BREAKING: Kane Loses Yet Another Spokesman

Seven up, seven down.

Kathleen Kane’s longest tenured spokesman Chuck Ardo announced that he will step down as of Tuesday.

Ardo is literally driving out of the state right now to visit family in Ohio although he did take the time to talk to some journalists around the state.

“I just didn’t feel as though I could do the job in the manner I believed it needed to be done and the constant drumbeat of answering questions about a variety of scandals and alleged scandals has taken its toll,” Ardo told Steve Esack of the Morning Call. “On Tuesday morning, it is my intention to terminate my contract.”

“I could no longer in good conscience do the job she had hired me to do,” he told Wallace McKelvey of the Patriot-News. “I’m not particularly religious and there are lots of people who would wonder about my ethics, but I try to be honest and I try to be transparent. It’s difficult to do this job with those values.”

It’s not clear if Ardo’s decision is the result of any one incident. This week, though, we did learn that the AG had yelled at him for letting McKelvey into the Harrisburg office and that Kane’s driver is still receiving a paycheck despite being convicted and sentenced to prison for criminal contempt.

Regardless, Kane has lost her most valuable press aide who was with her for thirteen months. That’s an eternity by her standards, as by our count Ardo is the seventh spokesman to walk away.

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101 thoughts on “BREAKING: Kane Loses Yet Another Spokesman”

  1. William Stauffer says:

    HaHaHu aka BRETT COTT When Fina put you in jail for stealing and you begged him for a break did you really pee your pants. Plus, what adult man who wants to be taken seriously uses words like troll or clown car. Did you play with trolls in prison. What do you play with in New York? You’re have proved your bypass against mentally handicapped children in your words and actions. Does that make you feel tough?
    Anyone who is a serious Democrat needs to know what sort of piece of sh-t Cott is. Look at autistic children, kids with Ashburgers, or speech defects do you want to be Brett’s buddy when he call these children Re-Ards. Calling people trolls. There is something wrong with COTT maybe it happened in prison maybe not. Re-added children now maybe you’re children next since he is also obsessed with calling people he knows nothing about child molestors almost an obsession maybe he developed these urges in jail maybe not. Get some help Brett Cott you need it as well as anyone who may support you.

  2. O says:

    Ardo was about to be fired so he quit.

    The O knows.

  3. HaHaHa says:

    O3 – don’t try to interact substantively with the RETARD troll. He lives for the attention of strange men on the Internet. Oh … and he gives $10 BJs at a Turnpike rest-stop.

  4. Observer #3 says:

    Oh – this is VERY on-topic Mr. Bob.

    The people who attacked Kane did so because of Porngate (and other misdeeds). They should not be allowed to have their smear campaign work without the truth coming out about them.

    The mess created by Fina and Kane has been called a circular firing squad. Seth Williams voluntarily walked into it. He has been called to the carpet my many a Philadelphia leader. He recently demoted a top employee who had the sense to recommend that he fire the racist prosecutors (something his gut should have told him anyway).

    Farnk Fina is a part of every Kane story. And Seth Williams is now too.

  5. bungy says:

    Poor Chuck’s clients. He seems to be a moron who doesn’t understand his job.

  6. Isaac L. says:

    Poor Chuck always seems to have the hardest clients. The fact that he hung on as long as he did with Linda Thompson should probably put him on the list for sainthood. Like a defense attorney, every politico should have a decent spokesman, but sometimes you have to know when to throw your principal under the bus… or at the very least know when it’s time to jump off it yourself.

  7. aaron says:

    Has Fina resigned yet?

  8. bungy says:

    The RETARD troll is a stalker too!! Dave should seek a restraining order.

  9. SpongeBob says:

    I don’t know if he lives there but based on FEC filings he uses his parents address for his place of business and in the past used it for his websites and such. That being said him living at home should not affect his ability to figure out that something is clearly wrong with Kane where things like the on again off again press conference highlight how messed up the running of the AG’s office is.

  10. Jessica Myers says:

    Diano – Is it true that you live with your mom?

  11. SpongeBob says:

    Clearly you have not read the text of any of Ardos discussions since Friday. The release was known based on his statements. You can try to write history as you see fit but once again Kane can’t do anything right. Read what Ardo said as well. Maybe then you can consider that drinking the Kane Koolaid doesn’t always taste so good. Also why is an “independent” report even being evaluated unless there was concerns of potential partisanship and embarrassment to the office. They should just release all the emails and save everyone time and money.

