BREAKING: Kane Announces She Won’t Run for Re-Election

Kane Press ConferenceAttorney General Kathleen Kane officially announced today that she will not seek re-election.

Kane called a press conference to reveal the news and sought at first to tout her accomplishments.

“I believe that we’ve had great successes”, she stated. “We’ve made great strides and there’s more work to be done.”

“Every single day since I was elected, I’ve tried to clean up this commonwealth,” Kane continued. “I told you I would fight corruption and I’m fighting corruption, regardless of the cost to me.”

An emotional Kane went on to mention her two sons. She noted that they’ve gone from the ages of 8 and 9 from when she first started the job to 14 and 15, “little boys to young men” as she put it.

Kane also referred to herself as a single mother (she divorced her husband in December 2014 and has previously brought up her sons in a press conference.

“I love being the Attorney General, I love serving the people of Attorney General. I hope they know that,” she stated. “While I love Pennsylvania, I love my sons first.”

“This was not an easy decision but I will not seek the Democratic nomination for re-election as Attorney General.”

She went on to cite the recent Harper poll showing her leading the other Democrats running and asserted that this decision is solely the result of wanting to spend more time with her sons. She did not, however, give any indication that she will resign before January.

Finally, Kane mentioned a picture of Bobby Kennedy that sits in her office although her announcement is more reminiscent of LBJ’s 1968 pledge to forego re-election.

While the AG is giving up on re-election, it does not appear that she is giving up on her fight.

“I will rest peacefully knowing that we marched into hell to fight an unheavenly foe,” she concluded.

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126 thoughts on “BREAKING: Kane Announces She Won’t Run for Re-Election”

  1. David Diano says:

    Jerry Mulligan-
    The point was that the “milligan” doesn’t count on the scorecard and none of your posts count either. You’ve made no points/scores.

    But, you did actually help me score against SpongeBob. You suggested that a Federal Grand Jury was involved, and he responded with “HENCE” on his saying the bare minimum.

    So, he’s effectively admitting to (or pretending to) have information from a Federal Grand Jury.

    Do you and he even read your own posts and understand the flow of logic from your own bullsh*t?

    I don’t post as anyone other than myself. Ask Nick and the PoliticsPA moderators.

    For pretty much everything SpongeBob gets wrong, at least he realizes that I post as myself.

    I honestly can’t tell if HaHaHa is also multiple posters (though it seems like some opposing posters pretend to be him to discredit/undermine him).

    I have defended my position: That SpongeBob is full of sh*t and never actually lays out real information with names, explanations, etc. He’s like a phony psychic hired by police who claims the victim (or perpetrator, or stolen goods) “will be found near water” or something equally vague or ambiguous that can apply to almost any situation.

    He’s been talking about shoes dropped, Kane’s imminent demise, smoking guns, etc. for over six months now, with nothing to show for it.

    He’s as useful as a sandpaper dildo.

    His posts are: “something happened” (but doesn’t say what)
    or “something’s gonna happen” (but doesn’t say, because it never happens)

  2. Jerry Mulligan says:

    Pat, Diano still waiting for your answers uh you don’t respond to q’s but you post on a blog. Another Phony. You’ve been owned. Now all we need HO Ho’s stupid comments and it’s a threesome. Lots of words, no proof and panic when challenged.

  3. Jerry Mulligan says:

    Diano… HaHooo says YOU’VE BEEN OWNED

  4. Jerry Mulligan says:

    Diano…..or watever name you want Pat Unger etc. unless you have a response to my statements please do not continue to make more of a fool of yourself than you already have. Really, an extra stroke in golf is what? That’s your reply nothing on the issues. No wonder nobody likes you and knows you are a fraud. You run your mouth or mouths(as other posters) with virtually nothing to say or your friends start this troll nonsense. Go to a Democratic Committee meeting and call them trolls. You know nothing! Why should anyone give information they are aware of to you because you can’t find stuff out on your own because people in your own party wont tell you. You know why you’re that important like you think you are. Let’s just see if any of this information plays out in the next few months. Really, grow up if you want to play in the men’s game or take your 3 other screen names and drive around with the other scholar HA HA I’m a dope. In his clown car. Do you really want to be taken seriously then grow up.

