Senators were thinking? Also, Stevens is fast approaching his 70th Birthday–even if the age is raised to 75, he can’t serve a full term. A waste of time.

  • Who are you voting for in the PA Supreme Court race?

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    • Carolyn Carluccio (37%)
    • Still undecided (2%)

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