  12. David Diano says:


    This is clearly a disconnect between Kane and Castor as to whether the report was ready. Ardo’s abrupt (and unprofessional) departure may have caused the problem, as he would have been the one to prepare for the press conference, and probably left Kane with the impression that the press conference was a go.

    You should agree with this, since YOU touted on Saturday that Ardo new of the upcoming press conference and cited that as the reason for his timing.

    Had Ardo told Kane that the report was not ready, she wouldn’t have announced the press conference. Without Ardo, someone else was needed for the press conference. The likely candidate for that was Castor, who having reviewed the report in preparation, discovered that it was incomplete.

    The “impact” of the emails is (and always has been) the revelation of bias/prejudice/sexism/etc in Corbett’s AG office, as well as the cozy/unprofessional relationships between judges and prosecutors that calls into question the fairness of the process. Fina’s porn preferences and attitude fit in with his failure to act swiftly in the Sandusky matter, and his racial bias in the sting operation.

    I realize that you are the type of guy who likes to belittle and undermine women by questioning their sanity and reactions to persecution by blaming them.

    Kane picked Castor. Castor is making sure the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. If the report had been released with any problems, you’d be blaming Kane. Now you want to blame her for the report being delayed to fix any problems.

    Stop being such a whiner.

  13. SpongeBob says:

    Surely even you have to be saying to yourself that something odd is going on here. Saturday Kane releases a statement scheduling the press conference and by Monday its cancelled? Based on the quote from Castor it seems clear the press conference was more about who sent some emails rather than why impact did the sending of the emails have since none of this is against the law. How do explain that on the Saturday of a holiday weekend a press conference is scheduled and Monday its cancelled. Also did you see the transcript of Ardos interviews? Maybe it’s time you accept that Kane is a lunatic.

  14. David Diano says:


    Try not to go deaf from SpongeBob’s silence (which, sadly never lasts long enough).

  15. HaHaHa says:

    DD —

    They are all the SAME dude!! You think “Dumber” and SpongeRETARD are different commenters. You are wrong. And he is spectacularly stupid … and now very boring too. Just a pathetic RETARD.

  16. David Diano says:


    You are just hard of hearing.

    I don’t check this site as often as you do.

    This doesn’t point toward the report being slanted, merely incomplete, as it was rushed for an artificial deadline.

    There seems to be some question of whether the people named needed sufficient advance notice of the contents of the report that mentioned them. But, this again, points to a rush to release the report by a previously established (and premature) deadline.

    You left out:
    In a telephone interview Monday, Castor complained that Gansler, in his report, had failed to include sufficient quotes from the offending emails.

    “Looking at the emails, I was unable to follow which folks sent what – and if I can’t understand it, how are we supposed to explain it to the public,” Castor said. “There is no way this is ready to go. It was incomplete.”

    He also said he believed the report should have gone further in examining whether the exchanges between prosecutors, defense lawyers and judges had affected the outcomes of any cases.

    The only dispute indicated was whether people who received emails, but didn’t forward them, should be revealed/exposed. This has been debated here, in public, so no shock that it would be internally debated.

    Once again, you have nothing but innuendo.

  17. SpongeBob says:

    The silence is deafening. .

  18. SpongeBob says:

    Castor: ” I care about the outcome of the report. I just want it to be thorough and complete. I didn’t want little pieces of the pie, and that’s what I got: I got a porno slice,” he said. “I’d rather hear whether the law was being properly enforced rather than whether a bunch of adolescent emails were being sent around.”

    You want the Ardo quotes as well? Seems to point towards the report being a little slanted. So what were you saying again?

  19. David Diano says:


    The news reporting on this merely states that Castor reviewed the material and thought it was incomplete and not ready for a press conference. Hardly the scandal you pretended was going on. Nice try.

    “(Castor) erroneously believed the full, un-redacted and comprehensive report he had asked to be finished by the end of May would be ready in time,” the release stated.

    So, it’s just taking longer and Castor is being diligent.

    You are like a psychic who predicts stuff will be found “near a body of water”. (which can include a lake, pond, stream, water tower or toilet)

    Nothing in the articles even implies shenanigans.

