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BREAKING: Kane’s Office Searched by Detectives

KaneDetectives are searching Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s office…again.

Last June, Montgomery County DA Risa Ferman issued a search warrant for Kane’s Harrisburg office.

Today, according to the Tribune-Review’s Brad Bumsted, the AG’s office is being searched once more.

Four detectives from Montgomery County arrived with search warrants but Kane’s spokesman Chuck Ardo did not know exactly what they were searching for.

The Attorney General is apparently not in the office today.

We’ll have more on this story as it develops.

30 Responses

  1. just a FYI for those of you who never served as a prosecuting assistant DA or assistant attorney general: it is routine for search warrant applications to be granted by whichever judge or federal magistrate pulls that assignment on the court duty schedule. there is absolutely nothing newsworthy there. it is also common practice to continue to investigate the prosecution’s case after a preliminary hearing. such investigation includes the issuance of search warrants and the conducting of searches. when a defendant, and her paid attorney and public relations reps, publicly state that ms. kane was a mere housewife who never swore an oath to hold secret the proceedings of a certain grand jury , one speculates that a search for her oath might ensue. which it did. then they found the oath which she had signed. let’s now wait for the next shoe to drop.

  2. gulag – we never get to see it. but law enforcement (creeps in this case) will continue to leak that which they want made public. They are a disgrace.

  3. Mario Mendoza sounds like a PR guy for prosecutors everywhere. Prosecution is always right, even when they are desperately searching for evidence. If anyone believes getting a search warrant proves it is based on evidence has not seen many search warrants. BTW, when does the public get to see THIS search warrant and supporting affidavits?

    Even more intriguing, why did a Superior Court judge (who only handles appeals) issue a search warrant to a Montgomery County DA? Either MM is misinformed by Pennlive or Pennlive was misinformed by the “leak” source.

  4. Sounds like somebody is worried they don’t have any real evidence of any crime committed. Better keep looking for something, anything. This is pathetic keep embarrassing, harassing, hindering and searching. Not in the office today sounds like a member of the judiciary.

    What’s next Kane forced Fina,Costanzo and crew to view porno, raciest, misogynist materials at work on State Property ! If anyone should be prosecuted it should be them for “Theft of Service” against the Pennsylvania Taxpayers who had to pay the high salaries and all cost’s associated with their employment!!!

    Hang Kane because of possible leak of GJ information while all these others go unpunished is total Joke !!

  5. LOL Peggy so you are a Kane fan and you like Pedarest State, it doesn’t get much worse than that. What the hell is wrong with you

  6. According to reports from Penn Live the detectives were searching for and ultimately found a signed grand jury secrecy oath that the Attorney General testified didn’t exist. If this is true it bolsters their perjury case against Kane.

    Secondly to DD. You have already written numerous times that you absent a confession by Kane you don’t believe any of the evidence against her. Would you then even understand what you read in the warrant if it were placed in front of you?

    Also, is the Superior Court judge who signed the warrant part of the cabal that is conspiring against Kane?

  7. @ DD:

    My goal – noting your colorful misdirection – was to provide you easy-reference, so that you will be more able to find all your erroneous assertions for…recalling your homework assignment…you will soon be confronted with a monumental task, namely, to recant your myriad errors.

  8. rsklaroff-

    No. It is not possible. After all the complete bullsh*t of this entire investigation, the biggest thing they charged her with was the bogus charge of perjury in their own kangaroo court grand jury.

    Searching her office now is not only a fishing expedition, it’s harassment and intimidation.

    “If they got a search warrant they clearly have evidence that supported the warrant.”

    Not in this case. Let’s see the warrant.

  9. Maybe they were there to seize all of Frank Fina’s emails for an investigation they are conducting him?

  10. When Ardo says he doesn’t know what they were looking for he is clearly not telling the truth. The warrant has to explicit list on the face sheet what items are to be searched for and seized. Now, perhaps Ardo didn’t see the warrant’s face sheet but someone in the office knows exactly what the detectives were looking for.