  5. David Diano says:


    —- begin snippet —
    Law360, Philadelphia (February 3, 2016, 5:26 PM ET) — The Pennsylvania Superior Court on Wednesday revived a malpractice suit accusing Pepper Hamilton LLP of betraying union leader and former client John Dougherty by using purportedly confidential information about a criminal probe he faced as the firm defended the Philadelphia Inquirer from a defamation suit.
    In a published opinion, the three-judge panel unanimously concluded a trial court judge erred in throwing out the suit brought by the politically influential head of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 98.

    The court said there was a real possibility that the firm had a hand in the disclosure of an FBI affidavit regarding a search warrant for Dougherty’s house that was mistakenly placed in a separate federal court docket and unsealed.

    “It is unknown exactly how and when the FBI affidavit came into the possession of the Inquirer and eventually became the subject of an article in the Inquirer during Pepper Hamilton’s representation of the Inquirer,” Judge Jacqueline Shogan said in the opinion. “Whether Pepper Hamilton committed a breach of its duties to appellant depends on the answers to these questions.”

    —- end snippet —-


    — snippet #2 —
    “We are grateful that a unanimous panel of the Superior Court has reinstated Mr. Dougherty’s claims against Pepper Hamilton and certain of its lawyers to enable us to now proceed with holding this law firm and its lawyers fully accountable for the acts of disloyalty stated in Mr. Dougherty’s complaint,” said Joseph Podraza of Sprague & Sprague.

    A spokesman for Pepper Hamilton declined to comment on the ruling.

    Dougherty is represented by Richard Sprague, Joseph Podraza, Peter Greiner, Michael Mirarchi and Jordann Conaboy of Sprague & Sprague.

    — end snippet #2

  6. HaHaHa says:

    Dangggggg — SWALLOW or SPIT, troll-boy !!!!!

    OWNED again. lmao

  7. David Diano says:

    “(in informal golf) an extra stroke allowed after a poor shot, not counted on the scorecard.”

    Pretty much sums up your posts.


    If I owned SpongeBob any more, I’d have to pay property taxes on him (and demolition and toxic cleanup fees).

    You say that these acronyms matter, but you won’t say why. Try this one: STFU
    You pretend you like you’ve got secret info, but then try to pretend isn’t so secret that you have to worry about law enforcement, but you still can’t say. Put up or shut up. What do you have (or pretend to have)?
    Names? Allegations? Anything?

    No one else is posting this, so it can’t be so well known as you claim that I should have heard about it.

    I’ve been focused on work and last week of petitions (and preparing for challenges). If you have such great information you must be sucking the right d*cks. So swallow or spit, then tell your story.

  8. Marie says:

    Look at tough-guy (internet troll) SpongeBob telling little ol me to shut up with his keyboard. Tough guy!!

    That’s interesting, Whistleblower. But are you suggesting that this “guy”/business leader who gave money to Gansler is also anti-Kane? For who? For what? McCaffery?

  9. Jerry Mulligan says:

    Yeah Pat or Diano just what I thought ….can’t defend your position. I know it makes you feel really stupid when you can’t and are forced to name calling. How childish.

  10. Whistleblower says:

    Marie anytime anyone comments about corrupt Union Thug business managers in philly Ceisler gets a friendly reminder from his good pal and the comments are removed. Heres a hint Google Sprague suing Daily News in the last 15 years. Add Pepper Hamilton to the search keywords. It all comes around to the same guy. The same guy who donated 2k to Gansler not 3 years ago in his election in MD. It’s all public info. I’d take a screenshot Marie this comment will be gone in less than 10 minutes. One way or the other they will sink Kane from the outside or the inside. We’re talking about exactly what the General said. They covered up sex abuse for football you think these criminals care about justice or ruining the Generals career. They’re evil.

  11. Pat Unger says:

    Jerry-the-Troll — no need to apologize. But I don’t answer Q’s posed by trolls. Try with someone else.

  12. bungy says:

    Hillary will be in prison like Kane in 18 months.

  13. SpongeBob says:

    I see the home has let the many personalities of Pat, or Marie or HaHa out of their straight jacket. Don’t you feel dirty accusing others of doing the exact thing you do? Your posts have no credibility because every time someone agrees that Kane is a horrible person and Attorney General you accuse those people of being a shill or a troll or the same person. You are a loon.

