BREAKING: Kathleen Kane Going to Trial

Kane-MugshotAttorney General Kathleen Kane appeared in court today.

She was hopping to get some of the charges against her thrown out, but none were.

Magistrate Judge Cathleen Kelly Rebar ruled that Kane will face a trial on all eight charges, one felony and seven misdemeanors.

The main witness today was Special Investigations Supervisor David Peifer. Peifer was the individual who collected and delivered the documents to Kane that eventually found themselves in a Daily News story.

Peifer also helped Kane’s driver Patrick Reese snoop on grand jury information and employee emails.

The lead Montgomery County detective also testified. Altogether, the hearing lasted four hours.

There were no real surprises in the hearing, although the AG caused a bit of an uproar when she used her twin sister to divert attention when entering the courtroom.

One interesting tidbit, however, is that Kane’s attorneys mentioned Frank Fina and his connection to the pornographic emails.

This appears to be the first official confirmation of the widely-held belief that Kane’s chief adversary Frank Fina is implicated in the sordid emails.

The eight charges Kane is facing include one felony charge of perjury. Among the seven misdemeanors are: four counts of official oppression, two of obstruction and one of false swearing.

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  1. David. Yes or no question. Do you have access to see IP address info for people who post here? For those hating me that’s fine but you should know whether or not he is capturing your info as a commenter that he portrays himself as.

  2. Hypothetically; if General Kane through her investigation of Corbett hacks covering up or slowing down the child rape charges at penn state uncovered PORN emails by employees of AGs office and Supreme Court Justice Mccaffery ; was then subsequently warned (politically threatened) not to embarrass Seamus (Johnny Doc hack) then isn’t it possible that her investigation into IBEW98 30k illegal contribution with respect to Pawlowski Fleck and Reading all tie in together ?!?! After all this whole mess stems from Johnny Doc hack reporter Chris Brennan being the so called source for the alleged illegal leak. This whole thing smells shady. It’s a well known fact Adrian King and Dougherty are friends. Also fact is Chris Brennan doesn’t publish anything unless it politically hurts someone that said NO! to Doc or wouldn’t allow themselves to be owned by him. Google it see his body of work for yourself.
    Psst Seth, it was the crazy man on spring garden st that likes to play with lightbulbs who’s trying to discredit you so he can run Seamus brother Danny McCaffery against you again. Duh!

  3. Nothing seems to have progressed during the 24-hours following my posting yesterday {“The threads of the substantive colloquy, from my perspective, were as follows: [1]–yesterday’s judicial decision was predictable, [2]–AG-Kane inexplicably back-tracked on her claim to want to release the “porn” e-mails, [3]–no one has addressed the potential culpability of Baldwin, [4]–someone should ask Corbett of his perception of FF, and [5]–AG-Kane continues to diminish [both substantively and visually].”}.

    The only new “spin” is the concept that AG-Kane prompted an underling to take the GJ-testimony and to disseminate it under her auspices; no motive, no means, no rationale, no data…NOTHING supports this [desperate] faux-narrative.

    DD is following Hillary to oblivion.

  4. HaHaHa aka BustaPerv is now posting as “eagleswing”


    You’re a total loser.

  5. Senator-

    The point was that they made no pretense about pre-trial going to trial being a foregone conclusion. So, they clearly felt there was no point in giving the defense a chance to put up a defense.

    I was just luring Spongebob out. Now he has to consider reimaging and virus checking his friend’s phone that he borrowed to go surfing on strange sites. Very poor phone etiquette.

    As for Fina, maybe his porn indicated a sympathy toward Sandusky?

  6. David do you honestly think I am posting here from a personal device knowing that shills like you have access to see what gets posted from where? I would have thought your need to show off would have been intercepted by how dumb it is to expose you can see device and ip info. Now everyone knows the access you have. Hey everyone Kathleen Kane’s defender is able to track your info. Run and hide. Unless of course you are a step ahead.

  7. SpongeBob-

    Yeah. reimaging your phone. LOL. Is that euphemism for deleting porn?

