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BREAKING: Kane Fires Aide Who Advised Her Not to Hire Duecker

KaneAttorney General Kathleen Kane has finally made a personnel change concerning the controversy over her Chief of Staff Jonathan Duecker.

Kane isn’t firing Duecker, though, she is firing the person who recommended she not hire him in the first place.

According to Angela Couloumbis and Craig R. McCoy of the Inquirer, Kane has fired the office’s labor relations coordinator George Moore.

Moore was told only that the AG wanted to “go in a new direction.”

“It’s a personnel issue,” Kane spokesman Chuck Ardo said.

Last month, we learned that the Attorney General’s Chief of Staff Jonathan Duecker had been accused of sexual harassment by two women. We soon found out that Kane knew of this issue before hiring Duecker and that she rejected the recommendation (from Moore) that she fire Duecker.

In fact, the Chief of Staff’s powers were actually increased, with Duecker getting control over personnel decisions. The man who used to have that authority, Deputy AG Bruce Beemer, testified against Kane in the Mondesire grand jury investigation.

Beemer, though, is at least still employed. Moore’s firing marks the second instance in which Kane has removed someone because of apparent disloyalty.

The head of the appeals office, James Barker, was fired in April. He also testified against the AG. After first saying that the change was the result of “restructuring”, Kane’s office then accused Barker of being responsible for leaks in his department.

Given this history, it seems possible (if not probable) that Moore was fired because his recommendation against Duecker became public.

So for those keeping track at home, (and we created a helpful timeline because this can be quite complex) the Attorney General, who admittedly leaked information to embarrass an opponent, has potentially fired a second staffer who she fears leaked information embarrassing to her.

Thus begins another chapter of this long, ongoing saga.

40 Responses

  1. Oh … I almost forgot …. Fina is alleged to have watched and distributed images of female employees performing sex acts on their male bosses.

    A series of “motivational images” in the e-mails sent around — titled “Willingness,” “Devotion,” “Resourcefulness” and “Performance” — showed oral and anal sex. The “Performance” image was described as “mandatory for all secretarial staff.”

    I wonder if Frank Fina’s secretary at the Philly D.A.’s Office is a woman? Wonder how she feels about her boss’ taste in porn.

  2. LOL … Your assumptions are garbage. According to Press reports, Frank Fina used his State computer to send bestiality videos to Judges he appears in front of. Sexual images of children too. That is HIGHLY UNETHICAL. Methinks you don’t know the citizens of Pennsylvania too well. We don’t like it when people use their work time (taxpayer dollars) on videos depicting graphic violence against women.

    Is that what you are hearing? From who? Doesn’t matter … I can’t wait!!! Criminal charges against AG Kane will mean a trial. And the trial will be quite entertaining!! I will be getting my popcorn ready …

    At least you don’t deny that you are a shill for Fina & The Corbett Pervs. I mean – if your name didn’t make it obvious, the contents of your comments would. Hurry!! Fina needs his morning coffee. Run and fetch it now …

  3. Ha ha ha ha….you quote Kane as a source? You’re an idiot. There is nothing in that statement that validates what you are peddling. But hey keep trying.

    Also, I believe that the vast majority of citizens couldn’t care less about people looking at porn at work as long as their jobs were getting done. And despite you’re tilting at windmills I am correct in that assumption.

    I also believe that the vast majority of citizens of the commonwealth care more about Kane promoting and not firing a sexual harasser of female employees. Something that you have continued to defend. That I believe is more despicable than anything having to do with porn on a computer.

    I don’t struggle when I see right and wrong in front of me. You on the other hand want to hang onto a porn war that no one cares about…

    Oh and keep an eye toward Strawberry Square…I’m hearing your hero Kane along with two of her fellow aides are going to be perped walked in the near future…

  4. Here it is … I knew I’d find it …

    The office of attorney general received the [Sandusky] case in March of 2009, and two individuals indicated they were abused by Sandusky sexually in fall 2009″ said Kane.

    She later admitted that charges were filed against Sandusky based on one of the [two additional] victims’ statements, and that those statements were used against Sandusky in his trial.

    The other victim’s claims, which were made in 2012, were not part of the criminal charges leveled against Sandusky, the statement says, which is consistent with what Kane said [originally]..

    “We will confirm that of the two individuals that alleged abuse by Sandusky into the fall of 2009, one was uncharged and reported abuse to [the attorney general’s office] in 2012,” the statement says. “The other victim was not originally charged.”

