BREAKING: McCord Resigns

Rob-McCord-lores1State Treasurer Rob McCord has submitted his resignation to Governor Tom Wolf.

McCord is set to step down on February 12th. Chief Counsel Christopher Craig will be taking over.

“Please accept this letter as formal notification that I will resign from the Office of State Treasurer, effective 5 p.m. on February 12, 2015,” McCord wrote in his formal letter to Gov. Wolf. “It has been the privilege of a lifetime to serve the citizens of the Commonwealth as their elected State Treasurer for the past six years. But with my goals at Treasury now achieved – and with a new Governor now in office to appoint my successor – it is time for me to return to the private sector, where most of my life’s work has been.”

He went on to list his accomplishments in office and praised his employees.

“Be assured that as I resign as State Treasurer, I leave the office under highly competent guidance and stewardship. I have designated Christopher B. Craig, current Chief Counsel to the department and former acting Chief of Staff, to assume the duties and responsibilities of the Office of State Treasurer until such time as a successor is nominated, confirmed and duly qualified pursuant to the state Constitution.”

McCord and Wolf never had a great relationship. They opposed each other in the Democratic primary and after Wolf sprinted out to his lead, McCord attacked Wolf’s business practices and pension plans. Most memorably, McCord hit Wolf for standing by his friend Charles Robertson after it was revealed Robertson was involved in a 1969 race riot.

At one point, McCord held a press conference where he played an obscene message from a racist caller who spoke ill of McCord and his wife Leigh Jackson, who is black.

During that event, he said walking away from Robertson was the “easiest of calls”. Therefore, he continued, “I, for one, worry about his [Wolf’s] ability to make the tough calls.”

The State Treasurer did try in his letter, however, to downplay any perception that his relationship to the new Governor was the reason behind his resignation.

“I would be remiss if I were to conclude this letter without once again offering you my personal

congratulations on your recent election as Pennsylvania’s new Governor,” McCord said. “As I leave this elected office, I know the citizens of the Commonwealth will be well served by your stewardship.”

It does not appear McCord is seeking another office, he denied any interest in a 2016 Senate race last November.

Update: Governor Wolf released the following statement on Treasurer McCord’s resignation:

“Treasurer Rob McCord has honorably and diligently served the people of Pennsylvania. In the past six years, Treasurer McCord has saved our commonwealth over a billion dollars by modernizing the Treasury Department, expanding innovative programs for our citizens, and protecting Pennsylvania’s best interests. I thank him for his tremendous service, commitment and dedication and wish him well in his new endeavors.”

Update 2: Mike Neilon of 6ABC is reporting that McCord is currently under federal investigation:

Update 3: McCord spokesman Gary Tuma released the following statement in response to the reports about an investigation:

“This is not a matter on which the Treasury Department can comment. Treasury routinely receives investigatory subpoenas or requests for documents from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. It has been the department’s policy to cooperate with and fully respond to all law enforcement inquiries, and to honor the confidentiality of any such inquiry. We defer to the law enforcement authorities on whether to comment on, or even confirm, any such inquiry.”

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  1. Does he ( Rob ) and others like him receive a state pension ? If so something so be done about it ! It is bad enough they got paid while trying to extort money and or favors while in office . Another disgusting politician.

  2. From Philly Inquirer:

    Pennsylvania State Treasurer Rob McCord will plead guilty to federal charges that he used the lure of state business to strongarm political contributors during his failed gubernatorial bid last year, according to a statement released by his lawyers Friday.

    McCord, in a video statement, apologized for the mistake, saying he had “stepped over the line” in dealing with two potential campaign contributors.

    “I stepped over the line by trying to take advantage of the fact that two potential contributors hoped to continue to do business with the Commonwealth – and by developing talking points to remind them that I could make things difficult for them,” McCord said.

    “The mistake and fault here is mine and mine alone,” he said.

    His Philadelphia defense lawyers, Robert Welsh and Catherine Recker, said they expect “he will enter a guilty plea to federal charges to be filed in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania in the near future.”


  3. BREAKING: McCord to plead guilty to extorting donors

    “Investigators have been tracking McCord’s campaign funds and the alleged theft of funds. According to the video, the charges against McCord were raised after he allegedly told potential campaign contributors that if they did not give money he could make it difficult for them to do business in the state.”