    What “big league”? You should name your company since you are so proud of it and that you can post here with all your (alleged) supervisory duties. I post under my own name, so my clients are free to read or not read what I post (not that they have any interest in political news blogs).

    You should post here under your name so your company can be proud of you.

    Well, the weather here a bit warmer than in Maryland, so try to stay cool.

  8. Why do you fools keep having circular personal arguments, its stupid, no one cares.

    Lets talk about how the Chief prosecutor in the Jerry Sandusky case was found to have an extensive pornography collection on his work computer. The true nature of the pornography has not been examined by the public because said Sandusky prosecutor has used the grand jury process to seal said porn.

    Also, how many hours did Frankie spend, on the taxpayers dime, convincing Judge Carpenter to seal his porn collection. Since everyone seems interested in finding out if Kane’s sister put in leave time for being in court yesterday, lets find out if Frankie also put in leave time with the Philly DA’s office for his personal work to keep his porn obsession from public view.

    Since preventing disclosure of his pornography habit seems personal and not in the public interest he should have been doing this on his own time. The fact is many good people lost jobs and their good reputations for being outed in the porngate scandal, so Frankie, being able to keep his name secret has real measurable value and the taxpayers shouldn’t be paying him while he protects his own personal interests.

  9. DD–they didn’t have to give him the transcript at all until after arraignment. Certainly not before a preliminary hearing. Where do you practice law again??

  10. So the company you consult for is cool with you posting your highly nonsensical posts? Also I am reimaging my phone so using someone else’s phone to read nonsense like your love of Kane. Those of us who work in the big leagues do stuff like that. If you are so confident about your employers endorsement tell us who they are.

  11. SpongeBob-
    1) I could be in a boring meeting
    2) I could set my own hours
    3) I could post while I’m waiting for code to compile or jobs to run
    4) I could work evenings to perform updates/maintenance so as not to interfere with live operations

    But, I don’t have to (pretend to) borrow someone else’s phone to post here. If you are at work, why are you borrowing someone’s phone to post? It’s a nice, sunny day in Springfield. You should try and get out of the office for a bit.

  12. David thanks for the technical tip but since this is not my phone I was not used to the auto the autocorrect. Much like you have no clue wha you speak of. Guess what. The go get dirt request violates the grand jury laws and means bye bye Kane. Does it truly matter whose idea anyway. She said get it done. Anyway what say you to that. Also when are your office hours since you are always on here? When do you actually work?

  13. SpongeBob-

    You should take advantage of Samsung’s offer of a $1 trial to replace your iPhone. It must be tough posting here using that tiny screen. (Do you have tiny hands?) They may be running out of test phones, so you might want to hurry. You can still stay on your ATT plan.

    My point about Peifer is that he may have picked the means to acquire information, without Kane providing specifics. If she said: “Find me some dirt on X” that doesn’t mean she said: “Break into his house or a filing cabinet” when she expected him to just “ask people around the office” for gossip.

    I was opening the possibility that he crossed the line on his own initiative.

  14. Damn auto correct meant points of view for my good buddy David. Who also does not know legal procedure.

  15. David does the company you consult for endorse your parents int of view? I mean I am sure your parents , I mean the company might have their own view. Considering how much you post I wonder when you have time I work. Unless this is your job of course.

  16. Senator-

    It sounded like he wasn’t given the time/resources to mount a fair defense during the preliminary hearing to question/counter the charges. It’s unlikely that it would have made any difference in a biased Montco courtroom, but he had to get his objections on the record. He also brought up the Fina porn and indicated there were a lot of emails.

  17. I think it’s sweet that David updated his namesake website to reflect his admiration for me. And then he wrecked by insinuating that Dave Peifer could be smart enough to act recklessly with the law in a valiant defense of his girlfr ……. Err……. The AG. Dave seems to be known for being a know it all and in reality a few shades away from being a garden plant. This AG is in charge right? Plus why else would be included in their pillow talk….

  18. From what I read, I don’t have a clue what the hell Kane’s defense attorney was trying to do yesterday. It seems he was just whining he didn’t have enough time to read the transcript (that didn’t by law have to be provided to him at all at this stage) and tried to bring up topics irrelevant to this particular hearing.

