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Breaking: Marino No Longer Joining Trump Administration

220px-Tom_Marino_Official_Portrait,_112th_CongressCongressman Tom Marino (R-Lycoming) will no longer be stepping down from his current position to join the Trump administration.  

According to U.S. News & World Report, no reason has been given for why Marino is no longer under consideration for the post.  Marino had been reported to be in the final stages of completing a move to head the Office of National Drug Control Policy in the Trump White House.  

“We have no comment on this topic,” Marino’s Chief of Staff Sara Rogers told U.S. News & World Report.

The move by the Trump administration ends speculation about who would be chosen by both parties to run in the special election that would be called to replace Marino.

Update: Marino released a statement about the possible posting.

“Due to a critical illness in my family, I have, with regret and the utmost respect, informed the White House that I must withdraw my name from consideration for Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy,” Marino said in the statement.

Marino announced he will remain in Congress.

16 Responses

  1. @Lizard. The Republicans would have had more than enough money to spend on a special election this year for the 10th and the regular election in 2018. The party has money, and should have amassed an impressive war chest by next fall.

    The AP and US News and World Report articles are old news. But the White House would have at the least thoroughly checked Marino out before even offering him the drug czar job. And if the stories had been determined to have had any substance at all, Marino would not have even been considered.

    As to Marino’s seat possibly being at risk, I can only refer readers to the April 11th and 12th articleson the PoliticsPA website. Republicans don’t seem to have many worries. No one in the 10th who voted for Marino that I’ve talked with, and I’ve talked with a lot of them, regrets their vote or has any intention of voting for anyone else than a Republican next election. Nor does anyone they have talked with who voted Republican have any plans to change their vote next time, either.

  2. I guessing of I will support him for his potential reelection campaign in 2018.

  3. Republicans didn’t want to pay for the seat twice — a special election this year and then again next year. They’ve already had to cough up a bunch of money to save two “safe” seats already, and they may still lose one of those. But the article states what NEPA press has been reporting for years, but which 10th district voters apparently don’t care about.

    “Issues from Marino’s past have surfaced in the press, including an allegation that as an elected county prosecutor he went judge-shopping in 1998 to win a cocaine-dealing expungement for a friend, hand-delivering a request to a jurist after the request was denied by a more senior judge.

    In 2006, Marino served as a reference for businessman and convicted felon Louis DeNaples, who sought successfully to open a casino. Marino was a U.S. attorney, and The Associated Press reported his office was investigating DeNaples at the time of the reference.

    Marino resigned shortly after the DeNaples reference was reported and earned a roughly $250,000 salary working for DeNaples, according to the AP, before running for Congress.”

  4. Trump decided Gorka would make a better drug czr, since he’s already half Nazi.

  5. Some people stay and some people go, to jail. He did not want to be one of the latter.

  6. Yeah, come on back, Tommy. Try to keep your seat. Wait, weren’t you one of those. Term limit guys? Well let’s limit your term. Save us the trouble you corrupt. . .

  7. Maybe he just didn’t do a good enough job polishing Trump’s ass.

  8. Can’t wait to see the 2nd Quarter FEC filings to see exactly when Marino’s fundraising picked back up again.

  9. They must of found out how much money he was taking from big pharma and the legal heroin dealers … How can he fight the epidemic when the companies that got an entire generation addicted to their drugs own him?

  10. Even too crazy for Trump? That’s PA’s own Tom “Tommy the Nutbag” Marino. How proud we must be!

  11. It’s good that Marino is staying. He would have made a good drug czar, but he is better fitted to represent the 10th CD in Congress.

    Both Marino and Barletta were reported as strong contenders for jobs with the Trump administration. However, both would be best remaining here in PA building further Republican support for the Trump administration.

    Most residents of the 10th feel a lot more comfortable with Marino than some of the contenders for his seat that popped up like mushrooms when the possibility of his departure was announced.

  12. Interesting that this was announced the day after a Libertarian candidate announced.

  13. Marino probably saw the handwriting on the wall, Trump will be impeached. Why give up a secure cake job, when you might be employed for 6 months max?

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