  14. HaHaHa says:

    Whistle – you will NEVER get pathetic FOXtards off Clinton’s dick … They are obsessed with Billy-Boy’s johnson. Even more so that his wife is about to become President.

    I am curious about how you know that Shameless McCaffery is somehow involved with the leak for which Kane is now accused. The other day, someone suggested that Johnny Doc was involved too; was that you?

  15. HaHaHa says:

    But “Jerry” – you hardly have any comments!! LOL — that’s because you are the pathetic troll using yet another new screen-name.

  16. Whistleblower says:

    Point taken Jerry. Wether it was a handie or a lip parade I still don’t believe anyone cares. I admit I was trying to get you off Clinton because this is a thread regarding Kane.

  17. Chris Martinez says:

    lee roy zimerman jest anouncd he gonna run for genral aturney for repubcan spot,

  18. Jerry Mulligan says:

    Whistleblower. I think you are misinformed there was lots of interest in what our former President was accused of and impeached for. I kinda think the entire country was concerned. Now if you mention the names; Kane, Fina or Diano to anyone outside of PA. They wouldn’t know who you were talking about. Oh yeah read up and get the facts right, wasn’t a handjob it was the kind of job that in some cases could send you to jail in Pa.

    You need to read my posts as I have said at least twice. I don’t argue many of the points made here and also made by you if they are substantiated but we must develop a fair standard which applies to all.

    Sorry Pat I think I missed your reply about equal treatment to all offenders.

  19. bungy says:


  20. Marie says:

    Whistleblower – Earlier, you said that PepperHamilton should be “concerned.” Why do you say that?

  21. Whistleblower says:

    Jerry No one gives a chit about Bill Clinton getting hand jobs. No one cares about KK sister. This case is too complicated as it is. Here’s what people care about:
    Racists mysogonistic emails between Supreme Court justices and attorneys who appear before them getting cases ruled in their favor.
    Trying to remove an elected official Kane without due process. Especially when said elected official was the one who exposed them. !!
    The leakers Adrian King Josh Morrow Shameless and Brennan. The only retaliation was that of Shameless against Kane because she wouldn’t cover it up. Kane is innocent! Old Boys Network guilty and still open for business.

  22. HaHaHa says:

    Too funny, Pat. Nice work.

    See, DD:

    Jerry = SpongeBob = Scranton Suck Boy = Larry = Brandy = Unsancrioned Retard

  23. Jerry Mulligan says:

    HaHa. It was pretty bad stuff that shows an inclination to support the theme of the email and certainly poor judgement. Like I told Pat I think Fiina should go but being fair they all should go. Remember Kane fired and disciplined a large group of people. What was in their emails? Was it worse or better than Kane’s sister? This type of discriminatory behaviour has to hold all the senders accountable wether it’s racist, sexist or otherwise deemed offensive by others.

  24. Jerry Mulligan says:

    Pat……ugly word and if you wish to lower your; credibility, self esteem, and lack of acceptance go ahead and use it. I don’t care. No problem I didn’t think that much of you anyway. You also forgot to answer that question about Hillary.

  25. HaHaHa says:

    JM — I don’t think that Granahan is alleged to have sent what Fina sent:

    How friggin’ racist is Fina?

  26. Chris Martinez says:

    cathlyeen kains sister iz the one dat is rezingig, the genral attorney herself aint gonnna hafta rezine, she gonna run agin she aint dun nuthin rong,

  27. Pat Unger says:

    Jerry – how do you feel about the word “RETARD”???

  28. Jerry Mulligan says:

    Pat, oh I forgot I hope all of these organizations which comprise about 15 women are equally going to criticize Hillary when she comes courting the Philadelphia Democratic vote for what her husband physically and sexually did to his victims. I don’t think she condemned it, nor did the National Organization of Women and other groups. Make no mistake I do not support Fina or the others and maybe agree they should be gone but women need to give equal treatment to offenders proportionate to the allegations.

  29. Jerry Mulligan says:

    Pat, They made a mistake they didn’t put Kane’s sisters name in that letter.