  20. SpongeBob says:

    Seems my theory about Ardo and possible difference of opinion about the report release Tuesday may have legs. With the release now cancelled judging what Castor and Ardo have said in interviews Monday it seems there was a lot more smear that would have been coming and not much else. Quite the interesting turn of events.

  21. David Diano says:


    First you claim to meet with legislators (who aren’t even my customers), then claim you weren’t actually in the meetings, now you claim to have friends in the police who have interviewed me (past tense).

    If you are going to have such an active fantasy life, try some woman on a porn chat site.

  22. William Stauffer says:

    By the way I really did mean the word “no” in the no it all. Sorta play on words not sure you would understand.

  23. William Stauffer says:

    Well genius unlike you you I have lots of friends so I’m leaving for an evening barbecue and watching some fireworks. I really wish you would seek professional help. You’re probably not a bad guy when you’re not trying to be a no it all.

    God Bless our military and their famalies.

    God Bless our Police, Firefighters, EMT’s, and all first responders and their famalies

  24. William Stauffer says:

    Diano- My you are so witty today. So now you are an expert on police procedures involving interviews and conversations between myself and my friends. You are so pathetic and want to try to feel so important and you can’t. Maybe the police were following up on a complaint about a particular posters obsession with accusing others of sex crimes against children. I don’t know maybe they found that the same poster is using derogatory words about mentally challenged children which I’m told are usually the first victims chosen by a child molestor. I’ve read that some molestors live at home because they are a failure in life and in their jobs. Is that why you live with your mom.

    Hmmm sure have a lot in common with these traits.

  25. David Diano says:


    Do you have “friends” in municipal law enforcement who just happen to share with you information about interviews (that never happened in the first place). That’s your new story?

    I guess your mythical friends would have lost their jobs already if they gossip with you.

    You really need to be more original and less sad.

  26. William Stauffer says:

    Diano never claimed to be in law enforcement but do have friends in municipal police agencies so quit acting stupid again. As far as other names you and your buddy HaHaHa are top people who do that. That’s because no one supports your idiotic viewpoints so you establish the false identities. Maybe that’s what the police talked to you about.

  27. William Stauffer says:

    There he goes again Diano when he is verbally bested and is owned resorts back to the old tried method of accusing someone of being a child molestor why does Diano keep raising this issue with no proof unless this is his interests. I’ve never seen a political debate in which the losing party in frustration says to the other party. You’re a child molestor

    Plus Diano now claims to be an expert on police procedures the very group he has despised on posts in here. Diano is owned and needs find something to keep himself busy other than jerking off.

  28. David Diano says:


    Are you now claiming to be in law enforcement? LOL. A sheriffs badge toy from a coin machine doesn’t count.

    Why do you feel the need to make up so many stupid aliases?



  29. William Stauffer says:

    Diablo No wonder you have a job selling lists and you can’t even do that right. A law enforcement can call another one on the phone and discuss information. As far as bj in the parks you and your mom still have first dibs on that since that’s the only income you have.

  30. David Diano says:


    The police are required to keep lists of people they interview. There is no “word of mouth” unless you are dealing with high profile celebrities or politicians.

    If you are going to make up something, at least make it plausible, like I was asked for SpongeBob’s IP addresses to match up against their data on pervs trolling chat sites. But, that information would be better obtained from PoliticsPA server.

    What do you do for a living? BJ’s in the park?

  31. bungy says:

    Press conference Cancelled. Judge now involved. Chuck now working for someone else (and maybe has been), if you get my DRIFT.

  32. William Stauffer says:

    Diano-The only person unhinged is you. Only a unhinged person would make false allegations accusing another of a sexual interest in children. The only exception would be if that person was interested in children which I now believe. You can spin your buisness any way you want but you are a failure. A man who lives in the basement of his mothers house. That my tax dollars now support. As far as interviews who said there was a list you did. Wrong again Duh….Maybe word of mouth but you already know about using your mouth.

  33. David Diano says:


    Well, the tight races that my clients already won in the primaries were solid Dem districts with zero chance of GOP wins in the Fall. So, no worries for the General election of those victories being taken away. The rest are longshots or safe incumbents (most of whom have already paid in advance).

    So, my focus is on supporting the existing clients and preparing for next year’s crop of new ones. It’s rare to get new business after the primary is over, as most campaigns are already committed to their current database at this point (which you’d realize if you had any clue about elections and data).