    And this guy is the high powered NYC lawyer to the mob? Maybe he should brush up on Pennsylvania procedure before his next appearance.

  19. SpongeBob-

    No. I consult at mid-sized company between 10 and 100 people. I never said I had anyone working for me. I’ve also got my voter data business on the side.

    But, I did update my “under construction site” in a way you’d appreciate.

    Jack Williams-
    This is how Montco DA can get (pay off) a witness without cash exchanging hands. Peifer’s admissions should be a firing offense, despite immunity from prosecution deal, if the DA’s case was consistent.

    All this stuff that Peifer claims Kane authorized.. how much of it was her idea vs his idea? Did she say: try to find out about XYZ and he came up with the inappropriate means himself?

    Deeeez Nutz-
    So, you are insinuating she had affair with Peifer. Others are insinuating she had affair with her driver. Sounds like people are watching too many daytime soap operas.

    “Heavens to murgatroid” (Murgatroyd) was the catch-phrase of Snagglepuss, not Wally Gator.

    You’re making HaHaHa’s point. The perjury charge is outsized and over emphasized.

    Yes. Peifer’s testimony requires a lot of assumptions about things he did not witness, including reading the documents he allegedly gave her. His testimony is that she leafed through them briefly, and set them aside. Not that she read them carefully, nor even put them in her brief case for later study. According to his testimony, anyone with access to her desk could have taken them, copied them, etc. She could have given them to someone else to read to look for red flags, etc. (since the people against her don’t think she did her job diligently, why do they think she was diligent reading this document).

  20. eagleswing, the testimony of Josh Morrow is that Kane called him, Kane told him that King would deliver Mondesire documents, Kane told him to get that into the media, and King delivered the documents as promised by Kane. No, there is no video of Kane placing the documents into the envelope, but the evidence is enough to support guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

  21. as i read the grand jury act, both Peifferr as an AG investigator , and his boss kane, would have a perfect right as law enforcement officials to access any grand jury testimony. It’s the leaking of it to the press, then lying about it that forms the basis of the current charges. As to the previous comment : ” I was hoping this “flipped” cooperator could actually provide direct evidence that AG Kane illegally leaked something. Looks like he can’t.. ” Read the grand jury indictment . Peiffer was not the one who allegedly hand delivered the secret GJ stuff at Kane’s direction. She told one of her asst. AG’s to deliver that package, (presumably without telling him what was in it…) Expect to hear from that messenger at trial…

  22. HaHaHa, You said, “The focus on perjury (rather than the illegal leaking of protected GJ material) seems very much like what Starr did when he tried to jack-pot Bill Clinton.”

    Actually, perjury carries much bigger consequences in this case than it did in Clinton’s case. Under the PA constitution, a perjury conviction bars Kane from any public office forever. And the “direct evidence” is as plain as day to support such a conviction. Get your head out of the sand.

  23. DP a repub out I get Kane. The guy was…..what do the kids call it these days? We’ll nevermind. But to act like he is not credible. Muhahahahahahaha. Just like David Dianos revenue numbers, she is going down (no pun intended since DP is primary topic here)

  24. Marie, Marie, Marie….sweetheart–KK hand-selected Dave Peifer. Not only did she hand-select him, he was — without question — her most-trusted and relied upon confidant. It doesn’t even end there, but I’ll let others fill in the rest related to their “relationship.”

  25. Why didn’t Peiffer say no? Because he’s a republican who was out to get the Attorney General. So how much of his testimony is true and how much did he make up to get a deal or immunity? On Bonusgate, Corbett gave a lady immunity to testify, now she is back working in the same position she had before. She was just as guilty as the rest, but she was granted immunity because she was a friend of Corbett’s and a Republican! I will say this again, don’t trust the other party – get rid of all of them and bring your own trusted (key word) team in.

  26. Irony, how can the Attorney General’s Office continue to pay Peifer who has admitted to felonies and yet discipline or fire employees who had pornography

  27. Rather than focusing on the professional bickering, it is desirable to recall the status of the fundamental discussion as depicted a few PoliticsPa-pages ago; interim digressions [related to AG-Kane’s having Promoted Agent Suspended for Emails and to AG-Kane’s sister having served briefly as a distraction] are therefore ignored.