  30. Pat Unger says:

    Below is more bad news for Seth Williams, Fina, and his pals. I’m sure they will soon be here to call handicapped people “criminals with an axe to grind,” like they did with the City Council members who spoke out against them.

    Letter in Support of NOW Petition to remove Three Asst. District Attorneys

    To Whom it May Concern,

    Americans for Democratic Action of Southeastern PA joins the Philadelphia chapter of the National Organization for Women, all the City Councilwomen of Philadelphia, and many progressive civic organizations in demanding the ouster of Assistant District Attorneys Patrick Blessington, Marc Costanzo, and Frank Fina.

    While employed by the state and before they were hired by the Philadelphia District Attorney, Blessington, Costanzo, and Fina exchanged e-mails — racist, misogynistic, and homophobic – among themselves and others, including judges. By engaging in this activity, they manifested contempt for well over half the citizens they were appointed to serve impartially.

    We believe it is clear that they should not continue to serve citizens they hold in such disdain. Their conduct in sending these e-mails has brought the entire criminal justice system into question, and raises concern about their judgment in all aspects of their work. Can African Americans, members of the LGBT community, and women, whether they are victims or possible criminal actors, feel secure that their matters will be investigated fairly and impartially? We think not.

    The criminal justice system must be above reproach. The public must have absolute assurance that the system acts with probity and integrity.

    District Attorney Seth Williams was elected to serve all of the people. He has the power, and the responsibility, to mitigate this problem. He should immediately demand the resignations of Fina, Costanzo and Blessington.

    Very truly yours,

    Glenavie Norton, Chair
    Americans for Democratic Action of Southeastern PA

  31. Rumor has it says:

    It was KK’s twin sister that spoke at this Press Conference!! Kathleen Kane is still running.

  32. Marie says:

    W — why should PepperHamilton be concerned?

  33. Whistleblower says:

    I’m a David Diano fan up until he starts sounding like rsklaroff regarding Sestak. Then he loses me. However he gets the pass because that’s how I feel about Dingbat McGinty. Also he leans toward Palestine and that rubs me the wrong way. So I’m 83% favorable to Diano according to my poll

  34. Whistleblower says:

    Has Eakin resigned yet!? Of course not now that Sprague the Plague has been appointed. What a conflict of interest. Anyone remember Sprague standing with Kane at a press conference. Now he’s appointed to decide Eakins fate ? How is this not a conflict of interest. ???????

  35. HaHaHa says:

    SpongeLarry the Unsactioned R(etard) Suck Boy Troll OWNED again.

  36. SpongeBob says:

    And her come the Diano fans. Marie, prove it or shut up. You have like 80 names on here. Whistleblower, I am not double talking. I asked him what happened last week. I asked him why those acronyms matter? others inferred something that may or may not be happening. He jumped to a conclusion and wanted to call me out on it. He can accuse me of double talking, triple talking, quadruple talking whatever he wants. There were some big happenings last week that those in the party know. He either does or he doesn’t know. That’s what I asked.

  37. Whistleblower says:

    SpongeBob Jerry DAVID DIANO OWNS YOU. He was 100% on point. Your a double talking jackass. If the FBI is involved (how could they not be) it helps Kane. If I were the Irish Mafia syndicate in philly I’d be concerned. If I’m an attorney at Pepper Hamilton I’d be concerned. If I’m a reporter who takes orders from a union thug and works at the daily news I’d be concerned.

  38. aaron says:

    Hs Eakin resigned yet?

  39. Marie says:

    Um – Mr. SpongeBob — You are a troll. The words of a troll mean nothing. You post under many different screen names. And, when you post under Ha’s name, “Sy” removes your comments. You are the joke. In fact – you are an obsessed groupie joke. You are probably just another tea party moron looking for attention.

  40. SpongeBob says:

    David, you continue to show how clueless you are. You claim the Feds are going to crawl up my ass. When I say for what you point to an innocuous reference. You don’t know the law, You don’t know procedure, You run your mouth and throw insults like you do. You are a sham, a joke. I feel sad for you sometimes when you talk tough because I think about how much you must have gotten your ass kicked as a kid and now you want to be a message board tough guy.