    O3 and bungy-

    “William” is clearly the poster I’ve nicknamed “DumberThanBagOfTrumpHats”. He’s become quite unhinged. This police interview thing is a new lie, but I don’t see the point of it. There’s no basis in the lie for why I’d be interviewed, nor why he would have access to any list of people interviewed by the police in the first place. So, it’s not particularly creative, as lies go.

  34. bungy says:

    Happy Memorial Day from the REAL BUNGY. The Fake Bungy, I wouldn’t wanna be you.

  35. William Stauffer says:

    Observer 3 and Bungy aka Diano there he goes again with the accusations involving children. He should be investigated. I don’t know was that what the cope were questioning him. Anyway, a guy that has no job lives with his mom in the basement and gets off when he talks about sex with kids sums it up.

  36. bungy says:

    Chuck was put in a tough spot. Shoulda been smarter about his departure though.

  37. Kane's 14th press secretary says:

    What Chuck said

  38. bungy says:

    Careful, O3. He probably fights like a retard too.

  39. William Stauffer says:

    Shut up Observer 3 nobody is talking to you. Besides your Diano anyway. You don’t have a job, live with your mom and are obsessed with accusing someone else of an interest in kids I’m tired of my tax money paying for you and your family and your bff Brett.

  40. Observer #3 says:

    Oh look!! The pathetic RETARD is using “William Stauffer” now. Wonder if he uses that on to solicit children on the Internet …

  41. William Stauffer says:

    Diano is so successfull with his his lists that’s why, wait a minute;

    Diano- “Mom is my breakfast ready?”

    He lives at home with mommy in the basement. Wants to bully everyone who doesn’t agree with him, has a very strange obsession with accusing people of being a child molestor. Yet he is a middle aged guy who is a failure in life so he lives with his mom,. Hates the military and police because he was rejected by both recently interviewed for something by the 2nd. Is lost without his NY bff friend Brett.

  42. SpongeBob says:

    The expression the bigger they are the harder they fall comes to mind. With so many political eyes on Pennsylvania this election season should be a good one. I look forward to seeing how well your candidates perform in voter educated elections.

  43. David Diano says:


    Gee, now that you are happy for my success, it was all worth it.

    Are you waiting for Lassie to save you from the bottom of a well?

    Veronika Vanoza sounds like Trump’s next wife.

  44. Tim says:

    Diano, try using eastern Eropean super-vixen Veronika Vanoza for your next batch of Kane fakes. Vanoza has a bangin’ bod! You won’t be disappointed! It could help your ED!

  45. SpongeBob says:

    I am very happy you have more customers than ever. It would be a shame to take that success for granted. I look forward to hearing how your business is doing during the general election as well.

  46. David Diano says:

    SpongeBob and William-

    You seem to be enjoying this conversation with yourself, but try not to over excite yourself, as Ms SpongeBob gets stuck with cleaning your keyboard.

    You’ve been making all sorts of claims against my business and threats to hurt it, yet, I’ve have more customers this year, and some impressive wins in some closely watched races.

    You’ve never offered a shred of proof that you are anybody of note, fame or infamy.

    I’m not flattered by your jealousy of me.

  47. SpongeBob says:

    David thinks that he is a Democratic Robin Hood bringing voting data to the masses. What I love is how he acts like he is for things like free speech unless someone says something he doesn’t want to hear. Then he resorts to name calling. He points out Kanes magical increase over going after Child predators except it’s not really. She uses the numbers for when Linds Kelly was AG and people changed roles all over the office. Corbett and Fisher before him were very aggressive going after Child Predators, drug dealers and People ripping off consumers but he swallows her talking points like they were true facts. David is a joke who relies on the statements of others rather than to be part of the process and truly know what’s going on in government. He is a hack. A big mouth who wants to bully those who don’t agree. But fear not. He has been exposed here many times and called out for being the overgrown child he is

  48. William Stauffer says:

    Diano- My sources are very good and you sure fit the profile. By the way nobody cares about you and your lists either that’s why your a deadbeat who lives at home with mommy in her basement.Im tired of my tax money to pay for people like you and your mother.

    You sure seemed to be obsessed with talk about sex with children. That’s all you keep bringing up with no facts or statements to support any allegations. Seems like a person who’s either into it or looks for something vile like that when he has to respond after he was just owned by another.

    Or Maybe you’re just mad your bf Brett isn’t here to adopt one of his multiple personalities to support you.

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