BREAKING: Kane Announces She Won’t Run for Re-Election

Kane Press ConferenceAttorney General Kathleen Kane officially announced today that she will not seek re-election.

Kane called a press conference to reveal the news and sought at first to tout her accomplishments.

“I believe that we’ve had great successes”, she stated. “We’ve made great strides and there’s more work to be done.”

“Every single day since I was elected, I’ve tried to clean up this commonwealth,” Kane continued. “I told you I would fight corruption and I’m fighting corruption, regardless of the cost to me.”

An emotional Kane went on to mention her two sons. She noted that they’ve gone from the ages of 8 and 9 from when she first started the job to 14 and 15, “little boys to young men” as she put it.

Kane also referred to herself as a single mother (she divorced her husband in December 2014 and has previously brought up her sons in a press conference.

“I love being the Attorney General, I love serving the people of Attorney General. I hope they know that,” she stated. “While I love Pennsylvania, I love my sons first.”

“This was not an easy decision but I will not seek the Democratic nomination for re-election as Attorney General.”

She went on to cite the recent Harper poll showing her leading the other Democrats running and asserted that this decision is solely the result of wanting to spend more time with her sons. She did not, however, give any indication that she will resign before January.

Finally, Kane mentioned a picture of Bobby Kennedy that sits in her office although her announcement is more reminiscent of LBJ’s 1968 pledge to forego re-election.

While the AG is giving up on re-election, it does not appear that she is giving up on her fight.

“I will rest peacefully knowing that we marched into hell to fight an unheavenly foe,” she concluded.

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    This time under the name “Jerry Mulligan.” Sad. Pathetic.

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    In and/or out of the Party care about your stupid lists. You left one thing out of your post the name of the State Legislator. You know why the Obama and Hillary people had theirs mailed because they didn’t want to waste time sending anyone up to get it. Furthermore, neither of the campaigns used it both wound up in the trash. Have you figured it out yet. You are a nothing. No one cares. You and your sidekick HaHaHa seek your affirmation by posting your junk on here and then making up names and trying to validate it. Sy knows. When your name is bought up at at a Democratic function people laugh about you and your stupid lists. Tell me who in the Party would want to associate themselves with you once it comes out about the racist, asinine, anti police, garbage you post here. Are you man enough to provide proof of your customers like you challenge SpongeBob to do with his information for validity. I fear not. So please fall back into the obscurity you so richly deserve and take Ha with you.

  4. Jerry-
    Buffon? Please get a spellchecker.

    As for my voter registration system, it’s always more up to date than the multi-million dollar system used by the party.

    I updated my system Monday night with the Feb 15th statewide snapshot.

    Not only that, I’ve actually found significant data errors and reported them for correction by the people running the SURE system or been far ahead of VAN with data.

    Five examples:
    1) In this week’s file, all 8,712 voters in Fulton County were marked as “InActive”. No one new about it until I reported it.

    2) Last March, for a full month, SURE screwed up the output and dropped the “voted” flag for 75% of the records for 2014 elections. (Possibly populated with data from a different election year.) I found it. They had to issue new disks to everyone who got data for that month.

    3) I discovered a bunch of precincts that were still assigned the wrong legislative districts two year after the redistricting. (I had hand-coded all the redistricting myself from the legislation, before the state dept had updated SURE several years ago, so I was the system online with correct redistricting.

    4) When the original redistricting got put in place, then temporarily reversed by the courts, SURE and the state dept halted producing disks. Some counties had already updated, there was a total mishmash (and this was shortly before the start of petitions). However, because I had an independent system, with copies of the old and new redistricting, I was able to override the errors in the state data.
    So, despite the ban on issue new disks, the state dept issued me a new disk, because I was able to correct it.

    5) In April 2008, the state dept and counties were so behind in entering all the new voter registrations, that the state dept was not able to produce a final disk until Friday April 18th, for the April 22nd primary. I drove up to Harrisburg, to pick up my disk. I was told I was the only person in the entire country with the final data, because everyone else (Hillary, Obama, VAN, etc.) were mailed their disks that morning.
    I had the new system up and running the next day, and email notifications to hundreds of my users by 2:30pm. The data in VAN was at least a month old.

    Here is an excerpt from an email I got from one of my State Legislative candidates last month:

    “The best commercial for your service is my failed attempt to navigate the extremely user unfriendly votebuilder system. Please let me know how I can pay you. I’d like to put my lists together and get out this week.”