    Looks like you were WRONG on this one too, shill.

    Oh … and you still have’t addressed this:

    There is not a citizen of Pennsylvania that would be OK with what Fina & The Corbett Pervs did. We do not like it when our high paid public officials use their State computers to distribute bestiality porn … to watch 100 year-old women engaged in intercourse … and to send Judges videos depicting graphic violence against women. They did all that while AT WORK … on the taxpayer’s dime.

    Do you disagree with that? Do you think female citizens of Philadelphia appreciate that DA Williams continues to employ a person who sent around videos depicting graphic violence against women? How about the images of female employees performing sex acts on their male bosses?

    I look forward to you seeing you struggle to address these things.

  5. LMAO … getting testy, huh?

    Makes sense – since you are clearly a shill for Fina & The Corbett Pervs. It must be tough now that DA Ferman has demonstrated that she has ZERO FAITH in the integrity of your “investigation” into AG Kane.

    Seems odd that you haven’t addressed the fact that the man behind that “investigation,” Ron Castille, has stated that he wants AG Kane’s job. LOL … you can’t make this stuff up!!

  6. BustaPerv…keep posting then. Every time you type something moronic it reminds everyone that Kane is defended by insipid morons that boogey men everywhere.

    Did you find that section of the crimes code yet?

  7. LOL @ you, shill- boy. “Please stop posting” … Yeah … OK … Because you say so …

  8. BustaPerv, Do you ever actually type anything that resembles the truth. There wasn’t an additional victim and no matter how many times you try to peddle that story doesn’t make it true.

    Secondly, you are the only shill for Kane that trolls this website along with (under the names of copper and platinum) with the same old tired rendition of the porn wars that no one cares about. But keep singing the song you look like a loon like your girlfriend Kane.

    The only smear campaign taking place was the one that Kane tried to engage in. The only problem? The smear was illegal and it blew back in her face in the name of a grand jury leak. Sorry but Kane did that herself.

    Everyone despite the most ardent and inexperienced Kane acolytes within the office want her to be arrested and tried. They can’t wait for this imbecile to defend herself.

    Finally when will YOU admit that you know nothing about law and the way that the criminal justice system works? You trolled hard that the supreme court would side with Kane and kick the investigation. You were wrong.

    You tolled hard again that Kane “won” the contempt hearing. The contempt charge got folded into the criminal case that you wrongly said would be voided. You were wrong.

    You trolled hard that it was illegal to view porn on state computers. Despite numerous attempts by myself and other readers to get you to show us what violation of the crimes code was broken you have yet to provide…yeah that’s right…YOU were WRONG.

    Face it…you’re a shill…you are always wrong…and you’re a liar. Please stop posting because I don’t want to continue schooling you on how you are a fool and a trolling shill.

  9. kanesdriver – Your name gives you away. You are a shill. I don’t care what you type. You are the one trying to defend the indefensible. There is not a citizen of Pennsylvania that would be OK with what Fina & The Corbett Pervs did. We do not like it when our high paid public officials use their State computers to distribute bestiality porn … to watch 100 year-old women engaged in intercourse … and to send Judges videos depicting graphic violence against women. They did all that while AT WORK … on the taxpayer’s dime.

    It has been reported that there WAS an additional victim … that Sandusky DID attack another child while Fina dragged his feet. In fact, it was reported that Fina and Beemer called that poor kid “not credible.”

    Fina’s old boss, One-Term-Tommy, continued to fund the 2nd Mile AFTER it was learned that it’s founder was using the 2nd Mile to groom his rape victims. The DHS worker whelping children raped by Sandusky implored Corbett’s AG’s Office to do something. Maybe they were scared. Maybe they wanted a slam-dunk case. Maybe they were too buy with videos showing a woman having “sex” with a snake. I don’t know. But I do know that Sandusky was a free man for WAAAAAAAAAY too long – and that it isn’t a good idea to let people who can’t control themselves have continued access to children.

    I won’t even get started this AM on the smear campaign and the leaks. No matter what Fina thought of AG Kane, he committed crimes to smear her. His Clown Car’s use of the GJ system will cause head-aches for prosecutors for years to come. Already – critics are SCREAMING about GJ abuses. And who could blame them? What Castille/Carpenter/Fina did to AG Kane (who may be a POS) was beyond disgusting. It was a JOKE. And now they have been exposed.

