Breaking: Marino to Join Trump White House

220px-Tom_Marino_Official_Portrait,_112th_CongressCongressman Tom Marino (R-Lycoming) is expected to step down from his seat in Congress to head the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) for the Trump Administration.  

According to CBS News, Marino is in the final steps of paperwork with an official announcement coming soon.  

Marino’s office declined to comment on the story.  

If Marino does, it will kick off a special election in the Pa.-10.  The race would garner national attention as Marino was the fifth member of Congress to endorse Trump during the primary last year.  

Trump won the district 66 to 30, and Marino won the district by 30 points.  Romney won the district in 2012 60 to 38.  

Marino was elected in the Republican wave of 2010, defeating incumbent Democrat Chris Carney.

13 Responses

  1. Drug control? Maybe this wack job can find something that works for himself. I had the displeasure of meeting him in his D.C. office, the guy foams at the mouth over the slightest provocation. Perfect fit for Trump and his band of crazies.

  2. To all you haters: Marino came out for term limits long before Trump. Yep, he is basically fulfilling a promise he won’t be another Nancy Pelosi, or Maxine Waters or any of the other putrid life long politicians.

    Tom has been a great rep. His office personally helped me in a veterans matter. He had a couple of votes I didn’t like, but a 950+ batting average isn’t bad.

    You Dems chance of flipping the District has about as much chance as a snowball’s chance in hell. Get use to it.

  3. Guess we should be glad he isn’t helping on foreign policy. Remember Tom Marino is the guy who, after complaining about the Obama adminsitration’s actions in Libya, asked “Where does it stop. Do we go into Africa next/”

  4. After the unchallenged and egregious gerrymandering in 2010, the 10th is an R+16 district. It was a starkly different district under Carney. I am not saying it is impossible, but it would be quite a feat to flip the 10th.

  5. This district is the heart of Trumpland. Barring the Republicans nominating someone who beats their mistress, this is safe Republican.

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