BREAKING: PA-Sen: DSCC Committing $8.2 Million to Senate Race

Katie_McGintyThe Democrats are prepared to spend major resources to kick Pat Toomey out of office.

According to Burgess Everett of Politico, the DSCC is committing $8.2 million to the Pennsylvania Senate race between freshman GOP incumbent Pat Toomey and Democratic nominee Katie McGinty. This contest represents a major portion of the Democratic committee’s $12 million TV ad buy.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has already gone above and beyond the call of duty for McGinty. In a rare step last March they endorsed her and several Democratic Senators contributed to her campaign.

We also learned today that the Koch brothers’ network will be backing Toomey, although it’s unclear how much cash they’ll ultimately spend.

It remains possible that the DSCC will rescind this money as the election nears, but given their deep attachment to McGinty she would have to be severely behind in the polls for such a move to occur.

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  1. Both sides in this senate race will be well funded so the winning hand will be in who does the most to maximize their media buys. Toomey has been very smart to date and seems to have a well focused campaign that is moving him toward his desired goal on election day.

  2. Ditto what Diano said. Money may equal speech, but it doesn’t equal votes.

  3. Democrats the primary is over. You have a choice. 6 more years of a Wall Street Stooge Toomey or Katie McGinty a voice for Average Pennsylvanians.
    Don’t let petty differences separate us. The mission is to vote out Toomey. This Wall Street Clown removal by McGinty is the only priority.

  4. Steven Todd is on a steady diet of sour grapes. Clearly he is the enlightened one and millions of Pennsylvania voters are the rubes. They didn’t make educated votes, only people who supported his candidate did.

  5. StevenTodd-

    Rich people from out of state picking Senator? LMAO ! You didn’t have ANY problem with the rich person from out of state who tried running for Senator.

    The Democratic party VOTERS of Pennsylvania picked our Democratic candidate. There was this election on April 26th. Maybe you missed it?

    McGinty won by 155,000 votes. I’m pretty sure that they didn’t vote for Toomey last time.

    To quote Sestak’s opening line of his own victory speech in 2010 after he won his primary: “This is Democracy in action.”

  6. That’s kind of a dim view of the people you value so highly, Steven – that they’re completely buyable and bend to the will of whoever airs the mosts ads. I’m not real clear on how you can condemn them and see them as the ultimate salvation all at the same time.

  7. So rich people from out of state get to pick PA’s next Senator? Wonderful. They’ve already picked our Democratic candidate, and I would bet hugely that they picked Toomey last time.

    Someday we the (theoretically sovereign) people will reject this rule by fiat. And it might just be sooner than later.

  8. It would have been cheaper, too, if The DNC and the DSCC hadn’t forced McGinty on us.

  9. gulagPittsburgh-

    Toomey has what? 9 million already? How much did you think this race was going to cost?

    It would have been less expensive if Sestak had dropped out to begin with, too.

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