  4. Even outside of rumors of investigation, again the People of Pennsylvania encounter the crap that runs downhill from our archaic election law. Why do we allow an individual in a sitting state office with an uncompleted term to run for another state office? Why do we allow individuals to run for two state offices at the same time? Even if the Treasurer is not leaving because he wanted to be Governor, it could certainly appear that way. The People of Pennsylvania end up with a treasurer that they have not selected by vote. Likewise, when individuals are allowed to run for two state offices at one time, the People of Pennsylvania bear any cost of an election for the office that candidate does not fill. Barring outright illegal activity or complete ineffectiveness, don’t these elected officials feel an obligation to FULFILL WHAT THEY PROMISED? And (I love ya, Eugene, but you are an example of this) when the candidate KNOWS that they could not fulfill BOTH Auditor General AND Representative, don’t they feel some failure to fulfill promises made running for two offices knowing darn well they can not possibly serve them both? It makes absolutely no sense, allows people to just walk away from commitments they have made, and costs the People of Pennsylvania money. Enough already! By the way, if someone is serving in an office that is going to end at the time a new term for which they wish to run would end, I do not necessarily object to their running, just to their being able to “hedge their bets” so to speak and run for two offices.

  5. Julia

    I was looking for people to list common forms of campaign theft. I was just suggesting possible forms that could occur without involving the treasurer of the campaign. There might be other interesting forms of theft.

    I’m wondering if any of the (alleged) theft is off the books completely, or if some of the campaign expense entries are false.

    Was there a red flag in the reported data, or did someone inside the campaign squeal, or did a donor report something amiss?

    In cases like this, what is the most common/likely method?

  6. Pennsylvanians across the Commonwealth can take a collective sigh of relief that we won’t have to endure another divisive, self-imploding campaign from this arrogant man. His political career is officially over, unless he mounts a campaign for kitchen duty in prison.

  7. David Diano I don’t think the feds are going to come here to tell you about their investigation. And FYI I’m a Democrat, I just don’t want people like that representing me.

  8. Who was McCord’s campaign treasurer?

    How were funds stolen? Used for personal stuff? Cash collected from donors, but not reported/turned-over to campaign treasurer? Expenditures for items not actually purchased?

    Just trying to list/understand types of campaign theft.

  9. Rob McCord is a self centered jerk. He is fake and one of the biggest crooks of them all. All of the State Committee kool-aid drinkers are probably crying because another one of their false gods is going down. Good riddance you scumbag.

  10. @Montco PA Dem Probably because he’s under investigation for…not leaking classified details of a prosecution…not steering federal money toward friends and relatives…but “theft of campaign and other funds”, which is a new one for PA Dems this year

  11. Why would you think that, Julia? McCord was not as damaged in the primary as many here would like you to think. He could attract a lot of “anybody but Sestak” money pretty quickly.

  12. The world will little note, nor long remember, what we say here. But it can never forget the idiocy of the Democrats like Andrew Blum, Observer and Montco PA Dem displayed here.

    –Abraham Lincoln

  13. Someone, screenshot this, quick, before this guy can return to his mother’s basement to delete it!

    Andrew Blum says:
    January 29, 2015 at 11:23 am
    Thank you to Mr. McCord for his service to the Commonwealth, I think we are all in his debt for his stellar service as state treasurer. I for one wish him the best in his future endeavors, whatever they may be.

  14. Told ya!

    6abc Action News just confirmed Rob McCord is under federal investigation!

  15. Observer: McCord bought the Treasurer’s race by putting in over $1mm of his own money in 2008, and more when including both campaigns. It’s in the campaign finance reports. So, one millionaire beat another. Rob is a venture capitalist and Wharton MBA. He has more haughty credentials than Wolf, if anything…

    The Democrats will have the advantage in 2016, but not because of the nominee… since the Senate is under R control, the Treasurer nominee will likely have to promise not to run in 2016 to make it ‘fair.’ That’s what happened with Treasurer Weissman when Casey resigned.

    Brad – I’m just pointing out Rob for what he is, and ambition and accomplishment are so intertwined that they are twins. His very reason for running for Treasurer was to become Governor. We will know where Rob is heading after this, but I bet it’s for a well-paying job. Can’t fault him for that, but he was elected to a four-year term and he is breaking his deal to the voters and supporters.

  16. McCord is anything but Honest!

    -Rendell and Casey both call him out and condemn his behavior and his self-imploding campaign…
    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

    -McCord’s own family calls him a liar: McCord tries to get votes by claiming he was raised by a single Mom; Not true!
    Source: Patriot News-Penn Live

    McCord outsourced PA jobs to India while he was in the private sector!
    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

    McCord used taxpayer dollars for lavish hotels in NY and DC!

    Rated one of the worst persons in the world in 2014 by

    Add it all up and you have one sick, narcissistic, erratic, uncontrolled, angry product of Wall Street who has done everything possible to divide our party and only look out for himself. Good riddance!!

    His political career is over!!

  17. Appointee will be a caretaker and likely not run. Senate will not confirm a potential candidate for 2016.

  18. And make no mistake – he is doing Wolf a big favor here: whoever Wolf nomiates as a replacement will have an overwhelming advantage in the fall election. Let’s hope it is someone as honest as McCrod.