    PS – Are you ready to admit that the last thing your bosses want is a trial where AG Kane presents the truth? You guys bailed n the Contempt hearing pretty quickly … LMAO …

  10. BustaPerv, What’s funny is that despite you making the same erroneous and lying claims about another child being raped by Sandusky over and over again doesn’t make them true. Even Kane’s own press secretary (I believe it was #4 or #5) that had to retract that lie told by Kane. So keep trying to tell the lie in hopes that someone may believe it. IT IS A LIE.

    You’re obsession with Fina, porn and lies must be debilitating. How do you function everyday? The only hatchet being thrown around here has been the one that Kane has been throwing at her imaginary enemies.

    Also, you want to talk about cases being harmed why don’t you talk to the OAG prosecutors who have had to counter all of the attacks on the investigatory process due to Kane’s attacking of the grand jury system. The same system of investigations that has been used for over 25 years here in Pennsylvania. Yet, Kane while is wildly and aimlessly attempting to defend herself she has made job of prosecuting drug dealers, criminal organizations, insurance and medicaid fraud violators, environmental abusers 1,000% harder.

    You like Kane is off of your rocker. Even her own supporters within the office are starting to jump off of her bandwagon. Now, with the Moore firing she’s starting to eat her own.

    Keep defending the indefensible. Oh, and remember this…when you destroy the lives of good men in the name of transparency and morality one shouldn’t throw stones.

    PS: Did you ever find that crimes code violation for viewing porn on a state computer? Are you going to admit that you lied and/or are full of crap?

  11. “Hey” bungy … ZZZ … zzzzzzzzzzzzz … … ZZZ … … … … zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz … … … … …

  12. Hey bustanerd, Fina is still not sorry He put Your Family members in prison. Don’t be so bitter, it’s not His fault. Fina always WINS.

  13. “Hey” driver —

    It’s only Fina’s “fault” that a child was raped by Sandusky.

    And – if convictions get overturned because of his porn e-mails to Judges the Corbett pervs appeared in front of, that will be his “fault” too.

    Oh — and if the Penn State 3 case suffers because he made inappropriate and unethical statements to the Press, then that will be his “fault” too.

    But it is certainly not Fina’s fault that AG Kane seems in over her head and not ready for the awesome responsibility of being PA’s Attorney General. That was the case the second she got elected. Fina did not have to ruin his career (with his hatchet-job on AG Kane) for that to be the case. My guess is that he cannot help himself. He is probably a wicked ego-maniac that couldn’t handle the fact that the truth was going to come about. So – he went on the attack. Maybe it has worked. Maybe AG Kane getting exposed was a GOOD thing. I don’t know. But I do know that he has been exposed too And most likely because of his arrogance and ego.

    Regardless of what happens with AG Kane, Fina will ALWAYS have to deal with the fact that Sandusky attacked another child whir he sat on his hands watching 100 year-old women having sex. And – does he have kids? They will be reading about his choice in porn someday …. Yikes …

  14. Kane scares me.Keeps a pervert as head person and fires workers for porn jokes,

  15. Hey BustaPerv or should I call you Copper or better yet Platinum…which handle do you prefer. I see you’re being schooled here just like I schooled you at the Inky boards. You’re a moron who despite all attempts can’t get past the real facts that Kathleen Kane is a criminal and not the victim of mean white men.

    Her hand picked HR Executive who personally fired many of the current staff who passed porn emails was fired for what reason? This same hand picked HR Executive had the temerity to actually state that Duecker should have been rightfully fired for sexually harassing not one but two female employees (I’m hearing that there are more victims waiting in the wings). But I guess it’s Frank Fina’s fault that Duecker decided to paw at those women.

    I also figure that it must be Fina’s fault that Kane’s hand picked Special Agent In Charge Kevin Wevodau couldn’t handle the stress of dealing with this wackadoodle of an Attorney General and took a leave of absence.

    Yet, let’s still continue to blame Fina for all of that. I guess it’s Fina’s fault that Beemer, King, Peiffer, Tyler, and Linda Dale Hoff (All hand picked by Kane) testified against her in the grand jury…But that must be the fault of Fina and all that porn.

    Oh and have you found that section of the Crimes Code that delineates how looking at porn on state computers are illegal? Why not simply admit that you are a liar and incredibly stupid and we’ll call it even.

