BREAKING: PA-Sen: Katie McGinty to Run for Senate

Katie_McGintyIt’s official, Katie McGinty is getting into the 2016 Senate race.

According to Alex Roarty of the National Journal, after much consideration McGinty has decided to take the plunge.

Apparently she is only announcing her resignation as Chief of Staff to Governor Wolf today (we speculated on some possible successors early this week) but will take on Joe Sestak in the 2016 Senate Democratic primary.

McGinty’s entry isn’t a huge surprise. Sestak has never been the favorite of party leaders and the DSCC and EMILY’s List have been actually encouraging McGinty to run.

A former Clinton White House official, McGinty was DEP Secretary during the Rendell Administration before running for Governor herself last year and finishing fourth.

McGinty and Sestak will be competing to take on freshman Republican Senator Pat Toomey next year.

60 Responses

  1. Thank you so much, Katie McGinty for offering to serve the people in the Senate. It’s time to STOP the Republican GRID-LOCK that has failed the working people.

  2. Just another individual aligned with Obama and Wolf. Aren’t we Pennsylvanians tired of the past 7 plus years of the Obama Administration. Aren’t we tired of the first year of the Wolf administration who is so set on ‘his way’ being the only way and no budget for 9 months!
    I’m giving Sen. Toomey another chance.

  3. I’m feeling like McGinty is being stuffed down our throats! I can’t stomach her disingenuous phony voice…

  4. 99% (wrong)-
    You believe that Benghazi nonsense? Do you think NASA faked the moon landing as well?

    I was wondering the same thing about May 24th. The primary is in April.

    Maybe May 24th is the day Sestak sells his PA house after he loses the primary. Seriously, if he loses the primary, how quickly will he sell that house?

  5. A Clinton / McGinty ticket = two underwhelming candidates who think they will win because they are women. One is responsible for the deaths of Americans in Benghazi and the other is not responsible for the passing of an on-time budget. Neither have seen anything to its finish and if they have it usually ends in failure, miserable failure. Hillary is not trusted by the people (Quinnipiac Poll) and Katie doesn’t stand a chance. I am turning red, just thinking that this is the best the Dems have to offer, as the country will also continue to turn red.

  6. Primary Day in Pennsylvania(aka the day Katie McGinty defeats Sestak in an historic landslide) is Tuesday, April 26th. Not sure what May 24th is???

  7. Mother of God is it May 24 th yet??? Let’s all try to get through this together. DEMOCRATIC GROUP HUG!! 😐

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