    And Kraig, or Marie or HaHa or whoever you are posting as today I post under 1 name and 1 only. If you don’t believe me ping Sy and tell him to knock people out who are posting from the same place. Otherwise focus on your precious Kane being flushed down the toilet because she can’t multi-task and be a mom and have a career. Hell she doesn’t even know her kids ages.

  41. Chris Martinez says:

    davis daino aint daserve to bee bashed, davis daino gonna vote fer cathyleen kain agin, she aint gonna rezine,

  42. Marie says:

    Still nothing here on PoliticsPA about the Superior Court’s ruling in the Penn State case. The Court threw out most of the charges against this group of people that Frank Fina tried to rail-road. They also found that Fina’s conduct was “highly improper.”

  43. kraig001 says:


    We all know that you ARE SpongeBob. Have a great day.

  44. Jerry Mulligan says:

    Diano aka Genius My admonition to SpongeBob was based on nothing but my in interest in the Kane story. I don’t know nor do I care what information that is. There’s nothing he posted that arouses suspicion other than a group of letters which have no meaning to you even though you are the expert on everything. A person truly active in political affairs would know what they stand for. Hence, you don’t thus proving you ignorance and stupidity further proving you a fraud.

  45. Rollo thomassey says:

    Wow! So much secret stuff. Maybe we should all take a leak. Where is Bumsted when we need him? Probably in the golden shower room with an F.B.I agent.

  46. David Diano says:


    Didn’t say you broke a law. But, look at the conversation:

    Jerry Mulligan to you: “you’ll want to be careful to not reveal anything that might be connected with a Federal Grand Jury”

    Your reply: “Hence me saying the bare minimum.”

    You are clearly indicating (or pretending) you are in possession of additional information you can’t reveal. If you have received such information, then you are subject to the FBI or whoever questioning you about how you obtained it.

    I’m well aware that Apple is (rightly) fighting the order. But, that the FBI got a judge to issue it against Apple, despite the far-reaching implications, means that your ass belongs to them if they come a knocking and ask what you know and who told you. Apple’s past unlocking was prior to the new encryption standards they’ve put in their products, the guarantees they’ve made to their customers, and the abuse they’ve witness by the government.

    You are trying to have it both ways. You are pretending to have secret info that you can’t reveal, but when challenged, backing off that you don’t have anything for the FBI.

    You can either admit you don’t really know anything or acknowledge you’ve received leaked information.

  47. Marie says:

    Ha is right. The troll really is obsessed with him!! He can’s stop typing “HaHaHa.”

    Ha may want to get a restraining order!!!

  48. SpongeBob says:

    Where did I say anything about a grand jury? Where did I confirm the existence of a Grand Jury? What law did I violate? Did I actually break a law?

    You are becoming as unhinged as HAHAHA was on here. What are they feeding you, perched in your dark room in Newton Square?

    And David, Apple is fighting to not unlock the phone, not to have to create software to unlock it. Anyone who believes otherwise is foolish. They tried to sweep under the rug that they in the past used an existing backdoor to unlock devices that were stolen pre-production models. They can act like they can’t all they want but they can. Whether they should is an excellent argument for the courts to decide. But then again I learned all of that from Spy Kids.

  49. kraig001 says:

    David – I think that is one of the most important things that needs to be examined. A lot has been typed about selective enforcement. If the leaks that sprung from the Kane grand jury continue to be ignored, the prosecution of Kane (for the alleged leak they now need fingerprints to prove) will continue to lose credibility. And the new DA in Montgomery County will have to answer some tough questions.

  50. David Diano says:


    If you are in possession of grand jury information or confirming such (and you are not a reporter), the FBI can look up your ass with a flashlight for your source. They have guns and badges, and you really don’t have any rights.

    They got some asshole judge to issue an order to Apple to create software to break iPhone encryption protections. I don’t think your “Spy Kids” skills will impede them.

    Jerry Mulligan-

    Kane’s stayed AG 6 months longer than SpongeBob, rsklaroff, Jessica, kanesdriver (missing in action), and others wrote her obituary. Meanwhile, another Supreme Court judge is on the hotseat. And, not a single one of Kane’s detractors has a word of complaint about the leaks against her, in a case that proclaimed her (alleged) leaks were the crime of the century.

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