  16. I will repeat agsin. The people who come on here and bash Fina are either friends or family members of the bonusgate convicts Fina put in prison. Right Brett.

  17. Shill-Boy,

    Fina and Beemer covered their own arssses by calling that victim “not credible.” Fina and Corbett let that monster remain a free man for waaaaaaaaay too long. They had enough to move on him and distributed bestiality porn instead.

    BTW – why did Fina deep-six the Mondesire investigation? It was reported in the Daily News, remember? Is it just a coincidence that Mondesire is tight with Seth Williams (Fina’s boss)?

  18. Hey Busta Perv, Kane herself tried to claim that there were victims of Sandusky while the AG’s Office investigated. But alas, there were no additional victims, so Kane’s press-secretary-of-the-week had to retract that statement. Do you have evidence that Kane and Fina didn’t have? Don’t think so.

  19. LOL … Fina has now ordered his shills to call him and his tool-box slugs “superstars.” Classic!! If they were even competent, at least one child would not have been raped (by Sandusky). They knew that would become public as soon as AG Kane won the election.

    Looks like they are now trying to find a way to indict AG Kane for ignoring advice of King. Maybe they can get her for littering in the coming months … I have heard rumors that they have video of AG Kane staying for 122 minutes in a 2 hour parking space.

    LMAO … If the Fina Shills here don’t prove the point that this has been a witch-hunt hatchet-job, nothing will. BTW – Where’s Castille been? Has he launched his campaign for Attorney General? Or have the Repervlicans talked him out of it?

  20. Montco PA Dem, Kane’s own hand-picked Democratic staff testified about how she blatantly violated the law in order to carry out vindictive attacks. The only “political” aspect of this is that Kane hated Fina and was willing to break the law to carry out a political attack on him.

  21. It’s all about the timing. Ferman needs to find the sweet spot before Election Day that will allow her to get enough headlines for bringing charges, but not leave enough time for Kane to show how political this whole business is. If Ferman gets sucked into the black hole that this case has become, she just might have to kiss her sure-thing judgeship goodbye.

  22. FINA and the rest of the Superstars want EVERYTHING out. TRUST ME. You should not fake car accidents HINT HINT. MORE trouble on the horizon.

  23. So the Kane Apologists are now moving away from PORN EMAILS to focus on the office staff supposedly turning on Kane. Hmmm, so when all of the Democratic operatives that Kane herself hired to work in her front office testified against her in very damning terms, how would that have gone differently if Kane cleaned house on Day One?

    Democratic operative (and Rendell administration official) Adrian King testified in detail about how horrified he was that Kane was ignoring advice and disclosing confidential materials to embarrass Fina.

    Kane’s second-in-command, Bruce Beemer, testified that Kane contacted him and asked him to stop the Supreme Court from looking into the leak of confidential materials.

    What would it take for you Kane Apologists to realize that your darling is not the victim of an old white man conspiracy, but is actually a vindictive law-breaking failure? I mean, if she were photographed stabbing a child on a school ground, would that be Fina’s fault? Would you respond to that with PORN EMAILS?

  24. Great points, Brad and Big Moola.

    A couple of things: The whole “investigation” into AG Kane was a JOKE from the start. It was led by Fina and the rest of the Clown Car. The man who signed off on the “investigation” into AG Kane wants AG Kane’s job and has, himself, illegally leaked grand jury material to the Press.

    This has been a hatchet-job by AG Kane’s political enemies. That is clear. My guess is that DA Ferman sees it clearly too.

    But the truth is that I really hope there is a trial on these ridiculous charges. Trust me -it’s the last thing that Fina & The Corbett Pervs want. They have been doing EXACTLY what they accuse AG Kane of doing for months now … illegally leaking material to Craig & Angela at the INKY. Craig & Angela were even subpoena’d to testify and got the suppoena quashed.

    Frank Fina knew that AG Kane would make good on his campaign promises. He knew that would mean that he would be exposed. So – he went on the attack. And the porn fiasco was just a bonus for AG Kane. How could Fina have been so dumb/arrogant to have used his work computer to view and watch that stuff? He has prosecuted people for such misappropriation. It is criminal. Plus – he knows that his hard-drive would have all the evidence right there. From the bestality videos … to the videos depicting graphic violence against women … to the sexual images of little children.

    The Pervs doubled down on their attack when AG Kane discovered the porn e-mails. They must have known that it is highly unethical to exchange material like that with Judges they appeared in front of.