    Also, the warrant was issued based upon probable cause laid out to a judge that issued the warrant. It would have to explain what evidence was expected to be found and why it was to be found at that location. Defense attorney’s always say that the police were “fishing” during an execution of a search warrant however that argument rarely…and I mean rarely ever works. If they got a search warrant they clearly have evidence that supported the warrant.

  11. @ DD & HHH:

    Is it not possible that the searches were intended to catch even bigger “fish” by adding more cover-up charges?

  12. Larry

    No. They’d make it into dildos for screwing more defendants (and for Fina’s plans for employee training).

    If it was the dems going after a republican, they would gotten all the evidence after the first search, and not gone back a year after what they were investigating.

  13. Larry, you think you are funny degrading Joe Paterno. I have news for you, you aren’t. Fina and Company did all they could to ruin Joe’s reputation, along with Penn State’s. Guess what – Penn State spoke and Corbett lost the election. You must be one of Fina’s co-workers or perhaps you are Fina. Only a sick person would make fun of Joe Paterno and that is you. When the truth comes out, the Attorney General will be vindicated and Fina will be in the hot seat!

  14. Peggy, I heard the detectives searched the AG’s office and found the JoePa statute. They took it to a foundry in Montgomery County and unceremoniously melted it down to make leg irons for Kathleen Kane. Fitting, no?

  15. kanesdriver … oh, kanesdriber …. where ARE you?

    Larry – You sound like a hack Repervlican. I,”for one” (as if it could be “I” in the plural), couldn’t care less about Kane’s political party. She seems like an in-over-her head loon who wasn’t ready for the job. I might vote for the Repervlican who runs against her in 2016.

    But none of that changes what is now obvious – and what the Clown car shills ckeep trying to cover up: Kane, as she alleged from the start, was the target of a hatchet-job smear campaign. The people behind it were the racist sexist creep pigs that have been trying to cover up their misdeeds.

    Nice try, though.

  16. How many times have they searched the office and what have they found? Sounds to me like Montgomery County’s DA doesn’t have enough evidence to prosecute the Attorney General. Can’t wait until ALL the emails are released, we will see what happens and to who! I back the Attorney General 100% and wish her the best.

  17. Kane’s staff has turned on her and is leaking information to the Montco DA that’s why they are still looking for things and uncovering new information since that last searched. its really not that complicated.

  18. I, for one, find it hilarious when the likes of Diano and HaHaHa play amateur lawyer and opine on the manner in which criminal cases should be investigated and prosecuted. It’s especially hilarious because if it were a Republican AG under the very same circumstances, they would be hooting and hollering about how this is further proof of guilt.

    But it’s not a Republican. It is the worst, most inexperienced, most vindictive, and most politically motivated Attorney General we have ever had. And she’s a Democrat.

  19. What judge signed off on these search warrants? What connection do they have to the ongoing nonsense?

    That’s what media should be reporting.

  20. I agree with HaHaHa and David Diano, Montgomery County is fishing and trying to keep AG Kane in the “news” even at the risk of making themselves look like political operatives. “Detectives,” really? This is a classic smear attempt to make Kathleen Kane look bad. Very transparent what is happening.

  21. All good questions, HHH. Now, the Disciplinary board counsel (probably on the porn email chain) will argue that all these searches make her unfit for service as AG – like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Risa really wants to make sure her new colleagues on the bench don’t have to deal with a Real attorney general.

  22. Seems like the DA’s Office does not have the evidence they need to win their case. If they did, they wouldn’t be executing search warrants after the preliminary hearing. At this point, this whole process is making “the system” look worse than Kane could have ever done.

    When are we going to hear about the grand jury that is investigating the leaks from the “secret” Kane grand jury?

    When are Fina and Costanzo going to pay the taxpayers back for their use of Staye computers and government time on porn, racist material and misogynistic material?

  23. “did not know exactly what they were searching for”

    My guess is “fish”, since this another fishing expedition.

    Maybe they are trying to find privileged defense information/strategy?

    There can’t be anything relevant from over a year ago (that the case is supposedly base on) after previous searches.

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