    The threads of the substantive colloquy, from my perspective, were as follows: [1]–yesterday’s judicial decision was predictable, [2]–AG-Kane inexplicably back-tracked on her claim to want to release the “porn” e-mails, [3]–no one has addressed the potential culpability of Baldwin, [4]–someone should ask Corbett of his perception of FF, and [5]–AG-Kane continues to diminish [both substantively and visually].

    The below hyperlinks provide grist for those who would challenge this summary, taking also into account documentation of DD’s perfidy, anti-Semitism, [creative-writing capacity], and admitted-perspective that posting on PoliticsPa is merely “sport.”

  28. So you have more than 10 people working for you? I find that hard to believe. You know when you put all you eggs in one basket…. Well I shouldn’t spoil things. I say thee good luck in whatever the next chapter brings for you.

  29. SpongeBob-

    I abandoned that site years ago when I got a regular client with constant stream of business over a decade ago. I stopped looking for and taking on work from other clients after that.

    I STILL keep getting annoying solicitation calls for business listings and directories that have my contact info.

  30. I am looking forward to the redesign of your website for your consulting firm. How long has the site been that way? Actually let me check that out for you…

  31. SpongeBob-

    Asked you first.

    But, in answer to my three questions for myself:

    Private, between 10 and 100, business.

    While, I have worked for larger companies, and even government contractors, and large financial, in the past, I prefer mid-sized companies.

    Your turn. I’m not even asking you to post your name. Just some rough outline to support your claims.

  32. SpongeBob
    Correction to number 2 (browser ate the greater than symbols)

    Should be:
    – less than 10
    – greater than 100
    – or in between

  33. Tell us about the Haiti / D.R. trip, Peifer.

    Hey BustaPerv — you’re a loser. How’s that popcorn?

  34. SpongeBob-

    That just means you are slow at math and count on you fingers and toes so it takes longer for small numbers. Also, being paid in Six Flags coupons isn’t something to brag about.

    Working the cash register at a barber shop, when you aren’t sweeping the floor, isn’t really that high tech.

    But, I’ll give you a chance to demonstrate otherwise:
    Three questions:
    1) do you work for private or government?
    2) number of users: 100 or in between?
    3) primary area of company/employer: political, business, legal, financial, or scientific?

    My guess for you is: private, under 10, business

  35. David, I would have commented sooner but, man it is hard working counting all this money they pay me for being so damn awesome! In no time I will once again disagree with all of your left wing nutbar comments. Until then its nice to watch the fall of the once revered Kathleen Kane. I mean heck even BustaPerv….err..Hahahaha is even bagging on Kane

  36. Is this really Breaking news … No chance any of the charges were going to be dismissed … The real breaking news is … “Chief prosecutor in the jerry Sandusky case found to have pornography collection depicting potential victims of sex trafficking”

  37. SpongeBob-

    You should get used to the pain. LOL.

    I was surprised you didn’t chime in sooner. I thought maybe you were busy using your mad tech skills to program sex robots for the next scandal.

  38. I was hoping this “flipped” cooperator could actually provide direct evidence that AG Kane illegally leaked something. Looks like he can’t.

    Can someone answer me on this — Was Kenneth Starr at the prosecution table? The focus on perjury (rather than the illegal leaking of protected GJ material) seems very much like what Starr did when he tried to jack-pot Bill Clinton.

  39. Dave Peifer is doing what he always seems to have done for his career, be loyal until he can cut a better deal. It pains me to agree with DD but why the hell does he not just say No! Yet here he will be rewarded for agreeing to break the law and get a free pass.

  40. Here’s a question for Peifer: Why didn’t you just say “No”, if this was all wrong?

  41. Looks like Dave Peiffer made a deal to save himself. Bound to to hurt his credibility among his peers. Wonder how it will affect his relationship with Feds.

  42. How long until we can view the list of all the elected officials on Seamus email train who viewed porn and racism and commented on it via email reply ?

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