President Barack Obama has won Pa., according to several news agencies including ABC, Fox News and CBS.

Obama lead Republican Mitt Romney by 31.9 percent, 65.3 percent to 33.6 percent with 9 percent of precincts reporting – mostly in Philadelphia.

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  1. Steve-
    I just use Philly as a regional reference, since it’s easier location for to grasp than trying to explain actual location using Philly as a reference anyway.
    If you actually read my posts (which you derided) you would know that I live in Delaware county, 7th congressional district, and have the awesome Daylin Leach as my State senator.

    But, gee, thanks for the creepy attempt stalking on Facebook. Keep hiding anonymously behind a first name, however, I will now refer to you as Little Steve due to your small mindedness (among other things).

  2. David, I saw on your facebook page that you list your home as Philadelphia. I guess you’re just the one person that simply dreams of living there. My mistake.

  3. Steve-

    A “sliver of space in Philadelphia”?
    I haven’t lived in Philly since I was 7 years old.

    I treat all religions equally as fiction. I don’t belittle one more than another, but I don’t care what imaginary things people believe in, as long as they don’t try to inject them into the government and public policy (or use religion as an excuse to spread bigotry against gays).

    Quack? I’ve got a pretty good track record calling races. The only notable exception was holding out hope that Specter would beat Sestak (but I called the Toomey-Sestak race at 80,000, and the final vote difference was 80,229).

    I’ve been telling Casey and Kane supporters that Casey was going to win by 7-8% and Kane by at least 9-10% (though she surprised me a bit with the 15% win).
    Obama won by 6%. I been estimating 4-6%.

    But, Steve, like any political bullsh*tter, you don’t post under your real name. So, your opinions are pretty worthless if you won’t put your name behind them.

  4. Don’t blame all of PA for the idiots in the Eastern part. Most of us had common sense and Romney forgot about this state most of the race till the end. The Republicans were too arrogant and cocky and didn’t realize the liberal idiots. This state should have been a republican sweep. Thank God Keith Rothfus beat Critz.

  5. I’d just like to say that as a Democrat, I’d like to apologize for David Diano. He is a quack and does not represent the normal Democrats in PA. He represents but a sliver of space in Philadelphia and nothing more. He is extreme, hateful, and negative…I personally find him sick and vile. Belittling someone’s faith and race-baiting should not be a part of politics in Pennsylvania. We’re better than that.

  6. The Americans for Prosperity (Koch Brothers) and Karl Rove waste millions when 538 has consistently said since the campaign began that the people of Pennsylvania were advocates for President Obama and Senator Casey. So much for Corbett and his hand-picked candidates. He ought to be VERY worried about his re-election prospects regardless what Kevin Harley and John Brabender try to tell him.

  7. So if we voted for Obama we are on welfare, black, anti-Catholic, and anti-coal? Give me a break. The reason Romney lost PA is that we didn’t play into the bogus fears of the “war on coal” and the “new normal” shoved down our throats by billionsires wanting their own puppet in office.

  8. To all you racist, sore-losers complaining about Obama… get over it. We have a black president… who has been cleaning up the mess of Bush/GOP/neo-con/religious-extremists.

    Obama saved auto-industry. Reformed heathcare. Got bin Laden. Turned around economy from losing 800,000 jobs a month to adding over 150,000 jobs per month.

    Thank your imaginary deity that the PA voters had the wisdom to pick the better candidate.

  9. Pennsylvania let me down. I just can’t believe it. A vote for Obama is a vote against America. If you voted for him, it’s because your either dependant on his governmental programs or because of his color. After four years of watching this idiot destroy our country, I thought at least those that voted for him to prove they weren’t racist, would vote against him this time to prove they weren’t stupid. Truly, Mitt Romney is not an outstanding choice for our President, but I believe most people that voted for him did so more for the reason of voting against Obama. Four more years of him and our grandkids grandkids will still be scratching their heads as to how we will dig ourselves out…. But at least at the rate he’s leading us, we’ll have a Chinese ruler to help us out of his mess. All you Obama supporters, you’ve ruined my country.

  10. @Susan… someday I hope you will take the blinders off. I am a democrat that can no longer support Obama due to his attack on the Catholic Church and other faiths.

  11. It’s a good night to be on welfare in North Philadelphia. It’s a tough night for the rest of the state that has to pay rent for these people and feed all their kids.

  12. Coal will not be shut down by Obama…it will be cleaner….but if it goes down it will be due to the drilling of natural gas. That is the competition…the free market and capitalism at work.
    Religious liberties are not in danger from Obama. Perhaps if the lies were not so outrageous republicans might have had some credibility.

  13. I’ll never understand Pennsylvanians. Coal will be shutdown by Obama. Religious liberties are hammered by Obama. Yet they still vote for the dems…

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