BREAKING: PA-Sen: DSCC Endorses McGinty

Katie_McGintyThe implicit has now become explicit.

The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee (DSCC) is endorsing Katie McGinty’s campaign.

“Pennsylvanians who want a tireless fighter for the middles class have no better leader than Katie McGinty,” they write. “She is a hard driving voice for change who will work to expand opportunities for the families left behind for too long. Katie grew up the ninth of ten kids to a police officer and restaurant hostess and her understanding of the issues facing working families is what makes her an outstanding advocate for Pennsylvania. Katie knows how to get the job done and she will be a powerful voice for college affordability, equal pay and ending corporate tax breaks for companies shipping good U.S. jobs overseas. We are proud to endorse Katie McGinty for U.S. Senate.”

According to Alex Roarty of Roll Call, who first broke the news, the move is an attempt to shore up McGinty’s candidacy as the DSCC sees her as having the best chance to defeat Sen. Pat Toomey.

McGinty was seen as the establishment candidate from the beginning, now she’ll try to benefit from that label.

The former Chief of Staff to Gov. Wolf is running against former Congressman Joe Sestak and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman.

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  1. Pete Gun, I’m not sure how Sestaks heading up an illegal war based on lies is the kind of foreign policy experience we want.

  2. Establishment Democrat machine shows itself to be less representative of we rank and file Democrats, by continually picking GOP-lite candidates over true liberals.

    Boo, DSCC. This will backfire on DNC and their yes-folks, as you continue to alienate your vital lifeblood…your left wing. Again.

  3. Well, I guess that eliminates McGinty from consideration as a recipient of our votes. I’m with Groen, state Democratic Chair, who said Fetterman gives us our best hope of getting rid of Toomey.

  4. tommyd-

    My point is that Joe is a hypocrite, and wouldn’t condemn the DSCC as corrupt if he got their endorsement instead.

    Pete Gunn-
    “seriously local inside the state”

    That may be because they actually live in PA, and Joe actually lives in Virginia.

  5. “Had they picked him, he’d be singing their praises.” You’re joking, right David? The DSCC made their choice six years ago.

  6. This year in particular, it’s clear that the party faithful on both sides are tired of their alleged leadership pushing their own favorites – candidates who do what they’re told to do. Trump and Sestak (not that they are at all equally competent) have their opinions, which in fact they’re entitled to as American citizens. And they’re entitled to fight for them.

    Here in Pennsylvania, Rendall and the outside Dem leaders are old-school, pulling strings and seeking personal edge. Dr. Joe Sestak (PhD from Harvard) is a great candidate with the background and expertise to deal with global issues, these massive threats to the USA. McGinty and Feddermann actually are very solid, but domestically-oriented and seriously local inside the state. We need an internationalist in today’s harsh world. Hello, Joe!!

  7. Hahahahaha oh Barbara – validating Sestak with Balchunis? If that dream team is the best PA has to offer then I’m moving to Jersey.

  8. rank and file Dems are sick of being told what to do by DSCC and Rendellwoif. Wendell brags about an upcoming Emily’s list ‘expenditure’ for Mc Ginty, but takes Sestak to task for VoteVets? pardon me for thinking the same rule applied to all candidates.

  9. Thepeople who vote in Pa love Joe. Seems that Reid, Schumer, the DNC, Debbbie, and of course the rest of the out of state power brokers don’t know Fishtown from Norristown. They think that Pittsburgh is in Ohio. The closest they get to Scranton, is when Hillary mentions it as the place where she grew up. The reason I never contribute to the State or National Party, is just this. They are doing the same to Balchunis , our Candidate for Congress. They went all around the district, and even outside to find someone to run against her. Meanwhile Sestak and Buchanis were endorsed by the 3 and 4 Counties that know them best. Stay home, outsiders and fix your own states.

  10. Well, it didn’t take Sestak long to send out a fundraising letter about how “corrupt” the DSCC is for not picking him.

    Had they picked him, he’d be singing their praises.

    He just doesn’t understand that they think he’s an uncooperative asshole who they don’t want to work with, and think will lose to Toomey because he won’t work with the party infrastructure.

  11. I thought the DSCC endorsed McGinty the day she announced last summer. They only spend 6 months recruiting a candidate to run against Sestak.

  12. Talk about finger on the scale. Reid and Schumer have directed Vote Vets to stop supporting Sestak!! Who else would Vote Vets support if not Sestak!!?? SuperPacs cannot coordinate with the candidate, so Sestak has no control over what they do or what ads they run or what they say. If he is the beneficiary, after what the Party Powerful is doing to him, so be it. I guess all is fair in love and war-and this is war. Sestak has the grass roots-he doesn’t need the Party money or endorsement. He has WE The People.

  13. If Joe’s dark money superpac only exists to support Joe, that sounds like the best kind of superpac. The worst kind of superpac is one that exists to further some Wall Street agenda by supporting some candidate who is also supported by Ed Rendell, Harry Reid, the Debs, and others who try to manipulate grassroots Democrats.

  14. Sestak flooded this race with true dark money last week, money from a superpac that serves no purpose other than to support Joe Sestak. That is the epitome of what we as Democrats are opposing. These groups may try and buy elections, but they do so with the broad base of support of their donors and with accountability to them. For you not only to miss this crucial distinction, but to then go so far as to play the martyr, is horrifying and shows the danger we may face from our own supporters in the Democratic party trying to overthrow “the establishment”.

  15. Also, cue Diano to appear with a whine about Sestak not paying his daughter for volunteering.

  16. Final nail in the Katie Koffin. All the attack ads in the world can’t save the Frackers’ Friend.

  17. McGinty is so dar behind Sestak at this point, this is a clear indocation of panic because the establishment finally understands it is losing its grip so they will now try to buy the nomination with a slew of last minute TV ads…this is sad.

  18. Highly unusual. Appears the Rendell money machine could not match the Admiral so now Harry Reid/Chuck Schumer/Lovers of Arlene are putting their finger on the scale b/c Katie can’t do it herself? What a waste. Save the $ to support the nominee against Toomey in November.

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