  19. He was the only actual Progressive in that race. He got beat by a Millionaire’s cash – Wolf bought that election, like any good DINO. I hope Rob runs again.

  20. I’ve known Rob McCord for over 15 years. He is an honorable and decent guy. Once I read more about the incident, I disagreed with his attack on Wolf regarding the 1969 riot and Wolf’s “standing by” the guy until after the facts were known. I think the attacks were over the top. But I know Rob takes the racial issues very seriously. He has done a good job as Treasurer. The state would be well served if all of our elected officials had the same level of integrity. I can understand why it would be difficult for him to serve under Wolf given that the disagreement was not one of policy, but of what could only be described as a philosophical basis by which one views those types of issues.

  21. Quite apparently has another mission in mind. I echo Governor Wolf’s comments. Thanks for your service, Rob, and best wishes for your future.

  22. The history of Rob McCord when he resigns is what he accomplished in office.

    The speculation about the reasons for leaving is based on subjective and partisan perspectives based on motives to malign or praise the person rather than the job he did in the positions he is leaving.

    I shun the pettiness of those who subjectively believe that any man in who served in an elected position should be judged by his political history rather than his actions in the office he held. That is just plain mean and petty posturing.

    Mc Cord has chosen to leave! Let his reputation good or bad be based on the office and how he lived to serve it, not the ambitions he had as a man seeking to have his reach exceed his grasp. Ambition is personal and exists in most who seek elective office.

    Sour grapes about not liking a man should not be part of the job evaluation for how he functioned.

  23. He is an embarrassment to our state. I’ve never seen such a poorly ran campaign in my life. He revealed his true colors. He would say or do anything to get a vote. He should be ashamed of the lies he told and the racially motivated campaign he so poorly conducted. I hope I never see his name on a ballot ever again! Good riddance!

  24. Joe McC – As someone who has witnessed Rob’s handiwork, I unfortunately can say that Rob is just like the rest of ’em. Degrees do not necessarily make you well qualified, especially in politics. All he wanted to do was be Governor. His ambition was a disservice to the State. Ironically, he was loosely even qualified to be Treasurer to begin with (the venture capital and asset management, public finance world are not identical). Again, Rob is only looking our for #1.

  25. It is a sad day when Pennsylvania loses a supremely well-qualified politician such as Mr. McCord. (Harvard undergrad and U of Pa MBA.)
    Rob – Best and warmest wishes and thanks for serving. Too bad we don’t have more like you.
    (I am certain that many of the thoughts posted following mine will be loutish and uninformed conjecture. Please assign them to the lack-of-brains trash can where they belong.) Joe McCaffrey

  26. Rob McCord is DOA politically. He has alienated the Democratic establishment and much of the political base with his primary performance. The only reason he even sought the Treasurer’s job in 2008 was to run for Governor… and he started down that path as soon as he stepped into the office. It’s clear that since he no longer can obtain his prize, being Treasurer has no merit. Rob is only looking out for #1, and it surprises me that anyone else can view him differently.

  27. Now things are beginning to make sense. This explains why Wolf hadn’t appointed Alan Kennedy-Shaffer to a cabinet post. He was waiting for this opportunity. Genius!!

  28. Rob McCord self-imploded on the campaign trail after lying abou this past and conducting a racially charged campaign. I’m sure there is a scandal waiting to break following this news. He is just another typical, arrogant politician. So glad his political career is over!!!

  29. I was as unhappy as Ed Rendell and Bob Casey over McCord’s attacks on Governor Wolf. But let’s honor his service, as our Governor has done. Political desperation brings out the evil angels of our human nature, and forgiveness brings out the better angels of that nature.

  30. Rob is a good man and I for one will miss him. He was a dedicated Treasurer for the State of Pa. He had the best interest in our State. Good luck in your future endeavors. Thanks for the work you have done and your loyalty.

  31. When you run for an office, you complete the term; it’s a contract with voters. If McCord announces a run for Senate, a six-year term, will he quit halfway through it? He ought never to be considered qualified for elective office again.

  32. Thank you to Mr. McCord for his service to the Commonwealth, I think we are all in his debt for his stellar service as state treasurer. I for one wish him the best in his future endeavors, whatever they may be.

  33. To say McCord and Wolf “never had a great relationship” is just wrong. They were good friends for many, many years. That is until McCord’s desperate lies – which he did not believe himself – showed him for who is really is. A rewrite of the above is in order.

  34. See ya!! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!! So thankful that your divisive and arrogant political career is over!! You can’t lie about your past and use the race card anymore!!

  35. Good to know that he’s so committed to public service that he’s quitting now that he didn’t get to be governor…

  36. Three months of building the war chest and lining up support followed by a May announcement that he’s changed his mind and is running for Senate. Book it.

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