  25. I agree that AG Kane should have cleaned house immediately. And that mistake may cost her.

    The Attorney General office had been used by others before her as a political springboard and had been in the hands of those who played the conviction game to move up in political power games for years. Untold numbers were sent to jail in political show trials over issues that had been known about and accepted for years on all sides of the polticial spectrum. And with each prosecution someone moved up the ranks.

    If Kane believes she is being pilloried for trying to defend herself from a perceived threat from backstabbers I don’t believe she is guilty of paranoia. Again, that she is guilty of being naive may be her real problem!

    Ms. Kane may be less than competent in that she didn’t recognize the ability of the office staff to quickly match the theme of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar! She didn’t understand quickly enough how politically astute character assassins can set one off their best efforts.

    And if she did err in firing and in trying to expose their investigative faults by pointing to grand jury failures in public – then of course matching their style was indeed a grievous crime and the Inquirer and her Republican Friends will make sure that she grievously pays for it!

  26. Also Busta Perv….2 things. You can keep talking about the pron emails all you want but it’s not a crime and even if it was you know why they won’t be charged? The methods used to obtain the messages would not hold up in court. they never got the messages from the source and they cannot claim to know the chain of custody of the computers they took the messages from. people who admitted they got and or sent the emails did so because they don’t know technology. So please please keep talking about things you don’t know. Let someone try to prove that Fina or anyone else sent or even looked at those messages and you will be in for a fun ride.

  27. To those say she should have cleaned house…..She hired the guy she fired….And I think its more likely that she fired him for suggesting her boyfriend should be fired than because he took some pens from the office.

  28. There you go, Busta Perv, you’re getting your groove back. This isn’t about a clearly retaliatory firing to protect a chief of staff who got promoted for feeling up a subordinate. This is about PORN EMAILS!!!1

  29. Yo … yo … The fact that there are prosecutors who think they can “put” people anywhere is funny. And it shows how deranged and improperly political their minds are.

    Prosecutors are supposed to be fair. They are supposed to be honest. And they are supposed to move on child predators quickly … so that they don’t have a chance to attack more children.

    Fina didn’t do that. He sat on his hands watching 100 year-old women having sex while that monster raped another child. If I’m Seth Williams, I don’t let Frank Fina try to “take” me anywhere.

  30. Stop haten yo. FINA and HIS crew are the best Prosecutors in the state. Put Corbett in Harrisburg and Will put Seth Williams in Harrisburg as well.

  31. Hear, hear, Big Moola. She really should have cleaned house upon arrival, and dumped every one of the Korbett Klown Kar occupants. Not a competent litigator in the crowd. But very good at leaks!

  32. Wow this is really getting ridiculous now. These “Reporters” have nothing better to write about than a Management At Will Employee being fired from a Politically Appointed Position. Next it will be Their Lead story that Kane bought a new Dress or Suit for work, and got it on Sale !!!! That she didn’t pay full price!!!!
    Please any or all Personnel actions by Kane are her right and decision as the Duly Elected Attorney General of Pennsylvania. The only bad personnel decision by Kane that should be second guessed is that she didn’t do all of it upon arrival. I think her personnel mistake was thinking that coming into the Attorney General’s Office as a Professional she would find a Professional Staff. What she walked into somewhat naive of was the Partisan Politically motivated Jungle that is State Government. The Porn E-mail mentality / society at the High levels of State Officials in her as well as other Agencies shows just how Professional these Employees are.
    Honestly I’m surprised by the restraint shown by Kane in not cleaning house earlier and more thoroughly!!!
    But hey she still has a year and a half left to clean up the mess.

  33. Busta Perv, c’mon, not a single reference to porn emails? You’re slipping, man. You’re slipping.

  34. Seriously – how do we know Kane didn’t fire aide who: stole office supplies, was repeatedly late for work, lied to superiors, failed to meet expectations, etc., etc. ….

    These hatchet-job articles by Craig & Angela are embarrassing. The INKY should be ashamed.

  35. How dare the conspiracy of old white Christian Republican men force Kane to blatantly retaliate against a staffer for doing his job? And you may think this is about a chief of staff who got a little handsy with a female subordinate, but it’s really about PORN EMAILS!!

  36. George Moore is one the most highly regarded and respected professionals in that agency. A true gentleman and a dedicated public servant.

    When will Bruce Beemer resign in protest? Bruce—where is your pride?

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