    So, laugh all you want, but your comments regarding my voter system are the height of ignorance or deliberate lies. Thanks for showing you are an even bigger fraud than I thought.

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  6. SpongeBob-

    I can’t attend every event. I was pretty booked up last week.

    If it’s an event you were at, you must have been carrying a tray of appetizers or wearing a ball-gag (or both).

  7. David,
    While I feel the need to explain myself I will never know but here goes. Last week a few people from the party were at an event, attended by people who you have claimed to be fans, where they discussed someone who was called to testify before the Grand Jury. You see David the secrecy requirements don’t apply to witnesses. They may be encouraged to not speak but in this case someone spoke about being called to talk about email contents delivered to Gansler even while the contract sits in limbo. I figured since you attend some of these same functions you would have heard the same. Since you clearly don’t understand how Fed grand jury process works I guess it has to be spelled out for you. My being cautious is while I made sure what I heard didn’t break any rules.

    And in the past magically when I have called some shots you have scoffed saying since I wasn’t specific I just got lucky. Sure let’s go with that.

    Oh and as for spit or swallow…..Actually there is a 3rd option. Ironically it was your mom who reminded me today when she called for her monthly facial.

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  10. Jerry Mulligan-

    I’ve been calling SpongeBob’s bluffs for months. His track record is zero, unless he predicted the sun would rise.

    I didn’t realize you were the “bluff police”.

    SpongeBob just doesn’t like Kane, and will make up whatever he feels like to claim there is one more layer of secret hearings, filings, papers, conversations, witnesses, etc. that will spell the doom of Kane.

    She’s still standing and is looking like she’s going to finish out her term (or worst case 95% of it).

    Given your comments, and SpongeBob’s continued silence, I guess he is servicing you, and your keyboard is resting atop his head. Clean up when you guys are done.

  11. HaHo- Your mom is calling you for lunch so put on your underwear and come up from the basement to eat your Spaghettios.

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    He is a Repervlican FOXtard.

  16. Jerry Mulligan-

    Do you realize that SpongeBob is claiming to have knowledge, but never actually revealing any? I’m calling his bluff.

  17. Whistleblower – I googled “Adrian King, Josh Morrow and Rick Mariano.” Nothing relevant. Care to post a link?

    Also – I get that you think Johnnu Doc is bad news. But I don’t get how he is connected to Seth Williams, Frank Fina or AG Kane. I know Williams supported Johnny Doc’s brother in his Supreme Court run. But I just don’t understand what you are implying.

    And I also don’t get your point on Pepper Hamilton. So what if they once represented J. Dougherty and are now being sued by him? What does that have t do with Brennan and the leak? Where’s the “proof” (I hate to sound like a FOXtard troll) that Dougherty had anything to do with the leak to Brennan that is the subject of the Kane criminal case?

  18. Diano-Clueless

    As usual you try to “appear to be the person in the know” yet you know nothing so much so that you beg your blog opponent to reveal what information he knows so you can run around and impress your friends into thinking you are important. Which as everyone here pretty much knows you aren’t. That said. I could care less about SpongeBob or what information he has or what it is. I was attempting to show how stupid you really are by the irony of my post about Grand Jury information and MS. Kane and yes you were stupid enough to fall for it and again start running around trying to impress those on this blog. DIANO you failed again pretty much the word that describes your life and your buisness. CYA Loser.

  19. It’s tough to get convicted or lose a case when you own the judges, or own the judges that assign/promote/oversee other judges.

  20. Bingo DDiano your on he right track. I have that one. Now take it a step further indulge me if u will. Add Judge Lisa Rau. She got the ruling right 2 years ago. Now how can it be possible for a firm such as Pepper Hamilton who represented Dougherty in the original Gus Dougherty case not know it would be a conflict of interest to then represent the Daily News !!!! And it’s not the first time this scam has been pulled. Sprague was Fumos lawyer 6 years before he comments to Daily News Fumos story unbelievable. Then he sues the daily news for saying it. Gets thrown off the case and testified against Fumo. Again Judge Lisa Rau gets it right dismissed the lawsuit against the Daily News.
    So when I see Sprague early on with General Kane at a press conference I know something ain’t right in Denmark. Google Adrian King Josh Morrow and Rick Mariano. Lol. There was a mysterious leak then also.

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