UPDATE: Mitt Romney to Campaign in Pittsburgh on Election Day

According to multiple reports, Mitt Romney has scheduled an election day visit to Pittsburgh.

According to Salena Zito of the Tribune Review, The event will be at or near the Pittsburgh Airport. It gives Romney an opportunity to reach suburban Allegheny and Southern/Eastern Ohio votes essential to his chances of winning Pennsylvania and Ohio, thus winning the Presidency.

It’s a curious move by the Romney campaign, which will now literally be working until the last possible day to win Pennsylvania. An election day stump could weaken the get out the vote effort for Romney on election day. A large rally would likely mean pulling significant resources from polling places.

In contrast, President Obama will be  spending the day in Chicago with his family.

This visit, plus Both Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan‘s visits over the weekend, have solidified the fact that the Romney camp is serious about its chances of winning Pennsylvania. Polls in Pennsylvania have shown that the race is narrow, however many experts believe that PA is still a safe Obama state. Nonetheless, this hasn’t stopped GOP PACs from pouring nearly $12 million into ads.


Romney will be visiting The Pittsburgh International Airport at 3:00 on Tuesday, according to a release by the campaign.

Romney’s visit will be a two-state blitz, as he is scheduled to speak in Cleveland, Ohio as well.

In response to Romney’s visit, Desiree Peterkin Bell, Senior Director of Communications for Obama, released a statement calling Romney’s play for Pennsylvania “a desperate hail mary.”

“According to Pollster.com, there have been 53 independent public polls in Pennsylvania this year and not one has had Mitt Romney in the lead, or even tied. Pennsylvania remains out of Mitt Romney’s reach today, just as it was out of reach for the last five Republican candidates who made last minute plays for the state and failed to carry it.

 “Mitt Romney recognizes that Ohio has moved away from him, and without it he has no plausible path to 270 electoral votes. A few days of campaigning and an avalanche of special interest funded negative TV ads will not save Romney from his policies of the past that crashed the economy and punished the middle class. Pennsylvanians are committed to moving forward with President Obama, not returning to the same tired policies that Romney is campaigning on.”

Here are the details of Romney’s Pittsburgh visit.

Event:                     Mitt Romney Arrives In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Location:                  Atlantic Aviation Services
Pittsburgh International Airport
300 Horizon Drive
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Arrival Time:            2:55 PM EST

Additional details will be provided.


17 Responses

  1. Remarkable how disdainful — even hateful — the Obama Communications Director is. These folks have huge egos and no interest in getting along with / working with anyone. If you deign to disagree with them, they will take pleasure at stepping in your face.

    Also remarkable how many of the pro-Obama responses seem to be based on stories / on fiction. The first one, for example, seems spun from absolutely nothing.

  2. Hey Marie, at least Ryan won’t model his vice presidency after Joe Biden. That would be an impossible feat for any one with any intelligence! You can’t make up the goofy stuff that Biden says and does. Saturday Nigh Live will probably hire uncel Joe as a writer after he is fired today.

  3. I live in Western PA and spend a lot of time in Ohio. All I see is Romney Ryan. The right change is coming.

  4. a republican running for president cant win if he cant capture ohio and sorry to say obama will definetly win ohio that is why romney is in pa today to try in win in pa and according to history and every poll that was taken aint gonna happen.4 more long years president obama

  5. are you PA citizens really this stupid? Corporate backers? You act like BHO isn’t bought by corporations as well. Morons. And Romney is not President Bush. Bush was a C sudent who didn’t know his ass from his elbow

  6. I’m very glad that Romney is having a rally in PA. This will take away personnel and resources during GOTV critical hours.

    Just one more reason why Romney is too f*cking dumb to be president.

  7. God help us all if Romney wins. Any progress made to clean up the Bush-era mess will disappear and be replaced by the greed of the Romney/Ryan corporate backers. Good bye middle class. Good bye women’s rights. I don’t want to see what the Romney/Ryan new normal will be!

  8. Go Romney/Ryan! —The USA and PA/OH states can’t afford 4 more years of partisan, debt ridden, re-distributive, misguided policies of the current administration. I think Romney’s decision to stump in PA/OH on election is the perfect conclusion to what I hope will be a land slide for conservatism. No matter the outcome, we the people must keep after our representatives else we will find ourselves back in the old world of crony capitalism. Create a level playing field and then get the government out of the way except to enforce the law and protect us from our enemies! Let us each exercise our first amendment rights to practice freedom of religion (not that is not “from religion”). If I invest my time, money and resources as an entrepreneur, then I get to offer my employees the healthcare of my choosing and in accordance with my religious beliefs. If an employee does not like it, they are free to work elsewhere or to buy insurance on their own to supplement what I provide. My point here is that Obamacare is not only trampling on the rights of church affiliated organizations like schools and hospitals, but on every devout religious employer who offers health insurance which was consistent with his/her beliefs….thank you for reading my comments….I encourage all conservatives to vote and all others to really consider if their intended vote is truly consistent with our founders’ intentions. It is OK to realize that Obama didn’t deliver what he promised and not only because of Congressional gridlock; he simply is not bi-partisan enough to get the job done. With him, it has been my way or the highway. May God bless each reader of this blog and each voter with the gift of His wisdom.

  9. If Romney wins, we have a chance of getting our economy back on track and helping people find decent employment. If Obama wins, we get impeachment proceedings regarding the Benghazi coverup involving 4 brave Americans that were left behind to be slaughtered by terroritsts.

  10. Is it open to the public or do you need an invite? I’d love to vote and then rally on my next President.

  11. Watch out would-be Romney voters: Paul Ryan plans to model his vice presidency like that of Dick Cheney’s under President G.W. Bush. I didn’t know people were so nostalgic for a return to the days of Cheney…

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